Pacific MCC Garth Spooner Road Race Series, 2016/17

Garth Spooner Memorial Summer Road Race series 2016/7
1st and 2nd Oct 2016 Rnd 1 Manfeild
6th Nov 2016 Rnd 2 Taupo (1 day only)
14th and 15th January 2017 Rnd 3 Manfeild
18th and 19th March 2017 Final Rnd Taupo
BEARs Central Thunder - 7th, 8th and 9th April Manfeild (3 day event with Friday being an official practice day and Saturday having a Practice/Qualifying)
A few common questions answered below.
- Super Motard will be running the short track in reverse direction plus we will run the same for them on the track day.
- The air fence will be in place at the sweeper.
- Track day entrants still need to to complete and sign form (front 2 pages) email back to us.
- Preferable to have payments made online and only cash payments can be made on the day.
- There will be an ambulance on site with 2 medics for both days.
- Camping on site is allowed (no cost) but please remember respect the others there (especially the volunteers). We will lock the gates at 10pm each night for security (open at 7am).


Ok people it's that time again!!
We are just a few weeks away from the start of the 2016/7 of the Pacific Club Summer Series at Manfield & Taupo!!

Sooooo what I am trying to sort is, who wants to be a volunteer??

We need flag marshals, dummy grid marshals and a start line person or 2.

If anyone is interested please email me or just comment on this post and I will private message you.

We are more than happy to take on new to volunteering people and we will train you up so you become a pro in no time!

There will be marshal training, more details to come on that,

Oh and for all the competitors...... Get your entries in! Us marshals get quite bored when there's no one entered, makes the day drag ;-)


The Garth Spooner Memorial Pacific Motorcycle Club Road Race Series, 4 round  series 2016/17

Entries & Supp. Regs are on line under Pacific MCC website


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