Old MX Bike Memories

Regrettably the November 2018 bush fires at Paradise, California USA claimed many lives & many homes. One of the victims was Paul Hunt whose bikes are featured below. Paul escaped with his dog, and a small bag of clothes.


Here's a really rare beast! Paul Hunt from USA built this bike for Harley-Davidson in 1969 when they owned the Italian motorcycle marque Aer Macchi.

They thought it would be competitive in the 350cc class. It wasn't & they went no further, except Paul rode it well. Tim Gibbes had a ride on it & found it was like riding a piece of lead!

 Harley "Sprint" 350cc that Paul Hunt rode in the Mexican 1000 and won the Greenhorn on.
Paul found it again & has just restored it to original in 2017.

His next project for 2017 >  Just got a Sammy Miller replica frame for a 500cc Ariel, so will start on a Miller GOV132 replica!

Paul commented - "My kid" (a 70 year old friend) rode all of the ARMA races and won National #1 on my Cheney B50.


Ex patriot New Zealander, Luke Taylor has just acquired this immaculate Lindstrom from Italy, a rare bike but very competitive in its day



A 1962 motocross version of Guzzi Falcone 500 cc, from the Gian Pio Ottone Museum, was displayed at Imola MX re-union on 2014. The engine was tilted and not horizontal as in the street classic model. An experiment without good results.
Middle photo - Perfect geometric performance of PS (Polizia Stradale) on GUZZI "FALCONE" 500 CC. The green color was for the PS, the red was the classic color of Guzzi.



Paul Hunt's latest restoration, a 1956 AJS AJS G80CS with Burman gearbox & dog Trixie behind.  Another bike to add to the Paul Hunt stable AMC G85 Special



Ex-pat New Zealander Luke Taylor has added this 500 ESO 500 MXer to his VMX collection


 Paul Hunt from USA who visited NZ a couple of times during the 1950's for the International MX Series builds VMX & older British bikes as a hobby. Here are few of Paul's handcraft examples >
     He said he had a few bits lying about plus a set of Cerianis and a Norton gear box and ended up with this. >> Pretty tidy!
     BSA A10 frame,    Ariel swing arm.   Made my own Matchless clutch & steel primary cover, center mount oil tank,  fender stays, seat base, Ekins style exhaust pipes, footrests, alloy engine mounts.   Tri conical hubs front and rear.
650 Triumph lower end,    500cc Triumph alloy top end BTH magnento
Triumph 5TA 500 shoehorned into a Greeves 250 frame        #411 Cheney frame with BSA B50 motor unit                      Triumph "Tiger Cub" 200 Trials model


                       Velocette 500 Scrambler                                          Part of Paul Hunt's "Hall of Fame"                  More of his trophies, posters & restorations, 1958 HS Ariel 500 in front



Velocette made this LE model mainly for UK Police. Very quiet &        Paul Hunt restored this Matchless 1961 G3C Trials bike.                        1931 Rudge Special

suited "Mr. Plod" moving around dark streets, 1948 was the 1st year of

production,the factory kept the 1st 10 for testing, Paul's is # 12.

He has the paper work showing # 11 & 12 were sent to Jack Forshim

in Santa Monica California in 1948, Cool  Huh ?


Restoration of a Husqvarna engine to be fitted back into a Lindstrom frame by former New Zealander now based in England, Luke Taylor



Probably about 1968/9 one of the first gold tank models - loved it!


Remember these Montesa Cappra? They were fliers in the 1970 era. Graham Miles from New Plymouth has put these in his extensive leaflet collection


Montesa H6 1979 Model is the latest addition to the Steve Gallichan Museum at New Plymouth


Steve Gallichan from New Plymouth has found another historical gem, a Spartan made by Steve Roberts from Wanganui.


Now it's August 2013 & Steve Gallichan has take the Spartan to the original degner/builder of the Spartan MX Bikes, so it's in good hands for the restoration


June 2014  - Steve Gallichan report on the Lindstrom restoration progress, slow but sure


 Progess @ 14 July 2014


 Steve Gallichan who has his own Vintage MX bike museum in New Plymouth, NZ has a real challenge this time!

His latest bike to restore after the Swedish Lindstrom shown below, scroll down further, is this English 1969 Sprite frame with Maico square barrel engine.  
Their frames were called BVM in Europe, Alron in Australia, American Eagle in USA Iam told.                 


Arthur Harris from UK riding a Triumph/Harris leading Tim Gibbes riding an AMC engined Greeves at Hawkesbury near Blenheim during the 1964 International MX Series

Photo from Ron Hebberd.


The Ron Hebberd Motorcycle Museum at Seddon Near Blenheim, South Island, New Zealand 

For Viewing phone Ron at 03 5757196. Donation to Council rates appreciated!


The Steve Gallichan Museum at New Plymouth, New Zealand


Bultaco 125 Pursang MK6, 1973 restored by Steve Gallichan from New Plymouth & displayed in his VMX Museum. The Pursang was formerly owned by Tim Gibbes & also ridden by Mimi Berthomier from New Caledonia during one his several visits to New Zealand.


Scroll down to see more details of this Lindstrom motor & chassis that Steve Gallichan from New Plymouth is restoring. The engine arrived as a bucket of bits, a few months ago. Steve has assemble it all now, October, 2012 but will strip it down again to vapour blast & paint it. Great piece of restoration, Steve

The Lindstrom 360 motor is welded up and ready for paint, scroll down to see it. We will have more pics later as the restoration continues & when painted.


Flink & Lindstrom MX Bikes - do you know of them?

If you want to look at many of the Swedish special MX & other bikes, such as Lindstrom, one of which is in New Zealand being restored, & the Flink, quite a revolutionary bike for its time go to this website & spend some time. A lot of the site can be translated into English.

Mats Sjoblom is the creator and although our old friend Gunnar Lindstrom assisted in some places, Mats is the instigator.


Swedish made Lindstrom 360cc 3vxl

Steve Gallichan from New Plymouth has sent these photos of a Lindstrom he has aquired with the engine in bits too. Steve will restore it to its former glory, as he has with numerous other vintage MX & enduro bikes on display at his New Plymouth location.

This Lindstrom has numbers 2885 or 2685  stamped on steering head, so he would like to get more of its history & age, if you can help please.
These bikes were constructed by Gote Lindstrom in Sweden, during the heydays of the Swedish Husqvarna MX bikes domination of World Championship MX


Some more leaflets from Taranaki leaflet collector enthusiast Graham Miles, always loking for more too!


71 Husqvarna                                            Mk 2 Pursang                              


Do you remember these bikes? Bultaco were made in Spain & folded many years ago although a similar name has rekindled since.

But Bultaco were very good in both Trials & MX, plus a little bit in road racing, where Kiwi Ginger Molloy excelled in the 60's, in fact still rides Bultaco in Classic races now!


Bultaco 125 Pursangs on the left & the blue one on the right was a Pursang 250. They also made a "Bandito" 360 in black & white by memory. All were quite fast but peaky in power.


Bultaco's business expertise wasn't great & their filing system, orders & deliveries lacked quite a bit. Here was one of my experiences when I was importing Bultaco!!

Bultaco bikes go missing!

About 30 new Bultacos in a container are there for the finding!

Along with other things I, or should I say Tim Gibbes Motors Ltd., was Bultaco importer for NZ a long time ago, probably about 1970 to 1976.

At the time their trials bikes were good, but the company was almost impossible to deal with as their filing system was a large dining room table with all papers piled high, with an open door each side to blow the papers about.

After ordering & paying for a container of Bultaco I waited several months but called them often to always be told "yes they're coming!".

But they never came. So I claimed on my insurance. After 2 years or so the insurance co. got back to me to say they had located the container, BUT it was at the bottom of the Mediteranean.


Apparently they had been loaded on to a ship in Portugal , but just at that time there was civil unrest & riots at the port, so the ship hurriedly left port, but to gain speed more quickly flicked off its container load as it headed out to sea! So the end result was that I never did get the bikes & because it was because of riots the insurance wasn't valid either! Oh dear, yet another life challenge!


Oh & by the way Marine Insurance on goods being shipped is null & void in the case of a civil war, riot, war of any sort & in fact even if the goods get dropped between the side of the ship & the wharf, so compensation never happened!

I'm attaching a couple of pics showing my "Bultaco Corolla" rally car, & what the Bultaco Sherpa's were good at doing. Notice the variety of brands on our shop front - Bultaco, Greeves, Harley Davidson, Mikuni Carburettors, then add to that other brands we imported because we enjoyed motorcycling - Sammy Miller Products, Husqvarna, Moto Guzzi plus a few others.