Vintage MX, Trials & Classic bikes


What the ...? If you know Morley Shirriffs you'll understand! Inundated with water around his section from recent rains he compromised! A very old reel type lawn mower that'd he converted to battery ignition, hence the babttery on the left, a water pump from the farm milking shed & a Yamaha motorcycle petrol tank to provide petrol. All hooked up with hoses & it helped cure the problem!


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But in the meanwhile under the question - Why would you bother?
Wireless Mouse !But this restoration can take some strange turns along the way! Morley got the RMX motor running yesterday, albeit still on the bench, Karen came out to see what all the smoke was about just as I gave it a bit of a strangled rev & Karen gave a squeel--MOUSE----& MORE MOUSES---was a family of them, long past mouse use by date by years I would say. Was more in the chamber but just a dried skeleton pretty much. Must have been parked for a long time before I got it as sure it never happened here. Hell she sounds a rip snorter now, take a look at the 2nd photo down!
 The legendary Morley Shirriffs has found yet another dunga to restore. This is or was a Suzuki RMX250. It is not the first, nor the last!