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Mike Pero Real Estate has just given motorcycle racers 100,000 reasons to enter the 2019 New Zealand 600 Supersport Championship.

This year riders will have the opportunity to cash in on the MPRE Contingency Awards, worth up to $100,000*.

That's right, $100,000* - the biggest such incentive award in New Zealand motorsport.

And it's exclusive to the five-round 2019 New Zealand 600 Supersport Championship, part of the NZSBK Championship.

Here's how the MPRE Contingency Awards work:
+ All 2019 New Zealand 600 Supersport Championship riders/teams meeting eligibility criteria will be awarded a $1000 MPRE commission discount voucher at the end of each round.
+ The voucher entitles the holder to a $1000 discount off a MPRE agent's sales commission fee.
+ Each voucher is fully transferable with prior approval and valid until May 1, 2020.
+ Two vouchers may be redeemed on property sales $400,000-$700,000; and three vouchers $700,000-plus.

+ These vouchers can be on-sold to family, friends, employers or sponsors.
+ That's $5000 worth of vouchers for a rider/team doing all five 600 Supersport Championship rounds.
+ With imagination and commitment, a rider or team can inject up to $5000 into their race budget.
+ *For a five-round, 20-rider Championship field, this represents up to $100,000 of contingency cash.

Eligibility criteria:
+ At the start of each 600 Supersport Championship round, riders must display two MPRE decals (approx 12cm x 5cm, each side of fairing) on their racebike.
+ The decals must be in place when the bike arrives in parc ferme after each race.
+ Participation is not compulsory.
Award vouchers to be collected at the end of each round from 600 Supersport Championship co-ordinator Peter Donaldson.

 “We’re delighted to come on board as a contingency awards partner for the 2019 New Zealand 600 Supersport Championship," says MPRE founder and chief executive Mike Pero.

It’s a class that’s close to my own heart, and takes me back several decades where I competed in the mid-range category.

"This is just the type of award opportunity that I would have grabbed in two hands back when I was starting out.

"It's a great chance for a rider or team to develop their entreprenurial spirit and chase some cash."

"As a company, we’re very diligent with our sponsorship money and investing in sports we think will not only work for the recipient but equally do well for our brand

"The 600 Supersport class is my pick in motorcycle racing.”

New Zealand 600 Supersport Championship co-ordinator Peter Donaldson has welcomed the involvement of Mike Pero Real Estate.

"Mike Pero is known for his innovative, high profile and successful marketing and partnership programmes and these awards are another example," Donaldson says.

"This is such a great incentive for Supersport riders and teams to boost their race budget.

"I have no doubt some riders will spend this weekend drawing up lists of potential contacts."

Donaldson plans to announce further contingency awards for the
New Zealand 600 Supersport Championship over the coming months.

For more information:
Peter Donaldson
021 235 5906



Auckland Motorcycle Club

AMCC celebrate 2018 NZSBK success: 

Held over four events and comprising twelve races in January and March, the dust is settling on the 2018 NZSBK.

With the season Champions crowned, following the final Round at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park in Taupo just 2 short weeks ago, Auckland Motorcycle Club reflects on a selection of achievements, by a range of our Members who went in search of National success.


Fabulous Superbike NZTT race at Hampton Downs: Bugden leads Lawrence, Mettam and Moir – but it was changing continually. Credit: Philip Kavermann

In Superbike, Sloan Frost secured a second premier category National title, having previously taken out the Superbike title in 2016. With five wins from twelve races, Frost was only off the podium three times, and took a clean sweep of the races at Round Two at Timaru.


After finishing 4th in 2017, Daniel Mettam improved one position in 2018, to close out the season in 3rd Overall. Five podiums – including a race win at Round One at Mike Pero Motorsport Park – was a solid result.
Second in the NZTT race at Hampton Downs was a highlight of the NZSBK season, after a torrid 4-way battle with Australian 5-Time NZ Superbike Champion - Robbie Bugden, Jay Lawrence, and Scott Moir.

Arguably, it was the race of the Championship.


In Supersport 600, the racing was just as furious.
Avalon Biddle had a stellar campaign, to finish the season 3rd Overall, behind the Underground Brown Triumphs from the South Island. Biddle was a real threat on the familiar North Island circuits, taking five podiums over the final two Rounds – including an inaugural 600cc Class National win at Taupo.
It was likely the most popular win across the 2018 NZSBK.


Toby Summers was also back on a 600 in 2018, and would finish the season 5th Overall, with four podiums to his credit.

Sidecar stalwarts, the Lawrance Brothers, represented AMCC in the “chairs” - and Chris & Richard used their new LCR rig to take six podiums, including three race wins, to finish the season in 3rd Overall.


Newcomer Thomas Newton had the distinction of taking out the first “Gixxer Cup” for identical 150cc Suzuki machines.

Nine podiums, including five wins over the NZSBK was enough to top the points in the ultra-entertaining single-make class, which was making its debut on New Zealand race circuits over the summer.

However, the most successful AMCC member across the NZSBK for 2018 had to be Nathanael Diprose, riding a GSX-R450 Suzuki in Superlite, as he came back after an extended illness.

Ten wins from twelve starts, with one further podium, it was an outstanding season, and a constructive rebuilding period for Diprose as he builds back to the 600’s.


Roll on 2019.


2018 NZSBK Championship Winners:


SUPERBIKE – Sloan Frost

SUPERSPORT 600 – Jake Lewis
SUPERSPORT 300 – Dennis Charlett

650 PRO TWIN – Jordan Burley
250 PRODUCTION – Nick Cain

SUPERLITE - Nathanael Diprose

125 GP – Blayes Heaven
GIXXER CUP – Thomas Newton
SIDECARS – Peter Goodwin & Kendal Dunlop


Auckland Motorcycle Club MEDIA RELEASE 2 March, 2018.

Titles decided in the 2017-18 Auckland Motorcycle Club Series: 


It was a hot and humid day of racing to close out the 2017-18 AMCC Club Series at Hampton Downs last Sunday, with the double-points finale throwing up the expected surprises in several classes.


Alastair Hoogenboezem took three dominant victories in Superbike, to secure that Club title; but back in the Senior field there was some spirited dicing going on – notably between Brendon Coad, Toby Summers and the surprise entry of 2015 NZ Superbike champion Jaden Hassan, out for a run on brother Aaron’s 600 Suzuki.

Hassan secured three wins in the Supersport class, and the double-points secured him the Club title for that category on the strength of those performances.


Brendon Coad secured the Superstock 1000 title, having taken seven wins from eight starts over the season.


Another demonstrating an exceptional level of dominance was Nathanael Diprose in Superlite; unbeaten all Club season on the 450 Suzuki, to head-off class stalwart Gavin Veltmeyer.


Matt Dunlop was winning at the right end of the season, and scored the Pro Twin 650 title by a slender 17 points from Liam Underwood, with former National champion Ben Rosendaal in third.


Rounding out the Intermediate category was the 125GP class, and Nicki Smith leveraged the double points to sweep to three wins and the Club title for the season.


In Junior, Gavin Veltmeyer took out Lightweight on his 390 KTM, while the 250 class becomes more competitive by the meeting.

Nick Burke and Jacob Stroud continue to set the standard, but Grant Cullen, Sean White, Michael Patchett and Jesse Stroud all made a mark.

Jacob Stroud secured the 250 Prolite Club title – by just five points - but the Hyosung Cup still has a Round to go, running at the Mike Pero Motofest at Hampton Downs this weekend.


Consistency won the Lawrance Brothers another sidecar Club title. On the podium in every race, they took four wins over the season.

While rounding out the classes were the various Post Classic classes, and the Clubman’s field providing entry-level riders a safe introduction to the sport.


The 2017-2018 Series was organised and promoted by the Auckland Motorcycle Club – who acknowledge all our valuable partners for the season:-


The Lion Foundation, Barnes-Jenkins Insurance Brokers, Carl Cox Motorsport, Castrol, Colemans Suzuki, Counties Honda, Darbi Accessories, Hyosung NZ, Motomail, Mr Motorcycles, Nationwide Accessories, Northern Accessories, Protecta Insurance, Spectrum Motorcycles, and Red Baron – along with CTAS and MX Timing.


Till next season ….

2017-2018 AMCC Club Series Points - FINAL:

Points – Senior: SUPERBIKE

215 Alastair Hoogenboezem

120 Daniel Mettam

104 SJ Cavell

Points – Senior: SUPERSPORT 600

150 Jaden Hassan

80 Toby Summers

75 David Hall

Points – Senior: SUPERSTOCK 1000

270 Brendon Coad

205 Adrian Clare

16 Karl Christensen

Points – Senior: PRO TWIN OPEN

50 Steve Bridge

Points – Intermediate: SUPERLITE

275 Nathanael Diprose

170 Gavin Veltmeyer

148 Scott Findlay

Points – Intermediate: PRO TWIN 650

212 Matt Dunlop

195 Liam Underwood

162 Ben Rosendaal

Points – Intermediate: 125ccGP

184 Nicki Smith

102 Jason Hearn

57 Chris Malcolm


210 Gavin Veltmeyer

182 Alistair Wilton

112 Dean Watson

Points – Junior: 250 PRO LITE

199 Jacob Stroud

194 Nick Burke

153 Sean White

Points – CARL COX MOTORSPORT HYOSUNG CUP: (1 Round remaining)

872 Jacob Stroud

693 Nick Burke

684 Michael Patchett

Points – PRE 72 JUNIOR

100 John Comer

Points – PRE 82 SENIOR

225 Matthew Ineson

40 Russell Barker

40 David Oyden

Points – PRE 82 JUNIOR

200 Alistair Wilton

174 Graeme Ogle

98 Phil Oades

Points – PRE 89 F1

236 Phil Duxbury

186 SJ Cavell

85 Mark Wigley

Points – PRE 89 F2

250 Nigel Lennox

132 Nick Brown

112 Tony Ashdown

Points – PRE 89 F3

70 Steve Collingwood

25 Mark Robinson

Points – PRE 95 F2

275 Graham Moorhead

Points – PRE 95 F3

100 Nick Olson

95 Ray Waring

50 Finn Webster


227 Chris Lawrance / Richard Lawrance

191 David McArthur / Tony New

187 Mark Halls / Neville Mickelson


210 Selby Inkster

115 Jonathan Skyrme

50 Aaron Lowe


275 Amy Thurston


(35) Brendon Coad, (14) Jaden Hassan, (77) Toby Summers put on a great show in Senior

Credit: Philip Kavermann



Is it the Mike Webb from New Zealand??

I saw on an FIM Media Release about Moto3 technical information applications, see the FIM & World Championship page, the FIM Technical Director is Mike Webb, so sent him a note to ask. Here is the answer

Certainly is the same one!

It's good to hear from you again, and to know you are still in touch with the FIM information.

I've been MotoGP Technical Director for 10 years now, I took over from Jack Findlay when he retired.

Prior to that I worked as crew chief for the factory Yamaha team, first when it was run by Wayne Rainey then later when Yamaha Japan took it over again.

And before that for a privateer Yamaha 500cc team run by a near neighbour of yours Peter Clifford, so it's been 20 years or more since I was in the motorcycle industry in NZ... wow 20 years!

Next year I take over from our retiring Race Director in MotoGP.

I had a quick look at the website, very interesting. Particularly the upcoming Mini MotoGP where the school kids race the bikes they built themselves, I didn't k now that existed in NZ.

We hope to hear more from Mike as soon as he returns to his base in Andorra, where he can give us a then & now update.

Now go to "Stop Press" >> & click on "A Kiwi at the top of MotoGP" for much more. 

Oh & by the way he knows about Avalon Biddle competing as a wild card in the 125 Class at Phillip Island next weekend, & hopefully will talk to her.