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Perseverance, determination and instinct. A little beginning turned into a big enterprise.
A series of small steps, fast change, and ceaseless evolution have made Sidi the company we know today.

Maser, May 21 - Sidi began in a revolutionary time when everything had to be built from scratch and loads of ideas cropped up. Not everyone, though, had the required determination to set up a business but Dino Signori – the founder of Sidi – did. That’s how in 1960, at the very beginning of the new decade, Sidi came to light, in a 40 sqm area in a converted stable. That’s where the first equipment was placed and the first bricks of a 60-year-long story were laid.

Not everything comes by chance. Not everything goes smoothly from the very start, but it is there that the founder’s tenaciousness comes into play. He is unwavering in his decision to stay in Maser, where he was born, grew up, and learned the trade. That trade would later enable him to become one of the most renowned and appreciated cycling shoe and motorbike boot manufacturers worldwide.
After a number of vicissitudes, fears and satisfactions at the end of that year Sidi recruited the first employee and its activity has undergone ceaseless development ever since. Two years later, a 5,000 sqm field was purchased and the first production hall was built. It was rather large for the company’s needs at the time but it was located in Via Bassanese, where the founder was born and raised and his parents opened an osteria – an emotionally-loaded place full of beautiful memories.
In the course of the 1970s, on the 5,000 sqm area in Via Bassanese – which was the official headquarters for many years – new production plants were built and a 2,000 sqm building was raised. Quite a remarkable growth in close to 10 years.

At the end of 2007, the offices and manufacturing activities were moved to Via dei Rizzi, remaining in Maser. It did not go unnoticed.

The new headquarters building has a peculiar shape with 90-m steel arches embodying Sidi’s spirit and dynamism, in addition to evoking the magnificent hills surrounding Asolo - silent companions of the working days. Their view can be enjoyed directly from inside the offices. This architecture – just as the products conceived and made here every day – leaves nothing to chance and reflects the sophisticated design and manufacturing techniques of Sidi products. Steel represents the leadership in the sector; the cutting-edge architecture and the innovative solutions talk about its continuous evolution. And of which is expressed in the simplicity of the materials that are used.

Today, Sidi has many employees and co-workers that are inspired by a man who could fill many pages telling about real life stories and management experience. As a manager, he has been able to adapt to the times, grasp unexpected occasions, read the market and bring innovation, driven by his constant desire to create and share products that have always been up with the times. He is a man who has turned emotions into the underlying unifying thread, as many of his employees say. Dino Signori has always been open to exchanges, in the past just like now. He makes people feel at ease and never hesitates to pass on his experience – priceless values that create an atmosphere for constructive exchanges in a business that has been developing exponentially.

Welcome to Sidi.

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Varese, 18th December 2017 - MV Holding, the holding company owned by Giovanni Castiglioni

and the Sardarov family has acquired the 25% of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A. shares held by the

automotive conglomerate Mercedes AMG.

With the closing of the transaction, MV Holding owns 100% of MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., the

iconic Italian producer of two wheeled jewels.

MV Agusta completed an intensive restructuring process, both financially and strategically, led by

a rationalization of its product pipeline and a consolidation of its positioning in the super

premium segment of the market.

The turnaround that started at the beginning of 2016 shifted MV Agusta back to a positive result

for the 2017 fiscal year thanks to the success of the new product range, first of all by the launch of

the all new Dragster 800 RR, the company has raised the order portfolio higher than its estimated


After having completed the 3 cylinders models range, consisting of supersport, naked and sport

touring bikes, MV Agusta is concentrating its future investments on the development of an all

new 4 cylinder platform of which the first new innovative model will be launched during the year


MV Agusta Press Office:



Varese, 15th April 2013, MV Agusta Brutale 1090 RR was chosen by the Brazilian Motociclismo

magazine as Moto de Ouro 2013 in the Naked category. With this award, Brutale kicked aside 10

other rivals of leading manufacturers currently active in the Brazilian market. The super sports F4,

another finalist, arrived second place in the Sports category.

This is the second award won by MV Agusta in a little over a year of official activity in Brazil. In

addition to the Golden Motorcycle won by Brutale, the brand has recently earned the title of

Motorcycle of the Year awarded by the Duas Rodas magazine, in the Sport category.

The 15th edition Moto de Ouro is part of the Motorcycle of the year, the worlds most important

motorcycle award, organized by the magazines of the Motorpress Group in 9 countries: Germany

(Motorrad), Brazil (Motociclismo), Switzerland (Töff), France (Moto Journal), Spain (Motociclismo),

Holland (Moto Plus), Hungary (Motorevue), Poland (Motocyckl) and Czech Republic (Motocyckl).




Varese, 13 March 2013, MV Agusta, during a difficult period for the world markets, is reporting a significant

increment of its 3 cylinder and 4 cylinder model registrations in the first two months of the year with a 100%

increase compared to the same months last year.

In Italy, even though the season has yet to truly begin, the first signs are extremely comforting. In this reference

market, which is comprised of naked and sports bikes with engine capacities above 570cc, MV Agusta has

gained a market share of over 12%. Also significant is the share reached by the F3 675 model, which holds 25%

of the middle class sports bike segment.

The signs are positive also in Europe and the rest of the world for MV Agusta, with significant percentage

growth in all categories.

The new year has started well for us regardless of the negative global market trend,  says Giovanni

Castiglioni, President and CEO of the Group,  We are very satisfied with our results to date. I am convinced

that they will tend to grow even further thanks to the arrival of the new RIVALE 800, for which we have already

received many orders. We have good reason to look forward to 2013 with optimism.

Undisputed queen at EICMA 2012, the RIVALE 800 is today at the center of attention of an increasingly

demanding public in terms of performance and design.

With this model, MV Agusta has revolutionized a market segment, interpreting technical and design concepts in

a completely original way, defining new aesthetical parameters as well as performance. Light weight, power and

advanced electronics come together in a unique and perfect symbiosis, which brings the concept of motard to

the extreme, thereby becoming the absolute benchmark in its class.

Now at an advanced stage of industrialization, the RIVALE 800 will enter in production in the second semester

of 2013.



Varese, 25 February 2013,  The MV Agusta F3 675 was one of the protagonists in satisfying weekend

full of emotions.

At Phillip Island in Australia in the first race of the World Supersport Championship the F3 675 with

rider Roberto Rolfo impressed with their extremely positive racing debut.

The ParkinGO Team battled throughout the race for a top-five position but, with two laps to go, was

forced to retire due to extreme blistering of the rear tire.

Final result notwithstanding, it remains very satisfying to see how the F3 675 only in its first steps of

evolution is already very competitive.

The results of the Phillip Island race were further confirmed in the first round of the South African

Supersport Championship where the F3 675 proceeded to dominate the two races with two first and

third place finishes with the Team Liquid Moly riders Cam Peterson and Brent Harran.







Varese, 22nd November 2012 - The Italian motorcycle manufacturer who is currently

the sales leader of the middle weight supersport class has decided to return to racing

on the world stage and is convinced that they have joined forces with the ideal partner:


The two companies will be joined together in a three year contract.

The program will debut the MV Agusta F3 675 in the 2013 world Supersport class

together with additional racing activity development.

The project will place the three cylinder bike from Varese in the able hands of the race

technicians whom have already won the World Supersport Championship in 2011 and

were contenders in the 2012 World Superbike Championship.

The ParkinGO Team have helped bring about this dream project building a long term

link to the historic Italian motorcycle manufacturer whom have in the past accumulated

37 world championship titles, a number of which together with Giacomo Agostini.

The signature of the contract arrived on the day of Claudio Castiglioni’s birthday,

whom would be 65 years old today. This is clearly a sign that goes beyond mere

coincidence and continues to convey the passion for racing that has always been

synonymous with the motorcycle icon.

Giovanni Castiglioni – Presidente MV Agusta: "To be able to reach this agreement with

ParkinGO is personally very satisfying. Taking into account the passion for racing that I

have inherited from my father, this is a very emotional decision and I am looking

forward to the challenges that will inevitably need to be overcome. Together with

Engineer Bordi’s experience, who personally plays a very important role in this project,

I am convinced that there are all the elements needed to achieve our goals."

Giuliano Rovelli - Presidente ParkinGO: "Together with my brother Paolo we

recognize the importance of MV Agusta’s return to World Championship Racing and

are extremely satisfied to be able to join forces and conclude this accord. From our

very first encounter with MV there has been a tremendous feeling and understanding

between our management teams, our common vision with regards to this project has

been an important element that allowed us to join together in this partnership."


And now a new model version MV AGUSTA RIVALE 800. A new segment. A new reference. A new MV Agusta.

The Rivale 800. Absolute enjoyment.




THE 70TH EDITION OF EICMA, THE MOST IMPORTANT MOTORCYCLE EVENT IN THE WORLD, Varese, November 19, 2012 - With the new Rivale 800, MV Agusta has again won the

title of Moto piu belladel salone which translates as the Most beautiful bike of the show. The competition, organised by Italys

largest monthly motorcycling publication Motociclismo saw the MV Agusta Rivale 800 maintain a

commanding position throughout the entire week of the fair: the three-cylinder made in Schiranna totalled

35.5% of the votes expressed by over 15,000 show attendees. The majority was astounding over its nearest

competitors the Ducati Hypermotard SP (22.9%) and BMW R 1200 GS (15.5%). The latest MV Agusta, a true

work of art, literally amazed the audience at the show dedicated to two wheels.

The award ceremony was held yesterday, the final day of EICMA 2012, at the booth of Motociclismo, with

Giovanni Castiglioni, President & CEO of MV Agusta, and Piero Bacchetti, President of Editorial Edisport.

The Rivale 800, in its first appearance, has already captured the imagination of motorcyclists around the world.

With this model, MV Agusta has revolutionized a market segment, employing original technical concepts

combined with styling that respects MV Agustas heritage whilst exceeding new aesthetic parameters and

performance. Weight, power and electronics come together in a unique and perfect package redefining the

concept of an extreme motard, and making it the absolute benchmark within its class.

Giovanni Castiglioni, President & CEO of MV Agusta, said of winning the title of Most beautiful bike of show.

For us it is a further recognition and confirmation of how much energy and resources MV Agusta is dedicating

to the constant development of new products. After winning in 2010 with the unique jewel created by my

father, the F3 675, it is an incredible satisfaction to win yet again with a completely new machine. This victory is

the greatest gift we could give to our President.

MV Agusta Rivale 800. Unique both in design, performance, and absolute riding satisfaction.

Unquestionably MV Agusta, Rivale 800 enters a new market segment to go where only emotions

dominate. This extraordinary motorcycle boasts performance figures that leave little to the imagination:

170 kg, 125 hp.

The unrivalled visual identity has been extended to every component and every surface of this machine.

The MV Agusta Rivale 800 is a result of passion, experience, and inspiration to capture the essence of

what is truly representative of our historic brand. It further expands upon our range with a new, eclectic

interpretation of our modern three-cylinder engine that debuted on the F3 675 and also equips the

Brutale 675 and 800 alongside the renewed four-cylinder family F4 and Brutale.

The Rivale 800 exudes an emotive design from every angle. Dominating the road with its mix of

harmonious and discordant lines, tense yet voluptuous, bordering on futuristic whilst retaining synergy

with our past. Volumes are perfectly balanced, containing areas that draw your eye to an incredible level of

attention to detail. A sculptural composition where the engine and the chassis are always at the focal

point. The front-fairing is compact and discreet yet able to characterise the front ends exuberant

personality. Three elements, the mudguard, the side panels and the fuel tank are individually united to form

a strong visual shield graphic that makes this machine instantly recognisable. Singularly MV Agusta. The

middle section is reduced to the physical limits and designed to promote an unhindered riding style

allowing the rider maximum freedom of movement on a sufficiently large and ergonomically considered

saddle. The rear is elegant, sinuous, yet incisive and characterised by twin trailing-edge floating blade

lighting incorporating light guides to accentuate the rear profile. At the front LED/light guide technology is

used in a similar fashion to highlight the profile of the vehicle while reducing visual width. This solution

offers an absolutely distinctive identity while increasing the visibility and consequently passive safety. The

three-dimensional amber turn signals are perfectly integrated into the beautifully designed hand guards.

The rear side lights and brake lights are housed in two separate elements, while the direction indicators

have been placed on small "dynamic" wings, which relate to the various number plate dimensions. The rear

view mirrors are designed to be effective and integrate seamlessly into the design of the bike. They are

retractable, for sporty driving on closed roads or on the track, and when open are also telescopic to

improve and increment rear visibility.

The dashboard has been designed specifically for Rivale 800 featuring a modern "monochrome" fully

digital, multi-function display. It is compact to optimise the front fairing proportions yet remains perfectly

legible while offering maximum availability of information and parameters.

Chassis and engine are once again protagonists. A perfect combination of fine engineering excellence

portrayed in a mix of sculptural beauty, mechanical purity, functionality, and total performance. Three

cylinders, define the agile, swift, dynamic soul of the new Rivale 800; Beyond imagination. Compactness is

an obligatory, aside from technological excellence. Our goals have been achieved and far exceeded. The

three-cylinder in-line Rivale 800 boasts a counter-rotating crankshaft that debuted on our Supersports F3

675: a unique solution for a road based machine that epitomises MV Agusta’s racing spirit. Technology

MVICS (Motor & Vehicle Integrated Control System) allows for performance, smoothness of power

delivery, ease of riding and extreme personalization, with three engine maps and a custom default. The

Custom setting permits complete freedom to suit the personal requirements and preferences of the rider.

The throttle control is Full Ride-By-Wire.

The frame is our signature MV Agusta philosophy. The front section is comprised of a steel trellis

combined with a rear of two aluminium alloy plates, that act as a fulcrum for the sculpted single sided rear

swingarm and suspension. The dimensions of the chassis have been redefined to ensure incredible

handling: the angle of the steering head is half of a degree more open than the Brutale 800. The excursion

of the fork and shock have also been increased to provide more comfort and conformity to the road

surface. The suspension units are respectively by Marzocchi and Sachs. They are adjustable in spring

preload as well as hydraulic compression and rebound damping.

As on every MV Agusta, the braking system uses the best products to achieve outstanding performance.

The pair of front 320 mm diameter discs are gripped by twin four-piston Brembo radial callipers. The rear

is comprised of a 220 mm diameter disc mated to a two-piston calliper.

This outstanding MV Agusta Rivale 800 thoroughbred will be available in the second half of 2013 from

10,990 Euro.




The new MV. A new work of art on wheels is arriving that will upset the balance of power. As with all MV’s this new model is synonymous with excellence, style and technology. The new F3 will apply these principles to a new market segment, the middle weight supersport category.

If the F4, considered the most beautiful motorcycle in the world, set the styling and performance standards by which all others are judged, the new F3 has completely exceeded all previous conceptions of what a supersport motorcycle should be, redefining an entirely new category. Light weight, power and electronics working in complete harmony on a new motorcycle that pushes the concept of supersport to the extreme.

Powerful, hyper-light and more compact than any other motorcycle in existence. The F3 sets the new standard by which all other supersport motorcycles will be judged and compared. A completely new project that was created by CRC, the research center that has continually designed and developed the motorcycles of dreams.

The styling is pure MV Agusta, as with its big sister the F4, but the F3 is even more unique. The new “middle weight” by MV follows the philosophy of all the MV Agusta works of art while pushing the limits of the supersport category with a maniacal attention to detail. The exhaust system has a triple pipe side exit muffler and is the perfect example of how design and function coincide perfectly. There is no doubt, the new F3 is a true MV Agusta!

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Varese, 17


September 2010 – After years of continuous design and development along with ongoing research to create the most beautiful and technologically advanced 600cc bike of the world, the first pictures of the “real”






are revealed.











Varese, 1st

September 2010 - Admiration, astonishment, magic. These are the feelings that the exhibitions of the Italian Aerobatic Team arise, since its foundation. A cohesive

group of air force pilots capable of proudly taking the Italian colours worldwide, during its long history, in conjunction with the highest level of professionalism, performance and elegance. These results are the consequence of a methodical and ongoing commitment to the relentless pursuit of perfection. Values that also MV Agusta embodies in its history, in the brand and in its men. Guiding principles it shares with the legendary "Frecce Tricolori", a common awareness of being an icon of “Italian Style”, synonymous with technical excellence and unparalleled style.

To seal the common objectives, on the 50th anniversary of the National Aerobatic Team, MV Agusta dresses the most powerful and prestigious of its creations, the new F4, in the colours of the sky and of the Italian flag, producing 11 unique motorcycles in "Frecce Tricolori" livery.

The eleven precious "pieces", prepared for the occasion with special components in noble materials such as carbonfibre and titanium, are numbered exactly as the eleven aerobatic aircraft, and are inspired by their distinctive graphics. A small silver plate on the steering head indicates the number and id of the aircraft to which each of the bikes is associated.

Delivery of the motorcycles will take place at the military airport of Rivolto, the base of the “Frecce Tricolori”, during a dedicated event, a unique opportunity to spend an entire day with the pilots of the Italian Aerobatic Team.

For information and reservations: from Italy 800.364406, from abroad + 39.0332.254.724.

For details about the 50th Frecce Tricolori Anniversary in Rivolto - Udine (Italy), on the 11th and 12th of September 2010, visit: