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After futile attempts to get a New Zealand team entry into the international six days Enduro to be held September 20th-25th 1982 in Czechoslovakia, a telex "out of the blue" yesterday from the organisers of the event, invited the New Zealand Auto Cycle Union to send a team of 3 riders.

"We had given up hope of entries for this year, and were already planning for next year’s event to be held in Wales" said Tim Gibbes, New Zealand’s team selector. "Now we have picked up the challenge and will send 3 or our best Enduro riders to what will probably be a very tough event at Povaszka Bystrica in the eastern mountainous area of Czechoslovakia."

The 3 New Zealand riders will be Darryl August, 23 year old dairy farmer from Shannon, Graham Harris, 21 year old motor cycle mechanic from Lower Hutt, and Mark MacDonald, 23 year old agricultural contractor from Waimaukuz, just north of Auckland.

All 3 will ride factory prepared Swedish Husqvarna motor cycles which they will see for the first time only 5 days before the start of the arduous 1,400km event. Each of these riders won gold medals at the Australian 4 day Enduro championships held last Easter at Maffra in Victoria, each scoring in the top 5 of their class, as well as numerous successes in New Zealand Enduros over the past few years.

In Czechoslovakia our New Zealand riders will be competing against more than 350 riders from more than 20 other competing countries. The strongest teams will come from East Germany, Italy, West Germany, Austria, France and of course the host country, Czechoslovakia.

Owing to a prior arrangement with Motorcycling Australia, Tim Gibbes who has already won 6 gold medals in the event, will only be able to supervise the kiwis, as he had been asked earlier to be the team manager for the Australian team, comprising 22 riders.

With the last minute entry being received for the New Zealand team, no time has been available to arrange any sponsorship or financial assistance, so the individual riders would appreciate any assistance and encouragement from their homeland.

Would you like to receive telex or telephone reports of the kiwi’s progress? if so, please contact before September 2nd, when we leave for this first New Zealand assault on the world's prestige cross country motor cycling event.

Phone: Tim Gibbes 87-082 (work) Palmerston North 268-143 (home) Palmerston North


Displaying total dominance, the young Spanish ace has won the title for the second year in a row.

Maser (Treviso), 26 August, 2019 – On the Uddevalla Circuit in Sweden, Jorge Prado has won the MX2 World Title with two races left until the end of the series. At the tender age of 18, the talented young Spaniard has captured his second consecutive World Championship Trophy in this class.

Jorge Prado (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) has enjoyed total dominance in this 2019 season, which has featured 12 pole positions, 14 victories and 27 round victories. In Sweden, Prado only needed a first place in race1 and fourth place in race2 to close out the Grand Prix race ranked third overall; this was enough to end the stakes for the World Title.

In any case, Sidi riders were all major players in the MX2 World Series. In fact, Denmark’s Thomas Kjer Olsen (Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing) came in second place in the overall standings; on various occasions the Dane proved to be the only other rider capable of going head-to-head with the unbridled Jorge Prado.

Sidi has always believed in Prado’s sheer talent. His young and brilliant career has constantly been linked to the boots made by the company from Maser (Treviso). In this fantastic 2019, he has been battling on the racetrack and shining on the podium in his Sidi Crossfire 3 boots, which once again have emerged as the most triumphant title-holding boots in the world of motocross.

The real adventure for Prado starts now, with a leap to the highest class. He will be making the big move to the MXGP in 2020, when the young Spanish ace will be riding on the same team as two absolute superstars in world motocross: Jeffrey Herlings (2018 MXGP World Champion) and the most notable, number one rider for the Sidi team, nine-time World Champion Antonio Cairoli.
This is going to be so much fun…

Photos attached ©MassimoZanzani


MX2 Jorge Prado, WMX Kiara Fontanesi, EMX300 Brad Anderson and EMX250 Mathys Boisrame

Maser (Treviso), 05 October, 2018
– The great motocross circus has given Sidi and its champions another season to remember. Sidi team riders have figured as major players on all fronts. As always, they battle on the track and triumph on the podium with their Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one footwear with the most titles. These boots are always invincible, on any terrain and in any conditions.

Sidi scored a truly unbeatable “poker hand”. The 4 aces on team Sidi are:

Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha), who in 2018 has won the 6th WMX title in her career. Among the women, she is the number one in the world of motocross.

Jorge Prado (Ktm) represents the new generation that is moving forward. He is the new MX2 World Champion. Not only is Prado the first Spanish rider to have won a world title in a major motocross category, he is also the first rider born after the year 2000 who has managed to pull off this feat. The future of motocross is already here!

To complete the Sidi “poker hand” we have the Brit Brad Anderson (Ktm) who won the EMX300 European title, and France’s Mathys Boisrame (Honda) who scored the EMX250 European title.

However, let’s not forget with all this that Sidi also has a “Joker” in play. We’re talking about the all-time number one in the world; with his achievements he has already become a motocross legend…we’re talking about him, none other than nine-time World Champion Antonio Cairoli.

This has been an unlucky year for Cairoli, who suffered several setbacks. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Herlings was in remarkable form and dominated the season, justifiably winning the 2018 MXGP title. However, in spite of his misfortunes, Tony Cairoli managed to capture second place in the final world classification anyway. Cairoli’s goal in 2019 will definitely be to return to his rightful place on the highest step of the podium. The race for World title number 10 has already begun…

The present and the future of motocross is already here…

Maser (Treviso), 01 October, 2018 –
Jorge Prado is the new MX2 World Champion. The mathematical certainty that guaranteed him the title came during the week, following the announcement that Pauls Jonass, the only man who could have challenged him, would not have participated in the last race due to problems with his knee. But the party to celebrate the title didn’t break out until everyone was on the track in Imola during the Italian GP, the final event in the 2018 MX World Series.

However, it must be said that Prado’s advantage over his closest rival in the standings was already significant. In any case Prado wanted to honour this magnificent season by winning even the very last race.

Jorge Prado, born in Spain in 2001, has confirmed his talent at the tender age of 17 as a true winner who seems predestined for success. Of course, Sidi has known about him for quite some time; in fact, we’ve been following him step by step ever since he first hit the scene in the minor leagues. Prado is growing fast and is proving to be a quick learner as part of Team De Carli Racing; the same team of a number one all time classic… the 9-time World Champion Tony Cairoli. This year Cairoli has had a difficult year plagued with misfortune and injuries, but Sidi has faith that he will be back for a fantastic season in 2019.

Meanwhile, for Prado 2018 has already been a record year. Prado is not only the first Spanish rider to clinch a World title in a major motocross category; he is also the first rider born after the year 2000 to have accomplished such a feat. The present and future of motocross has arrived, and he’s wearing his Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one motocross boots that are unbeatable on any terrain and in any conditions. To celebrate this memorable success, Sidi has produced a special edition model, in gold with World Champion accents, for Jorge Prado, which the Spanish rider naturally wore for the last race of the season.

In the final classification for the World Series, Prado garnered 873 points to beat Pauls Jonass (Ktm), who is second with 777 points; Olsen is third with 673 points. Imola was the perfect finale; in fact, in the MX2 class Sidi scored yet another season triple. Jorge Prado (Ktm) was first, Denmark’s Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) was second and American Thomas Covington (Husqvarna) came in third. These three talents were among the most outstanding competitors in the 2018 championship and we expect to see more great things from them in the future too.

Full results:


Another outstanding achievement for Sidi and the Queen of world motocross

Maser (Treviso), 01 October, 2018 – It was another thrilling season finale, another victory in a final race and another legendary accomplishment. It was a feat worth a sixth career WMX title. Of course, this is all about Kiara Fontanesi, who became the undisputed Queen of world motocross in the Italian Grand Prix, in the extraordinary setting of Imola.

As always, Sidi is right there with the number one player. Kiara Fontanesi gives battle in the dust and mud, then triumphs on the highest step of the Podium with her Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots.

At the tender age of 24, the Italian athlete from Parma can now celebrate her 6th World Championship title, which confirms that she is the strongest rider of all time in women’s motocross. This is a rapidly growing sport where there is plenty of competition, as proven by the relentless battles she had to face all the way to the final race in order to take home this crown.

Kiara Fontanesi has clinched the Italian GP and the 2018 World title. There was a huge celebration in the Sidi house; also because in second place here at Imola and in the overall standings for the iridescent series is Holland’s Nancy Van de Ven, who is also wearing Sidi boots; she was Fontanesi’s only worthy opponent in this exciting battle for the 2018 World title.

The final classification for the World Series reads: Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha) in first place with 260 points; Nancy Van de Ven (Yamaha) is second with 252 points and in third place Larissa Papenmeier (Suzuki) has 231 points. This is the same classification order that all three ladies ranked at the Italian GP in Imola.

Kiara Fontanesi won her first World title in 2012, then she was crowned the Queen of motocross in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2017. In five out of six occasions, including this year, Kiara captured the title in the final race, showing grit, talent, determination and concentration. Sports legends are defined by these characteristics… because when the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Full results:

Photos attached ©MaxZanzani


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It’s an all-Sidi podium in MX2. Jett Lawrence scores a victory in EMX250. Tony Cairoli takes second in MXGP.

Maser (Treviso), 17 September, 2018 - Great motocross continues to bring Sidi major satisfaction. Riders from the Sidi team were the biggest stars on the Assen racetrack in Holland for the round of the World Championship Series.

Let’s start with the women, where the Queen of motocross is back on top. Kiara Fontanesi (Yamaha) dominated the grand prix, winning race1 on Saturday and race2 on Sunday. Now thanks to this victory in the Dutch Grand Prix and with just one race left in the WMX World Series, Kiara has taken the red plate as leader in the series and has jumped to the head of the overall standings. Fontanesi is in first place with 213 points; Nancy Van De Ven is second with 205 and Larissa Papenmeier is third with 191. Everything will be decided in the final round at Imola, in Italy, on September 29-30, with Kiara determined to take home the 6th WMX World Series title of her career. Her most dangerous rival will be Holland’s Nancy Van De Ven (Yamaha), another ace from the Sidi team, who was second on the podium in Assen.

Looking at the MX2, Sidi continues racking up successes. At Assen the final podium was all Sidi, with Spain’s Jorge Prado (Ktm) in first place after dominating in both race1 and race2; American Thomas Covington (Husqvarna) was second and the Dane Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) was third. Mathematically, Prado is just 4 measly points away from capturing the MX2 World title. So in order to celebrate the title in this category as well we will have to wait and see who is left standing after the final round in Imola.

Sidi is also keeping a proud eye on its young talent. In the EMX250 class, France’s Mathys Boisrame captured the European title ahead of time, at the end of August; then in the last round of the season at Assen, Sidi won yet again, this time with Jett Lawrence (Suzuki), who came in first in race1 and in race2. The talented 14-year-old Australian and Hunter Lawrence’s younger brother, Jett seems intent on moving his way swiftly up the ranks of World motocross… with Sidi, of course. Yes, because when men and women are competing and winning in every category, Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs are always there. They are the number one boots in motocross, for the champions of today and the champions of tomorrow.

Finally, Tony Cairoli (Ktm) also deserves a round of applause; in spite of this season’s challenges and misfortunes, he hasn’t stopped fighting. At Assen Cairoli took two second places in race1 and race2, making it to the second step on the final podium of MXGP, behind the King of this 2018 season Jeffrey Herlings.

Full results:

In MX2 Jorge Prado continues his winning streak. In MXGP Tony Cairoli skids out and bruises a knee.

Maser (Treviso), 20 August, 2018 – After a few weeks off, the season got back underway last weekend on the Frauenfeld racetrack for the Swiss GP, round 16 in the 2018 World Series.

The season continues with ups and downs for Sidi and their champions. While in the MX2 class everything is coming easily to the young Spanish talent Jorge Prado, we can’t say the same about the reigning MXGP class, where unfortunately Tony Cairoli is having a rough and unlucky year.

Let’s start with the victory. With a second place in race1 and first place in race2, Jorge Prado (Ktm) clinched success in MX2. For Prado this is the 9th Grand Prix he’s won this season, the fourth one in a row. The young Spanish rider thus hangs on to the red plate as leader of the World Series, where he is in command with a 28 point advantage over his direct rival, Pauls Jonass.

In the MXGP on the other hand, it was a terribly unlucky day for Tony Cairoli (Ktm). The 9-time World Champion, who had scored victory in Saturday’s qualifiers, started the race in front. In race1 he was in third place when he slid to the ground; he managed to finish the race but he closed out eigth. In the fall Cairoli suffered a bruise to his right knee (he will undergo clinical evaluations in the following days). The injury strongly affected his performance in race2, which he closed out in sixth place. The final result for Cairoli in the Grand Prix was a bitter 7th place, which means that Jeffrey Herlings has furthered his lead in the World Series. Now the Dutchman is firmly in command with 733 points and Tony is trailing in second place with 675 points; there are 58 points between the two.

Next week-end, August 25-26, it’s back to the racetrack to give battle in the Bulgarian GP.


The young Spanish ace wins the race at Loket and takes the “red plate” from Jonass.

Maser (Treviso), 23 July, 2018 –
The coup began with the two races in Asia. Now, a victory in the Czech Republic has caused a major shift in the overall standings for the MX2 class. On the Loket racetrack Jorge Prado (KTM) was third in race1 and first in race2, which won him the Grand Prix and gave him the points needed to earn the “red plate”, the first of his career, that identifies the leader of the World Series. Now Pauls Jonass, who only made it to fourth place at Loket, is second in the rankings with 584 points, while Prado has taken command with 595 points. However, the clash between these two is hardly over; from here to the finish there will still be plenty of thrills and surprises in store as the battle for the MX2 World Series title continues.

This is really great news both for Prado and for Sidi; we have always believed in and supported the potential of this young Spanish motocross talent, who is vying for the World title at the tender age of 17. As a serious contender for the MX2 title, Prado can count on his Crossfire 3 Srs boots, the number one models in Sidi’s off-road collection, the boots of champions.

Sidi is counting a lot on the young Prado; he represents the future evolution of motocross and considering the results, it looks like the future is already here. With this latest success Jorge Prado has garnered seven victories in 2018 so far, but more importantly he is demonstrating great determination, maturity and intelligent race tactics.

Rounding out Sidi’s success in the MX2 race, American Thomas Covington (Husqvarna) held an impressive third place on the podium in Loket.

Speaking of noteworthy young talent, check out Liam Everts (KTM), the fourteen-year-old son of motocross legend Stefan Everts. Young Liam made it to third place on the podium in the European EMX85 race.

However, Tony Cairoli (KTM) also deserves a round of applause; in MXGP his on-going duel with Jeffrey Herlings has been a head to head challenge since the first race in the World Series. This weekend Tony was second in both races 1 and 2, closing out in the second spot on the Grand Prix podium, right behind the Dutchman, who thus continues to lead the world rankings with a 30 point advantage over the Sicilian ace. Cairoli is gunning for a tenth World title. It sure seems like a difficult enterprise, but nothing is impossible for someone like him; Season after season, we’ve got used to seeing him accomplish extraordinary feats. The next round will be in Belgium on August 5th. Stay tuned!



Sidi celebrates with Tony Cairoli for the 222nd GP of his extraordinary career.

Maser (Treviso), 14 May, 2018 – Sidi’s great team of riders stood out as major players on the Kegums racetrack in Latvia, where the World Motocross circus touched down for a stage over the week-end.

Tony Cairoli (Ktm) celebrated Grand Prix number 222 in his incredible career. 222 also happens to be his race number and it has always been one of his distinctive symbols. To celebrate this event, his wife Jill coordinated with his team, friends and sponsors to put together a special race kit to give to Tony as a surprise. The kit also contained a pair of Sidi Crossfire 3 Srs boots with gilded buckles…

Number 222 also left his mark in the rankings: in the MXGP Cairoli took 2nd place in race1 and 2nd in race2 to end up in 2nd place in the final classification of the Latvian Grand Prix. In the World Series standings Cairoli is still in second place, right behind Holland’s Jeffrey Herlings, who also won in Latvia yesterday.

At Kegums the new generation of up-and-coming riders representing Sidi’s Green Line brought victory to the Sidi colours. In the MX2 class the Dane Thomas Kjer Olsen (Husqvarna) was 1st in race1 and 2nd in race2, clinching his first success of the season. In race2 victory went to the other young Sidi talent, Spain’s Jorge Prado (Ktm) who has also taken second place in the MX2 World Series standings, hot on the heels of the leader, Paul Jonass.

Finally, keeping an eye on young talent, Sidi also claimed victory in the EMX 250 race, the European Motocross Championship. France’s Mathys Boisrame (Honda) won race1 and ended up in the lead of the Grand Prix rankings; he now stands at third in the general classification, just 8 points from the top.

There are so many champions, so many victories, so many hopes, but they all share one common denominator: Crossfire 3 Srs, the number one boot for off road riding, unbeatable on any terrain and in any conditions… the boot of champions. Thanks to the achievements of these young talents Sidi can confidently face the present, but also the future…

Photos attached ©MaxZanzani


FIM MXGP/ MX2/ Women’s/ Junior Motocross World Championships

Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations FIM Veteran Motocross World Cup

2018 Provisional Calendars, updated 07 December (Change in bold) DATE






4 March




18 March




25 March


Red Sand


8 April





15 April





01 May




13 May




20 May





3 June


Matterley Basin



10 June


St Jean d'Angély


17 June





1 July


Pangkal Pinang


8 July




22 July




5 August




12 August




19 August




2 September




16 September





30 September





Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations

7 October


Red Bud


FIM Junior Motocross World Championship

26 August






NOVEMBER 7, 2016: New Zealand sportsmen have once again boxed above their weight on the world stage, with a new Kiwi champion and numerous other top-10 results a feature of the 2016 Veterans' Motocross World Championships in the United States at the weekend.


Taranaki's Daryl Hurley and Taupo's John Kirkcaldie celebrated outright wins in their respective grades at the two-day event at California's Glen Helen Raceway, on the outskirts of San Bernadino, while Motueka's Josh Coppins (30+ Pro grade), Christchurch's Dean Baird (40+ Intermediate grade) and Wellington's Darryn Henderson (50+ Expert grade) had to be satisfied with finishing runners-up in their respective classifications.


Hawera bike shop owner Hurley took his Husqvarna to finish 1-1 in the 40 plus Pro Class to take that title, while Kirkcaldie won the 40+ Expert "support" grade with 1-2 results, with Winton's Martin Axtens finishing 5-8 to settle for 7th overall in the same grade.


Coppins finished 1-2 in his 30+ Pro grade, which positioned him first equal with American former factory test rider Mike Sleeter (2-1), although he was relegated to second overall because of the count-back rule (Sleeter having the superior result in the final race).


Baird finished 2-4 in his races to earn runner-up result his 40+ Intermediate grade and Henderson finished 2-2 to claim runner-up in the 50+ Expert grade.

Taranaki's Mitch Rowe finished 4-4 in his 50+ Pro class, which gave him fourth overall for the event, while the title went to British former factory GP racer Kurt Nicoll.


With riders permitted to compete also in younger age categories than their own, 51-year-old Rowe took advantage of the opportunity to also race in the 45+ Expert grade, where he finished 6-6 and a creditable 7th overall. Also taking advantage of the "drop down" rule, Axtens (7-8) finished 8th overall in the same category.


Papakura's Tony Cooksley managed 3-4 results for third equal in the 60+ Expert grade, level on the score-sheet with American former factory rider Chuck Sun, although relegated to fourth on count-back.


Bay of Plenty's Ian Conway finished 10-11 in the 55+ Intermediate grade, good for 11th overall, while Andrew Stewart finished 8-4 for fifth overall in the 50+ Novice grade.


Tauranga's Julie Managh finished 3-4 in the Intermediate Women's grade, which gave her fourth overall for the event. She had also raced in the non-championship women's race on Saturday, finishing fifth overall alongside the Expert grade competitors.


The Women's Expert class was won on Sunday by 2011 women's world champion Steffi Laier, from Germany, indicating the high calibre of riders present at the event.


Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan


The 2016 New Zealand ATV Championships




CAPTION: Stratford's Camo Keegan (Honda), with the main trophy back in his possession. Photo by Andy McGechan,


OCTOBER 25, 2016: Taranaki's Keegan brothers – Camo and Scott – are keeping the national quad bike title in the family.


Younger brother Scott won the title when the New Zealand ATV (all terrain vehicle) Motocross Championships were staged in Taranaki last season, but it was 27-year-old electrician Camo who reclaimed the main prize he last held in 2013 at this season's edition of the nationals, held near Amberley over the Saturday and Sunday of Labour Weekend.


Unfortunately for Lepperton bricklayer Scott Keegan, he collided with multi-time national champion Ian Ffitch in race five, the first of Sunday's races, and was unable to continue, instead going to hospital to have his injured hand attended to.


The national champion in 2014, Ffitch had been among the favourites to win again and it was he who came closest to beating Camo Keegan, the Amberley man winning two of the weekend's seven races in the premier grade and also finishing runner-up on three occasions.


But, in the end, nobody really had an answer to Stratford's Camo Keegan, who won five of the premier races and he finished the championship 11 points ahead of Ffitch.


Third overall in the premier class last year was 22-year-old Tauranga rider Mark Goldstone and that's where he finished again this time around, his 4-3-4-3-DNF-3-3 score-card impressive, although the one DNF was costly.


Fourth and fifth overall respectively in the premier grade were New Plymouth's Devan Whitelock and Christchurch's Jeff McIntyre.


"I was a bit lucky in one race," Camo Keegan admitted afterwards. "I knocked the engine kill switch off and had to fight back to finish fourth in that race.


"It was really closes racing between me and Ian (Ffitch), back and forth throughout the races and I was only taking the wins by a bike length in the end."


Kaiwaka 18-year-old Cullen Curtis again dominated the 450cc production class, winning five of the seven races and finishing third in the other two.


New Plymouth's Corey Whitelock settled for runner-up in the class, one position better than last season, albeit still 32 points adrift of Curtis, with Christchurch's Taylor Graham completing the podium.


"The sport is looking extremely healthy" said Ffitch, the sport's elder statesman.

"I've had my glory years," said the 46-year-old. "Now I just enjoy seeing the young guys rise up. I expect to see riders such as Cullen Curtis, Taylor Graham and the Whitelock brothers to be vying for the premier crown in a couple of years."


Other class winners were Amberley's Angus Parish (250cc production class); Christchurch's Bailey Graham (125cc production class); Christchurch's Abby Holliday (women's grade); Christchurch's Greg Graham (veterans' grade); Amberley's Caitlyn Parish (mini quad kids grade); New Plymouth's Luke Etheridge (clubmans) and Stratford's Zakiah Corrigan (junior clubman).


Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan



OCTOBER 24, 2016: There's a new kid on the block and it seems he might be a bit of a bully.

 The big annual MX Fest at Taupo is traditionally considered the first major motocross of the season, an event where the new model bikes are aired, new teams present themselves and riders can gauge where they stand before the serious business of the national championships take their full focus.


With a large green truck and awning threatening to steal the show in pit lane at Taupo there was no doubt that the rebranded and re-armed 3Twenty3 Kawasaki Racing Team had arrived, ready for business.


By the time the dust had cleared at the end of racing on Sunday afternoon, everyone knew the men in green had to be respected, with the team's MX1 rider, Mount Maunganui's Rhys Carter, claiming the top trophy.


The 27-year-old Carter caused a few ripples when he sensationally won the first of the weekend's MX1 races, but more was to come when he showed it was no fluke, winning race two as well.


He finished third in race three and was top of the MX1 class standings with just the shoot-out series of feature races to come.


By the end of the day, the ripples had become a tidal wave, with Carter finishing runner-up to national MX1 champion Cody Cooper in the final shoot-out race, enough for him to claim overall honours, finishing six points clear of Mount Maunganui's Cooper, with Motueka's former world championship hero Josh Coppins another six points further back in third overall.


"I've not raced the MX Fest for the past two seasons as I'd been sidelined with injury. But I'm feeling good right now and knew I had the speed to win," said Carter.


"When I saw Cody (Cooper) crash in the first race, I knew I had a chance. I didn't have a great start myself and was about third from last at the start, but I put the hammer down and got the win.


"It was all about not following but being creative with line selection ... maybe going berserk around the outside of riders to get past.


"In the third race I made a mistake and stalled the bike in turn one. But then I got nudged by another rider and the bike just sparked into life again. I was a bit lucky with that. I got my way through to third but couldn't find a way past Josh (Coppins).


"Winning the overall was certainly a good way to start things with the new team."


Meanwhile, riding for the separate Whyteline Kawasaki Team, Ngatea's Ben Broad also showed he'd taken a liking to his new green bike, finishing fifth overall in the MX2 class on his first serious ride on Sunday.


National 125cc champion Broad was also the last of the MX2 riders to survive the all-capacities shoot-out feature, finishing that segment of the programme fifth overall.


"This was my first major outing on the Kawasaki and there's still a little bit of sorting to do with setting up the suspension and I knew it was going to be tough today, but it turned out to be a great start to the season," said the 17-year-old Broad, a year 13 pupil at Hauraki Plains College.


"School will be over for the year soon and so I'll be able to spend more time riding the bike and I'll be fitter and stronger by the time the nationals start (near Timaru in February), but my speed is already good."


The 3Twenty3 Kawasaki Racing Team is supported by Life Fitness, Kawasaki New Zealand, Epic Decals, Alpinestars, Bell, 100%, Addline, Koromiko Engineering, Pirelli, Pro Circuit, Hinson, KSS NZ, Giant NZ, DVS Shoes, Concept 2 NZ, Skullcandy NZ and CFX Seats.

 Credit: Words by Andy McGechan


The 2016 Huka Honda MX Fest at Taupo


OCTOBER 17, 2016: Taupo will again be the centre of the motocross universe this Labour Weekend.

The big annual MX Fest at Taupo traditionally marks the start to the summer season and the event has again attracted all the nation's major riders and race teams to the steaming pumice and sand circuit.

The popularity of the two-day spectacular at the Digger McEwen Motorcycle Park, on the outskirts of the Central Plateau tourist town, ensures there won't be a motel bed to spare in the region over the coming days.

With new 2017 model bikes to be tuned and set-up for the upcoming nationals, muscles to be flexed, fresh team line-ups and allegiances to be shaped and tested, and a long weekend in which to do it, the MX Fest heralds the start of what could be another cracking motocross season.

World, national and provincial titles count for nothing, international credentials are likely to be challenged and past loyalties go out the window as the new season brings forward fresh and exciting match-ups at this Huka Honda-sponsored event on October 22-23, with riders such as Ngatea's Ben Broad, Te Puke's Logan Blackburn, Mangakino's Maximus Purvis, Te Puke's Tyler Steiner, and Tauranga's Rhys Carter, for example, all now flying different colours to last season.

Local riders such as Taupo's Brad Groombridge, Rotorua's Scotty Canham, Reporoa's Hadleigh Knight, Mangakino's Kayne Lamont and Taupo brothers Cohen and Wyatt Chase should also feature among the leaders, although former motocross Grand Prix star Josh Coppins, from Motueka, and current national MX1 champion Cody Cooper, from Mount Maunganui, are possibly the key men to beat.

Although now retired from international competition, Coppins convincingly won the MX1 class at MX Fest last year, while Cooper was a notable no-show.

Seeing a clash between these two on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon would be worth the admission price alone.

Otago's Courtney Duncan, Amberley's Micah McGoldrick, Waitakere's Ethan Martens, Tauranga's Roydon White, Dairy Flat's Claude Griffith, Cambridge's Trent Collins, Karaka's Kurtis Lilly, Coatesville's Sam Greenslade and Beachlands' Blake Gillard will also be contenders.

Duncan is another with vast international experience after she raced the women's world championships in Europe this season. It would be no surprise if she won the MX2 class outright at Taupo, just as she did at the New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix at Woodville in January.

"This is the first big hit-out of the season and, with Speedcross set to entertain the fans on Saturday evening, the entertainment will be top-notch over the entire weekend," said host Taupo Motorcycle Club spokesman Bevan Weal.

"The Speedcross (a mix of speedway, supercross and motocross) will be a battle between New Zealand's top 'dirty dozen', with entries limited, and racing will feature multi-time former national champion and former international Darryll King, as well as riders such as Coppins, Cooper, Groombridge and Carter.

"The main track for racing on Saturday and Sunday is looking pristine at the moment, with club volunteers putting in hundreds of hours of work," said Weal.

"The saw-dust section has been refreshed and will surely trip up a few riders. It's always popular with the spectators."

Now in its 31st year, the MX Fest event is expected to attract riders in their hundreds and spectators in their thousands, with the race programme, as usual, featuring the mini, junior and women riders on Saturday and senior and veteran racers on Sunday.

Words by Andy McGechan


PABLO QUINTANILLA WINS THE ATACAMA RALLY ATACAMA RALLY Saturday, 27 August 2016 5th Stage: Bahia Inglesa - Copiapó Link section: 76,44 km – Specia


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Saturday, 27 August 2016
5th Stage: Bahia Inglesa - Copiapó
Link section: 76,44 km – Special: 102.26 km – Link section: 22.95 km – Total: 201.65 km.

Yesterday evening, the FIM Jury gave Toby Price (KTM) back the 1' he had lost at the finish of the 3rd special because of the poorly positioned signs for the CH. This morning, the Australian rider therefore had a lead of 1'26, not 26 seconds over Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) overall. The start of this last stage was at the feet of the great dunes of Copapió, a magnificent spot where this fourth round of the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship would also end, under a glorious sun.
All the man from Chile had to do to win the race was to catch up with Price, but 100 km in the dunes was a shortish stretch to make up time on the Australian, who has a terrific pace. But Pablo Quintanilla, undaunted, set off in pursuit of his rival and when the KTM rider made a mistake at km 20, he took advantage of the situation to get on his tail and cross the finish line right with him, winning the Atacama Rally for the fourth time, no less. It was a very intense and difficult week”, said the winner of the stage and the Rally. At the start of the race, I was ahead but I got a 6' penalty for speeding in a DZ, which forced me to regroup to get back in control of the race. Today, it wasn’t easy to catch Toby but I am happy with this new win in my country. As for the title, there is still one more race in Morocco!”
Second overall, Toby Price (KTM) nevertheless arrived at the parc fermé with a smile on his face. “That’s racing”, he said, “one day you win, one day you lose. It was a great race but Pablo was faster and I congratulate him.”
Honda rider Kevin Benavides made it on to the third step of the podium. “It was a great rally but it was tough for me as I broke the navigation support on the 2nd day and yesterday I took a heavy fall. Today, I managed a good pace. Now I need to correct my mistakes and improve my performance.”


It wasn’t an easy race for Paulo Gonçalves either, who finished 4th. “I found the rally very splendid but it was long and tough because I had crashes on days 2 and 3. The main thing is that I felt good and that yesterday I was able to ride at a good pace. The Dakar is just around the corner and the HRC has done great work preparing the bike.”
Sam Sunderland (KTM), who is still in the running for the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship title, came 5th after making a few navigation errors at the start of the race. He is followed by Matthias Walkner (KTM) who made a mistake today and rode over 3km on a wrong track. Ricky Brabec (Honda) came 7th followed by Franco Caimi, José Cornejo, junior winner of the event, Daniel Gouet and Pela Renet — 7th in the special. The French rider is happy to finish on a positive note: “I am getting more confident and I pay less attention to the tracks now…”


The best woman, Laia Sanz (KTM), came 12th. For “It wasn’t easy the first few days, as I had quite a few problems, but the last couple of stages went very well, so I am pretty happy!
It wasn’t a good day for the rider from Copiapó, Felipe Prohens, who broke his engine at km 5.
In quad, the win went to Rafal Sonik who is on his way towards a new title.

This evening, after the prize giving ceremony, it will be fiesta time Chilean style!!!



PRICE AND QUINTANILLA SIDE BY SIDE Friday, 26 August 2016 4th Stage: Bahia Inglesa - Bahia Inglesa Link section: 40.13 km – Special 1: 142.60 km –


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03 EDO1281 rid

Friday, 26 August 2016
4th Stage: Bahia Inglesa - Bahia Inglesa
Link section: 40.13 km – Special 1: 142.60 km – Link section: 70.92 km – Special 2: 124.37 km – Link section: 64.51 km – Total: 442.53 km.

Today, no dunes but a fairly fast Special made up of trails with some fesh fesh that can hide the presence of stones, as Argentina’s Kevin Benavides (Honda) discovered to his cost at km 70. In a bend, he came out a little wide and while he was looking at his road book, he struck a stone that sent him flying. “My bike fell on top of me!”, he explains, “and I thought I was in bad shape, as I could hardly breathe, but I managed to finish the Special and take 5th place.”

His team mate Paulo Gonçalves won this penultimate stage of the Atacama Rally by a hair’s breadth, with a lead of 20 seconds over Toby Price (KTM) and 25 seconds over Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) who is now 26 seconds behind the Australian overall. “I rode the first part of the special calmly”, says Paulo Gonçalves”, as I didn’t want to risk crashing a third time. After the refuelling and the start of the second special, I became more confident. I felt really good on the bike and went on the offensive!”


The priority for Pablo Quintanilla is the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship title: “Tomorrow, I am starting behind Toby”, says the man from Chile, so I can win the race if I catch him up, but my main objective is the World Championship and I shan’t be taking any silly risks.”

Sam Sunderland (KTM), who came 4th, was a bit more cheerful than on the previous days: “It was a great day but I made a few navigation mistakes this morning.”


Benavides (Honda) was fifth followed by Matthias Walkner (KTM): “I’d have liked to finish in the top three”, says the young man from Austria, but I am still short of confidence. It’s my first race since the Dakar and I need to get some riding in.”
Brabec (Honda) took 7th followed by Caimi (Honda), Pela Renet (Husqvarna), Laia Sanz (KTM), Ignacio Cornejo (KTM), Felipe Prohens (KTM) and Daniel Gouet (KTM), who lost his card and took a 5' penalty. In quad, Rafal Sonik is on his own...



PABLO QUINTANILLA TAKES A STROLL IN HIS GARDEN! Thursday, 25 August 2016 3e Étape : Bahia Inglesa - Bahia Inglesa Link section: 70 km – Special: 20


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02 EDO9010 rid

Thursday, 25 August 2016
3e Étape : Bahia Inglesa - Bahia Inglesa
Link section: 70 km – Special: 202.78 km – Link section: 47.28 km – Total: 320.06 km.

The bivouac at Bahia Inglesa is situated on the beach of this small seaside resort with its white sand and turquoise sea. There is a chill in the morning and evening air, but during the day, the sun pushes up the mercury and the scenery is idyllic.
Because of la camanchaca, a morning mist caused by the proximity of the desert, the Cordillera of the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, the organisers decided to postpone the departure from Bahia for the start of the Special from 10h in the morning till 11h30. After a link section of 70 km, the riders arrived close to the site of the Dakar bivouac, at the foot of the dunes of Copiapó, and struck out for 200 km of sand and dunes.

04 EDO8885 rid

At the end of this fine day out and despite the challenges of interpreting the road book, Chile’s Pablo Quintanilla (Husqvarna) won the stage, leaving his rival in the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship, Sam Sunderland (KTM) far behind. “It was complicated today”, explained Quintanilla, “but the dunes of Copiapó are always hard to read. There are lots of valleys and it’s really easy to go wrong. But it was a good day in the sand!”
Honda rider Kevin Benavides came second ahead of Toby Price (KTM), who is in the lead overall, 4' ahead of the man from Argentina. In fourth, Paulo Gonçalves (Honda) is still suffering from stomach pain and crashed again, losing time. “It wasn’t the best day for me but it wasn’t a disaster either”, said the Portuguese rider with a smile. Behind him, Sam Sunderland (KTM) came fifth followed by Matthias Walkner (KTM), who commented that the navigation was very complex but the terrain was magnificent.

100 EDO9826 rid

Junior Ignacio Cornejo (KTM), came 7th ahead of Brabec (Honda), Renet (Husqvarna) and Daniel Gouet (KTM) who, with his team mate Felipe Prohens (KTM), had fun in the dunes that they know like the back of their hand. “We ride more slowly and we can see the tracks, so it’s easier to navigate. And we know the dunes of Copapió so well that we can maybe understand the road book better than the guys in front.”

It was a great day for Laia Sanz (KTM) who, after two days in the dust, has found her feet and a taste for the Chilean desert, finishing 13th. “I really had a ball in the dunes, but unfortunately, 3km from the finish, I ran out of fuel. I was able to freewheel down the dune but then I had to push the bike for 1.5 km. All the same, I’m very happy with my day! » The second girl in the Atacama Rally, Anastasya Nifontova, finished 14th.

Since Gonzalez dropped out with electrical problems Rafal Sonik is the only quad in the field.



ATACAMA RALLY: ALL RIDERS AND DRIVERS GETTING READY FOR THE BIG START 22 bikes, 3 quads and 12 car crews will bring this leg of the FIM Cross Country


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KTM Parque 1

22 bikes, 3 quads and 12 car crews will bring this leg of the FIM Cross Country Rally Championship and South American Codasur Cross Country Rally for cars.

ANTOFAGASTA, Chile, August 20, 2016

With new bikes and already tested in the Atacama Desert, around Antofagasta, KTM, Honda and Husqvarna are getting ready to fight during this leg of the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship that will launch on Monday with official start at 3 pm in front of the historical silver smelter, Ruinas de Huanchaca.

This morning, national and international teams attending to the challenge started to get installed in the bivouac located at the Enjoy Casino Hotel in Antofagasta to finalize last details prior to the 1,800 km of the Atacama Rally that will take competitors for a ride in the amazing landscapes that the Atacama Desert has to offer, the best place for cross country rally in South America.

Honda Parque 1

The main starts of the race tested their bikes around Antofagasta. KTM riders Sam Sunderland, last Dakar winner, Toby Price; Mathias Walkner, best women in the Dakar Laia Sanz (KTM) along with Husqvarna riders Pierre Renet and the Chilean star that comes back to Atacama Rally chasing his fourth consecutive victory in this race, Pablo Quintanilla.

Fernando Leon Parque Asistencia


Saturday, August 20
Technical and administrative checks, Enjoy Hotel, Antofagasta

Sunday, August 21
Technical and administrative checks, Enjoy Hotel, Antofagasta

Monday, August 22
Press Conference, Enjoy Hotel, Antofagasta
Prologue, Antofagasta
Official start, in front of Ruinas de Huachaca

Tuesday, August 23,
Stage 1: Antofagasta – Antofagasta. 200 km

Wednesday, August 24
Stage 2: Antofagasta – Bahia Inglesa. 400 km

Thursday, August 25
Stage 3: Atacama - Atacama . 205 km

Friday, August 26
Stage 4: Bahia Inglesa – Vallenar. 370 km

Saturday, August 27
Stage 5: Bahia Inglesa – Copiapo 104 km
Prize giving ceremony at Antay Hotel, Copiapo

Max Anstie first and Jeremy Seewer second.

Max Ansttie on Husqvarna & Sidi boots

Maser (TV), 01 August, 2016 – It was a Sunday to remember for the Sidi Sport colours on the sandy, difficult and spectacular track in Lommel, Belgium. It was a fantastic show in the place that is considered the cradle of motocross, in front of an extraordinary crowd. Sidi completely dominated the MX2 class: the British Max Anstie came in first and Jeremy Seewer from Switzerland was second. These two riders battled in the sand and shined on the podium in their Sidi Crossfire 2 boots, the top models in Sidi’s off-road collection.

It was a legendary result. Yes, because Max Anstie (Husqvarna) became the first pilot in history to manage to win the Belgian GP for three consecutive years in Lommel; yesterday he also scored back to back victories in both rounds, dominating the Grand Prix from start to finish, coming in first in both race1 and race2.

It was a great party for Sidi. In fact, Jeremy Seewer (Suzuki) came in second place by scoring fourth in race1 and second in race2. He takes home a valuable second place that helps him shave off precious points from the leader in the World rankings Jeff Herlings, who, we remind you, has not garnered any points for the last two races, since he is benched in the pit due to a shoulder injury. Now the classification puts Herlings first with 597 points and Seewer second with 510 points.

Tony Cairoli (Ktm) had an OK test in the MXGP, in what continues to be a difficult and unlucky season for the motocross super-champ. After a lacklustre sixth place in race1 Tony made up some terrain in race2, coming in second, thus managing to close out the GP race in third place.


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Russia ready to host the
2016 edition of the Ride Green Cup

The Russian Educational Children’s Center “Orlyonok” will be the perfect venue to host the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship in 2016 and the second edition of the Ride Green Cup, which is focused on raising awareness and encouraging the environmental education of young riders, teams, family and fans in their communities and countries. The Ride Green Cup is part of a series of sustainable projects promoted by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) across its various world and regional championships.

Photo Credit: Youthstream 2015



This year the Ride Green Cup will be presented with the full support of the “Orlyonok” Centre, the Motorcycle Federation of Russia and YouthStream, and coordinated by the FIM. The organisers of the contest have incorporated new activities that promote positive environmental behaviour both in and out of competition, as reflected in the slogan:  “Your Eco Style: Start with yourself!”.

The contest was launched just last year during the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship and it was the Spanish team who won the Cup for the first time due to their promotion of the green behaviour, compliance with the FIM´s environmental code, promotion of electric bikes and sharing of some very participative messages on social media.

This year the competition for the Ride Green Cup is based on the “6 R strategy”: Rethink, Review, Repair, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The organisers believe that with this strategy, anyone can help to reduce the waste problem and contribute towards a “zero waste event”.

The Cup will reward the team that best complies with a series of requirements concerning their environmental behaviour inside and outside the track and also promotes this behaviour among the sports and fans circle. The winning team will be invited to the podium to receive the award.

The jury will be composed by personalities and experts on the environment.

Ignacio Verneda, FIM CEO

The FIM has a responsibility towards young people, not only in terms of sporting matters, safety and fair play, but also to show them the path to sustainable sport. In 1996 the FIM launched the first Environmental Code and in 2014 we started the Ride Quiet campaign focused on minimising sound emissions and educating motocross riders to take action to reduce such emissions, especially outside the circuits.

In 2015 the FIM started the Ride Green Cup and we are very pleased because through environmental education designed for our younger riders in an amusing and competitive way we are raising awareness and establishing actions that lead to the sport being more sustainable. We want to see our sport become a vehicle for these values and good practices, which can also be applied at home. In this way, the riders serve as examples for their community.

Alexander Dzheus, President of the Motorcycle Federation of Russia  

In accordance with the accepted international principles of the environmental education and sustainable development issues of our Planet, we share the aim of the Ride Green Cup participants to use complex innovative technologies and nature-friendly behaviour during the championships and sports events.

We consider participation in the Ride Green Cup as a basis for long-term development of the young teams, which includes an environment component in their training sessions and competitions. Through appealing events and actions, the participants in the Ride Green Cup 2016 will motivate young sportsmen. They will know how to be a global citizens and educated people who can gradually carry forward the traditions and values of environmental culture.

We invite you to join the 2016 Ride Green Cup 2016 and to become a part of the world community of young and experienced riders who demonstrate an active position and promote environment-friendly actions under the motto: “Your eco-style: Start with yourself!”.

Giuseppe Luongo, YouthStream President

The 'Ride Green Cup' is an important project which has been launched by FIM with Youthstream's full support. It is our duty to educate the younger motocross generation about the importance of sustainability; you can enjoy the best sport in the world while taking care of the environment. A lot of work has been done by FIM and YouthStream over the last years to reduce the noise levels and improve the paddock waste accommodations to fully respect the nature. We will continue to support FIM with this initiative and we thank the Russian Federation and Orlyonok for their support.

Mrs Kattia Hernandez | CIE Director |


The FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) founded in 1904, is the governing body for motorcycle sport and the global advocate for motorcycling. The FIM is an independent association formed by 113 National Federations throughout the world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in motorcycle sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Among its 50 FIM World Championships the main events are MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance, Motocross, Supercross, Trial, Enduro, Cross-Country Rallies and Speedway. Furthermore, the FIM is also active and involved in the following areas: public affairs, road safety, touring and protection of the environment. The FIM was the first international sports federation to impose an Environmental Code in 1994.


Monster Energy AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship
2017 Calendar, 06 May 2016

* Not a Feld Motor Sports event – this date is independently promoted by Daytona International Speedway and the International Speedway Corp.

Mrs Isabelle Larivière | Communications Manager |


Motorex becomes Official Sponsor 

The FIM and Motorex are pleased to announce that they have signed a contract for the 2016 FIM International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE). As an official sponsor Motorex will support the organisers and also the participants directly through a unique partnership.

Click on the picture to download the Motorex Challenge Registration Form

For the first time ever under the motto “support the sport”, Motorex is offering all Club Teams and Vintage Trophy riders participation in the respective “Motorex Challenge - Club Trophy” and “Motorex Challenge - Vintage Trophy” categories at the 2016 FIM ISDE from 11th to 16th of October 2016 in Navarra, Spain. 

Participation in the Motorex Challenge gives competitors access to a free on site supply of Motorex premium lubricants and care products to cover their needs for the FIM ISDE or the Vintage Trophy respectively.

In 2015 Motorex has developed a special product line for vintage motorcycles of all eras from 1900 called “Classic Line". Therefore not only riders of modern Enduro bikes in the FIM ISDE Club Team category but also vintage riders will have the opportunity to use lubricants and care products really fitting their technical needs as well as the chance to win a special trophy and Motorex product support packages for the motorcycle club they have entered for.

Commenting on this new partnership Ignacio Verneda FIM CEO said. “The FIM is pleased to be able to confirm this relationship between Motorex and the FIM ISDE. It is one of the FIM’s goals to create synergies with high level partners from the off-road industry and Motorex is one of them. We are sure that with the creation of the Motorex Challenge, the organisers and Teams will benefit from the support of a successful lubricant brand in modern Enduro sport who has a total of 40 World Championship titles in Enduro and SuperEnduro. We are pleased to welcome Motorex into the FIM family as an official sponsor of this prestigious team competition.

Edi Fischer, CEO Bucher-Motorex Group added: “I am really excited that we will get the chance to further expand our presence in international Enduro racing as an official sponsor of the 2016 FIM ISDE. Through our long standing partnerships with KTM as the leading manufacturer as well as the Enduro and SuperEnduro World Championships I’m confident to say we have grown to become the leading lubricant manufacturer in the sport. Now being able to join the FIM ISDE as the world’s biggest and most traditional Enduro event by offering our support to all participating amateur riders gives us not only the chance to reinforce our brand awareness, but also to support the sport we are very passionate about as a whole.

Read more about the Motorex Challenge & Product Support FIM ISDE 2016 HERE

About Motorex:
Since its foundation in 1917, the largest independent oil blending company in Switzerland, with its headquarters in Langenthal in the heart of Switzerland, has been active in research, development and production of innovative lubricants and chemicals, which are established on the world market. Highly motivated employees are behind the incomparable MOTOREX products. Every day, experienced tribology specialists, engineers, chemists, technicians and marketing specialists devote their efforts to helping MOTOREX maintain its position as a market leader.

Mr Jake Miller | ISDE Press Officer 


KIWIS TO AGAIN TACKLE THE WORLD'S ELITE. Full list of starters at first round is below :


CAPTIONS: Otago's Courtney Duncan (Yamaha), ready to take on the world's elite. And Ben Townley, but for 2016 he's on the Suzuki Team

 JANUARY 13, 2016: It is going to be an exciting year for Kiwi motocross fans, scanning the internet, web sites and social media or, hopefully, watching the action on television, as New Zealand riders again tackle the world championships.


It has been a couple of seasons now since New Zealanders have featured on the main stage of world motocross, but, starting in Qatar on February 27, Bay of Plenty's Ben Townley and Otago's Courtney Duncan will be flying one version or another of the Kiwi flag when they tackle the Motocross World Championships.


Former Taupo man Townley will race for the factory Suzuki team in the MX1 class and Duncan, from Palmerston, near Dunedin, will race a privateer Yamaha in the women's category.


Neither are strangers to racing at this ultimate level, with Townley having previously won the MX2 world championship outright in 2004 and Duncan  having finished sixth overall in the 85cc class at the Junior Motocross World Championships in Taupo in 2009.


Adding to the thrills for Kiwi race fans this year is the fact that Hamilton's Josiah Natzke will also be racing against some of the best young riders in the world as he tackles the European 250cc Championships (EMX250) on behalf of the KTM factory.


The 31-year-old Townley spearheaded Team New Zealand's campaign at the Motocross of nations in France in September, the three-rider squad finishing eighth out of the more than 35 nations entered, with Townley ending the day as the No.3 individual in the MX1 class, and this brought the factory teams knocking on his door.


For Duncan, it's the realisation of a lifelong dream to race the world championships she has dominated the women's branch of the sport, and beaten most of the young men too, in New Zealand, Australia and the United States.


A full season is not guaranteed for Duncan and she needs to impress at Qatar to ensure continued backing, perhaps even at full factory level.


She has the backing anyway of New Zealand's two-time former world No.2 Josh Coppins, of Motueka, the head of the Altherm JCR Yamaha Racing Team, and she has been training regularly with him as she builds towards her world campaign.


For most of last year she was in recovery mode, regaining her strength after tearing her ACL ligament in her left knee – in a freak basketball accident, totally unrelated to motocross.


She is now back to full fitness and her coach and mentor, Coppins, is quietly confident that she will impress in Qatar.


"Courtney is only officially confirmed for Qatar at this stage," he said. "It's quite an expensive undertaking to do a full campaign and she's not got a factory ride. She needs to show what she's made of at Qatar and we can go on from there.


"We in New Zealand know how good she is, but you're only as good as your last ride and nobody has seen her overseas for a while."


A 21-year-old Italian rider, Kiara Fontanesi, was the 2015 women's world champion and she will no doubt be the one to beat again in 2016, unless a Kiwi girl called Courtney Duncan can upset the form book.


Credit: Words and photo by Andy McGechan


FIM MXGP/MX2/Womens Motocross World Championships

Championnats du Monde FIM de Motocross MXGP/MX2

MXGP of Qatar, Losail (QAT), 27 February - Entry list

MXGP – Over 175cc to 250cc 2-stroke / 290cc to 450cc 4-stroke

No Rider Motorcycle Nat. Fed. Team

8 Townley Ben Suzuki NZL MNZ Team Suzuki World MXGP

9 de Dycker Ken Honda BEL FMB 24MX Honda Racing

12 Nagl Maximilian Husqvarna GER DMSB Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing

17 Butron Jose KTM ESP RFME Marchetti Racing Team KTM

21 Paulin Gautier Honda FRA MCM Team HRC

22 Strijbos Kevin Suzuki BEL FMB Team Suzuki World MXGP

23 Charlier Christophe Husqvarna FRA FFM Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing

24 Simpson Shaun KTM GBR ACU Wilvo Virus Performance KTM KTM

25 Desalle Clement Kawasaki BEL FMB Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team

31 Snow Alex Yamaha GBR ACU JK Racing Yamaha Active

32 Potisek Milko Yamaha FRA FFM Tip Top MP32 Racing Team

77 Lupino Alessandro Honda ITA FMI Team Honda Red Moto Assomotor

89 Van Horebeek Jeremy Yamaha BEL FMB Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team

92 Guillod Valentin Yamaha SUI FMS Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team

100 Searle Tommy Kawasaki GBR ACU Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki

191 Karro Matiss Honda LAT LAMSF 24MX Honda Racing

222 Cairoli Antonio KTM ITA FMI Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

243 Gajser Tim Honda SLO AMZS Honda Gariboldi

259 Coldenhoff Glenn KTM NED KNMV Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

400 Yamamoto Kei Honda JPN FMI Team Honda Red Moto Assomotor

461 Febvre Romain Yamaha FRA FFM Monster Energy Yamaha Factory MXGP Team

777 Bobryshev Evgeny Honda RUS MUL Team HRC

911 Tixier Jordi Kawasaki FRA FFM Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team

999 Goncalves Rui Husqvarna POR FMP NewHolland 8biano Massignani Husqvarna

MX2 – Over 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke / 175cc to 250cc 4-stroke

No Rider Motorcycle Nat. Fed. Team

6 Paturel Benoit Yamaha FRA FFM Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team

10 Vlaanderen Calvin KTM NED KNMV HSF Logistics Motorsport Team

14 Valente Christopher KTM SUI FMS Marchetti Racing Team KTM

18 Brylyakov Vsevolod Kawasaki RUS MFR Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki

29 Jacobi Henry Honda GER DMSB JTECH Honda

33 Lieber Julien Yamaha BEL FMB Wilvo Standing Construct Yamaha

41 Jonass Pauls KTM LAT LAMSF Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

43 De Bortoli Davide Husqvarna ITA FMI NewHolland 8biano Massignani Husqvarna

46 Pootjes Davy KTM NED KNMV Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

64 Covington Thomas Husqvarna USA AMA Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing

71 Graulus Damon Honda BEL FMB JTECH Honda

84 Herlings Jeffrey KTM NED KNMV Red Bull KTM Factory Racing

91 Seewer Jeremy Suzuki SUI FMS Team Suzuki World MX2

97 Ivanov Maykal Grisha KTM BUL QMMF Marchetti Racing Team KTM

99 Anstie Max Husqvarna GBR ACU Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing

101 Zaragoza Jorge Honda ESP RFME Honda Gariboldi

128 Monticelli Ivo KTM ITA FMI Marchetti Racing Team KTM

172 Van doninck Brent Yamaha BEL FMB Kemea Yamaha Yamalube Racing Team

174 Smith Alfie Yamaha GBR ACU JK Racing Yamaha Active

189 Bogers Brian KTM NED KNMV HSF Logistics Motorsport Team

223 Tropepe Giuseppe Husqvarna ITA FMI NewHolland 8biano Massignani Husqvarna

251 Getteman Jens KTM BEL FMB Motocross Marketing KTM Silver Action

811 Sterry Adam KTM GBR ACU Wilvo Virus Performance KTM KTM

Women’s Motocross – Over 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke / 175cc to 250cc 4-stroke

No Rider Motorcycle Nat. Fed. Team

8 Fontanesi Kiara Honda ITA FMI

25 Fisher Stacey KTM GBR ACU

32 MacEachern Elaine KTM GBR ACU

44 Kane Natalie KTM IRL MCUI

45 Haans Gwenda Husqvarna NED KNMV

52 Charroux Justine Yamaha FRA FFM

67 Van Der Werff Britt Suzuki NED KNMV

85 Van De Ven Nancy Yamaha NED KNMV

111 Borchers Anne Suzuki GER DMSB

114 Lancelot Livia Kawasaki FRA FFM Team One One Four

116 Nocera Francesca Suzuki ITA FMI

151 Duncan Courtney Yamaha NZL MNZ

174 Giudici Giorgia Husqvarna ITA FMI NewHolland 8biano Massignani Husqvarna

188 van der Vlist Shana Yamaha NED KNMV

193 Braam Kimberley Kawasaki NED KNMV

274 Verstappen Amandine KTM BEL FMB Motocross Marketing KTM Silver Action

386 Muilwijk Lianne Honda NED KNMV

555 Dahl Emelie Yamaha SWE SVEMO

811 Vaage Genette KTM NOR NMF CEC Scandinavian Racing Sports

991 Leonteva Liubov Yamaha RUS MFR




CAPTION: Tauranga sisters Casey (left) and Jessie Waterhouse, who finished 1-2 at the big annual Whakatane Summercross. Photo by Andy McGechan,

DECEMBER 30, 2015: An it was a stunning Yamaha 1-2-3 in the women's class at the weekend's big annual Whakatane Summercross motocross event near Matata.

And leading the way were sibling rivals Jessie and Casey Waterhouse, with Taihape's former national women's champion Sarah Elwin settling for the third step on the podium.

It was a massive field of riders who lined up for women's class action on Monday, the second of two days for the popular post-Christmas event, with 36 entrants on the start gate.

This was a far cry from just a few years ago, when fewer than 20 female riders would be the norm.

But 21-year-old Jessie Waterhouse was up to it, even with her taking a Yamaha YZ125 two-stroke into battle against the Yamaha YZ250 four-stroke machines of nearest rivals Casey Waterhouse and Sarah Elwin.

Jessie Waterhouse compiled a 2-1-1 score-card over her three races, giving her a massive 21-point win over her 23-year-old sister Casey Waterhouse – who finished 1-8-3 in her three outings.

Elwin suffered a crash in race one, to finish 12th in that race, and, unfortunately for her, Elwin's two impressive runner-up finishes that followed were not enough to make up for that disaster and she ended up five points short of catching Casey Waterhouse.

"It was an awesome day's racing," said Jessie Waterhouse afterwards.

"It was so good to see so many women racing and so many of them were very quick too.

"I have not done much racing lately because I've been busy training as a nurse and then working fulltime. But I have a job now that allows me a bit of time to go riding. It has been the same for Casey too. She's been training as a child carer.

"I knew it would be hard for me with the 125cc bike up against the 250cc bike riders but I love my YZ125. I nearly got the holeshots," she smiled.

And that didn't matter, because she was in front when it mattered, at the chequered flag.

Other class winners at Summercross were Mount Maunganui's Cody Cooper (MX1 class); Hamilton's Josiah Natzke (MX2 class); Cambridge's Trent Collins (junior 12-17 years 250cc class and Youth MX class); Motueka's Josh Coppins (veterans 35-44 years); Hamilton's Darryll King (veterans over-45 years); Taupo's Wyatt Chase (junior 16-17 years 125cc); Mangakino's Maximus Purvis (junior 12-15 years 125cc); Okato's Zak Hetherington (junior 14-16 years 85cc); Matamata's Brodie Connolly (junior 12-13 years 85cc); Tauranga's Madoc Dixon (junior 8-11 years 85cc); Hamilton's Nick Westgate (pro 65cc class).



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