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Oldest Running Car in the world sold at Auction
This is the oldest motor vehicle car in the world that still runs.
It was built one year before Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the internal combustion engine.
The world's oldest running motor vehicle has been sold at auction
for an astonishing $4.62 million, more than double the pre-sale estimate,
as two bidders chased the price up in a three-minute bidding war.

The 1884 De Dion Bouton et Trepardoux Dos-a-Dos Steam Runabout
drew a standing ovation as it was 'driven up onto the stage' at Friday's RM Auction
in Hershey, Pennsylvania - to prove that this 127-year-old car really does run! -
and attracted a starting bid of $500 000, which was immediately doubled to $1 million.
Encouraged by the applauding crowd, the bidding went swiftly up to $4.2 million -
4.62 million including the 10 percent commission -
before the car was knocked down to an 'unnamed buyer'.

The Dos-a-Dos (Back-to-Back) Steam Runabout was built in 1884 by George Bouton
and Charles-Armand Trepardoux for French entrepreneur Count de Dion,
who named it 'La Marquise' after his mother.

In 1887, with De Dion at the tiller, it won the world's first ever motor race
(it was the only entrant to make the start line!) covering the 32 km from the
Pont de Neuilly in Paris to Versailles and back in one hour and 14 minutes
(an average of 25.9 km/h) and, according to contemporary reports,
hitting a breathtaking 60 km/h on the straights.                  

La Marquise has only had four owners, remaining in one family for 81 years,
and has been restored twice, once by the Doriol family and again by
British collector Tom Moore in the early 1990's. 
Since then, it has taken part in four London-to-Brighton runs and collected a
double gold at the 1997 Pebble Beach 'd'Elegance in California'.


The weird world of custom made vehicles but you have to admire them!


Harem Caravan maybe?                            A Ferrari for every day of the week!


They are still finding uses for VW Combi's. Who hasn't owned a Combi?



A relation of mine found this 1942 BSA M20 500cc Sidevalve in Israel.

I came across this bike in Old Jaffa in Israel, and took the photo to show you. The sign in Hebrew evidently said that the owner used it to get to and from work and something else which cracked up Yosi who was with me. If you can read Hebrew, tell us what it says! But 71 years old & still being used is an indication of the quality of this WW2 army bike.

In March 2015 I received this note from N.Rahamimov, M.D, Spine & Orthopedic Surgeon! Well thankyou & now we know as we have the Hebrew translation & thankyou, we won't ask what the "along with other things" means, could be anything!  >

You asked for a translation, so the sign on the motorcycle says in Hebrew (along with other things):
"this motorcycle is not for sale. If you were raised believing that everything has a price, I congratulate you on your mother's profession"


Steve Roberts from near Wanganui has been making from scratch, bodies, restoring & building motorcycles & cars for many years. This recent restoration is a 1915 Calcott. Apparently there were only about 20 Calcott cars known to still exist & just 2 Calcott motorcycles.


    At last after 18 years of restoration


Restoring Veteran cars & motorcycles to their original showroom condition that takes many years & painstakingly hard work.

My brother-in-law in Adelaide has just complete, after owning this 100 year old Vauxhall Type A for 50 years enough to show it at the recent Adelaide to Brighton Rally.

It is the green car with Rego number VM1912 we are referring to. Every piece of body, wooden frame steel paneling, mudguards, many chasiss & transmission parts have all been made in the backyard workshop. More details are > Model A 12 640 1912 model went through the factory August 2nd 1912, probably exported as a chassis with a firewall with body being built elsewhere. The original body may have been a 4 seater but this Ascot body is taken from a Vauxhall catalogue, as the car when aquired had no body & just a few panels at the time so everything was hand made, body, mudguards, wooden frame, etc. The wooden body frame was made from old door frames while the timber trim was made from teak scraps from India. This car has straight cut timing gears, a 10 foot 3 inch wheelbase , being quite different from the 1913 Vauxhall shown further down on this page.



Two Scott Motorcycle addicts meet near Wanganui. Steve Roberts, well known  for his art with metal & plastics with motorcycles & classic, veteran & vintage cars, meets English Scott motorcycle & car enthusiast Ian Parsons, who is also the Registrar for the Scott Owners Club  http://www.scottownersclub.org/scott_club.htm

Ian Parsons also owns this 1913 Vauxhall 16/20 with Ascot body

Quite a few differences from the 1912 A Type Vauxhall higher up on this page, different cylinder block with different manifolding & bore (90x120), chain drive camshaft,  wheelbase of 9 feet 7 inches handbrake inside


A really historic photo & motor car. This photo was taken on Coronation Day, 1911 in Invercargill. The car is a 1903 12hp De Dion Bouton which was used as a taxi for many years in the area & was used so much it became totally worn out. Fortunately it is now being restored to original in Christchurch.


Ian was visiting New Zealand to participate with Peter Croft from Christchurch in this 1924 Alvis sports car, in the Vintage, Veteran & Classic Car Rally at Wanganui, January, 2012. By coincidence Steve had actually made the body for the Alvis many years ago for a previous owner.


The number of Scott motorcycle model variations were quite numerous considering the relatively low volume machine production which ranged from a few hundred to a few thousand per year: indeed many Scotts were built an individual customer's specification thus diversifying further the combination of features and fittings found on Scott machines even within a specific model type. Today, it seems, there are no two Scotts the same (though whether this is because every machine really was unique or because owners have modified the machines themselves over the years is not always clear). The models shown below represent some of the more common Scott models and should aid the reader to differentiate between the main models and types (however, the list is by no means exhaustive !)

1928 - 1930 Scott TT Replica


We sometimes wonder what hasn't been ridden before by motorcycle.

Have a look at his YouTube link >

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmJAWLzJBRk&feature=player_embedded#!  watch these two guys back in the 30s do a ride from Alaska to Washington with some of the great film footage.


Nothing to do with motorcycling but how many people would remember the International KB7 trucks? This one lovingly restored by the late Graham Bowes from Adelaide, South Australia.

International Harvester Co. was once a major tractor, truck & machinery producer but has been swallowed up with merges & goodness knows wwhere they are now?


Spectacular photos of an elegant time gone by....never to be duplicated again
by today's "jelly-bean" cars and our virtual reality actors and actresses.
Rita Hayworth 1941 Lincoln Continental
Clark Gable 1934 Ford V-8 Roadster
Clark Gable 1934 Duesenberg
Marlene Dietrich 1936 Cadillac
Errol Flynn 1935 Auburn Speedster
Joan Crawford 1938 Lincoln Model K
Jean Harlow 1934 Cadillac Split Limo
Johnny Weismuller 1932 Chevrolet Speedster
Dean Martin 1957 Stutz Blackhawk


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