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Hi all,


Yep our last get together for the year is next Sunday. Venue details below which you should have got a few weeks ago. But here’s a bit more info.


The club will supply the food for the BBQ as in the meaty stuff that you tip tomato sauce over and the grassy stuff that you tip salad dressing over, and if you are lucky a few hot spuds too.


The club will also supply some liquid refreshment (and I don’t just mean stuff laced with alcohol – not good for you) and nibbly things like chips and dip.


The club won’t supply any sweet treats for desert but you are welcome to bring something along and share. Unfortunately I don’t think Hannah can make it as she’s on milking duty so we’ll miss out on her scrummy home baking - bugger. I can pick it up on the way Hannah!


Ok guys and girls, if you are going can you flick me an email just so we know roughly how many we are catering for – before Saturday please.


Oh better bring your own plate and spanners (knife and fork). We don’t want Jo’s best dinner set getting wrecked.

Trials Christmas play day, BBQ and trophy prize giving.


Date – December 13


Venue – Ward/Gallen/Newton trials park, 48 Brandon Hall Road, Bulls. Last driveway on the right just before the one way bridge. Hopefully we’ll have a trials sign out - if I remember to take one


Time – From 2.00 pm onwards. Bring yourself, your bike (not compulsory), your better half, your kids, some tucker etc, and ride your bike on Mike, Connor’s and Hannah’s practice sections. Then we’ll have some tucker and hand out some trophies to a few lucky ones. Note – the club will provide some of the food and drinks.




Hi all,


Trials Christmas play day, BBQ and trophy prize giving.


Date – December 13


Venue – Ward/Gallen/Newton trials park, Brandon Hall Road, Bulls.


Time – From 2.00 pm onwards. Bring yourself, your bike (not compulsory), your better half, your kids, some tucker etc, and ride your bike on Mike, Connor’s and Hannah’s practice sections. Then we’ll have some tucker and hand out some trophies to a few lucky ones. Note – the club will provide some of the food and drinks.


I’ll email more detail on above closer to the date.


Other news.


Last weekend the Kaikoura 3 Day Trial took place. This had been postponed from Queen’s Birthday weekend in June due to the C19. The trial was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Five MOMCC riders took part. The Ward/Gallen/Newton tribe with Mike and Connor riding Clubman A, Hannah N riding Clubman B and Jo as chief minder, water carrier and backside kicker. Tony Smith (who’s he some of you newer members might ask) rode Clubman A (and Twin Shock) and I rode Expert.


It was a great three days of riding and such a change riding in hot and dry conditions compared to what we usually get in June. And as is the norm with the K3Day the sections were not demanding – unless you were riding too higher grade. Everything was cleanable if you kept your wits about you. I don’t think there was a single section I didn’t clean all weekend. We rode in groups and observed each other like we do at club trials. All pretty laid back plus a bit of entertainment along the way watching the three sidecar crews.


Our members got some top results with Connor winning Clubman A, Tony finishing 3rd Clubman A and first Twinshock, Mike finished 8th in Clubman A, Hannah 4th in Clubman B and myself 2nd in Expert.


Connor lost 14 points over the three days, as did second placed rider, but Connor had more cleans. In fact on day two he went clean all day. He was heard to moan it was too easy. Yellow grade next year Connor. In fact I’m sure he will more than capable of it and probably would have been fine in that grade this year.


Mike and Hannah had a ball and I’m sure they’ll be keen for another bash next year and Smity will have to go back to defend his Twinshock title on the Yamaha TY250. He was smiling all weekend. Hopefully we’ll see him at a few more club trials next year. His Sherco must be rusting away in the shed!


I had a close battle all three days with Paul Mountstevens from Ch Ch. We tied on 7 points on day one and I had most cleans for the win. Day two we tied again, on 13 points, with Paul getting the win with most cleans. So it was game on come day three. We lost the same number of points on the first lap and after that I started gifting Paul the win. I lost 10 points on laps 3 & 4 while Paul only lost 2. I equalled him on the last lap but by then it was game over for me. We rode together all weekend and it was intense pressure all the way, but (serious) fun too.


Ironically Paul and I had a similar battle in the Intermediate grade at the NZ Champs in Ch Ch 3 weeks earlier. I beat him by a point day 1, we tied day 2, but he got it on cleans, and we went into the final day equal on championship points. That time I came out on top.


Paul’s a pom who’s been in NZ 8 years but only got back into trials last year. He’s a very smooth rider and probably a wee bit better than me on the technical hoppy stuff. He is 15 years younger too! Turns out we competed against each other back in 1991 when I last rode the Scottish Six Day Trial. He got me then too. He was 67th and I was 101st.


Next year is the 75th anniversary of the K3Day trial and I think we should try and get a big MOMCC contingent of riders down there. As I said its not a hard trial if you don’t ride too hard a grade and they cater for all abilities. After all Hannah Newton only started riding trials in June and she had no problems in Clubby B down there. So give it some consideration, it’s only a couple of hours south from Picton and I doubt you’d regret going. And it sounds like the Pioneer club will be doing something special for next year’s 75th too. So not to be missed!


Results - https://pioneertrials.co.nz/kaikoura-3-days/



The Motorcycling New Zealand Cross Country Championship is the premier Cross Country competition, being held over four rounds across New Zealand.
In 2021, two rounds will be held in the North Island, followed by a double header to wrap up the series in the South Island.

2021 NZ Cross Country Championship Dates:

Rain Date - Saturday 22nd May 2021

Riders will require a championship licence to enter this event.


Manawatu-Orion MCC Trials Report

Ok a bit late but here’s the trial report and results from our club trial on October 18.

 It was put together by one of our junior riders, Vinnie Veltman who’s 10 or 11. Sorry if I got that wrong Vinnie. Anyway good that he stepped up and gave us his spin on the event. Your turn next trial Connor………..

 MOMCC Trials Report
On the 18th of October the MOMCC trials club had an event on a
farm near Ashhurst. People came from Ixion to ride. A lot of
people came. Everyone had fun.
The stages were marked out nicely. I fell off and so did other
There were lots of cool rocks, and logs and banks to ride up or
over. There were a few slippery spots on stages which are
It was a beautiful hot day. I fell in the creek on a stage and
everything got wet except my score card.
Vincent Veltman

 Results  http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15807

 The next event is the BSA Shield interclub challenge against the Ixion club. It’s Ixion’s turn to host the event this year. Date is November 8 and the venue is Alexanders back property up the Maungatukutuku Road, off Valley Road down at Paraparaumu. The majority would know how to get there but I’m sure the Ixionian’s will email explicit directions on how to get there, for those not familiar, in the very near future.

 It takes about 1 hr 15ish from Palmy to get there. It’ll be a good trial and no too hard, and there’s no rocks there or creeks to fall in Vinnie.

 Last weekend we had the NZ Champs down in Christchurch. Three of us from the MOMCC went down. Jo took her wee lad Connor down and Hannah and I travelled down together. Saturday and Sunday were hot up there in the high 20’s and Monday was a contrast as a southerly came in which saw me bust out my thermals. Luckily the only rain on Monday was a bit of drizzle prior to kick off. Well it did rain harder Monday evening but that didn’t matter.

 Connor rode Clubman and went well in his first 3 day in the senior ranks, although he’s only 13 (I think). He had a 7th, 3rd (that was good Connor) and 9th (oops not so good) to finish mid field in 7th overall. Connor’s improving rapidly and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him up in green next year. Then the year after there will be a target on my back for sure! And yours too Hannah and Warrick………..

 Hannah and I both rode Intermediate with Hannah feeling pretty happy to end up 7th overall out of a field of 16. She had two 8th’s and a 7th. I know she was a bit disappointed with a few high scoring laps over the three days but also happy with some good laps too. On the last day, second lap she had the third lowest score and 4th lowest score one lap on day two I think. So the potential is there for a podium place if she can get it all into one sock. So good to see Hannah riding well again after some mediocre results this year. And Hannah also picked up the NZ Womens title for the third year running. Good work.

 I went down hoping for a podium position but also knowing, with the competition there this year, that if I wasn’t riding sharp I’d miss out. I got off to a good start on Saturday, had a few good rides, but also a few bad ones and came out in 2nd place 7 points behind the winner Brad Hibbs but only 1 in front of 3rd placed rider, Paul Mountstevens. Paul’s from the UK and been in NZ for 8 years but only started riding again last year. Seems he was a pretty handy rider in the UK in his day and looks sharp on the bike.

 Day two I rode steady but not as well as I could have and tied with Paul for 2nd. Of course I lost out on cleans so that made me third. Bugger, down to a battle on the last day with Paul for that second overall place. Well first was still a possibility but unlikely as Brad Hibbs had won the first two. I couldn’t have started off worse with 3 fives on the first lap for a total of 19. That had me sitting 5th= although Paul was only 4 points in front. So I pulled off a blinder to have the best second lap in the grade dropping just 4 points. That edged me ahead of Paul and a steady last lap of 8 had me home in 3rd on the day with Paul 5th and the second spot on the podium mine. So not a bad result and happy with that. Crickey, I was the oldest in the grade but unfortunately my gold card counted for nothing down there.

 And the 2020 NZ Champ and also NZ’s top junior rider (again) is Dillon Ball. Seven times (roughly) NZ Champ Warren Laugesen was runner up. Good effort for someone in his mid forties that hasn’t ridden trials regularly for a few years now. I think his arms were almost falling off by the end! There were some big slippery rocks down there and from what I saw on the last day maybe a wee bit OTT for the big boys………..

 As far as venues go that Christchurch lot are spoilt for choice. The day 2 venue at Little River would have more sections available than all our venues put together x 10. Not to mention all the good looking trials properties you drive past getting there. Mind you HB are pretty spoilt too.

 Results here  https://pioneertrials.co.nz/nationals/

 Next year’s NZ Champs will be in the Waikato.

 Cheers, Kevin Pinfold


 The " Gorge Quarry " near Woodville was the venue for our clubs August Trial , Sunday 16. Again we left the sunshine behind in Ashurst as we drove over the Saddle Road into a cloudy and quite cooler day.

 Thanks to Merv and Warrick for setting the sections on Saturday. I thought they were well set and challenging. The results of general low scoring hides the real effort that was needed to get these low scores.We didn't have any of the Wellington or Bay boys with us this time , but we did have Alaster Neville , all the way from Reporoa.  Nice to have you with us Alaster.  Also Phil Stevens turned up to have a watch ; hopefully enthused by the action , sound and smell of trials bikes to hopefully get another bike ! Great to see you again Phil.  It was good to see Tod Palenski again : seems ages since Tod was at an event and as usual was riding an old bike that he's brought back into original condition. While talking old bikes, Ash Lucas , like Tod , has also put in alot of effort to restore his old Beta ; Nice work guys.

 The Gorge Quarry is a great venue ; there's plenty of scope for sections ; there's generally plenty of grip even if its wet and you won't get stuck in the car park. Its not quite so good for our spectators though , being very spread out up a dirty great big hill. There is a great view from up the top , but you need to "be keen" like Mrs Veltman ( up & down 4x I believe ? )

 Its probably a couple of years since i last rode the venue and has changed alot with some areas being dug-out , disappeared , or reshaped by the big machines to get the shellrock out.  Sections 5 & 7 were both set out on relatively new excavations, where the dirt and stones have not yet compacted , making traction difficult or there were big loose stones that suddenly made your bike change direction !

 Kevin warned us at riders brief to be very careful with the many hidden  bluffs and steep drop-offs. Well , on section 3 , there was such a steep drop-off.  I had belted my bike up a short bank with a little too much turbo and didn't make the

turn at the top!  Thankfully i was able to stop the bike and redirect it.  My favourite section of the day was Four. It had a couple of tricky bits , which i never mastered but enjoyed trying.

 C grade was really well contested with 6 riders. The score margins were very close with the first four , but congratulations to Ash Lucas.

 Congratulations to Merv George ; he took out the President grade "hands down".

 I won the Intermediate grade : but really only because of the incredible misfortune of Paul Wheatley.  Firstly Pauls bike decided to run like a hairy goat , making it so difficult to control :  Second - there was a little green elf on section 3, that unfairly moved a Red flag , costing Paul a "5"  :  Third - Pauls

glasses were fogging and he couldn't see , and Four - with all this intense riding , his hands started to cramp and could't control his bike properly.

I certainly hope Pauls luck changes for our next event.

 In the a grade , it was a close battle between Warrick and Kevin.  In the end Warrick won by 9 ;  congratulations Warrick.

 Now for some important news ; this months ausicious awards.

Congratulations to the following recipients :-

Best presented bike  -  Ash Lucas with his beauitiful Beta.

Best dressed -  It was me !   Did anybody not notice my nice brightly coloured mots trials pants and top ?  ( if you want to be bright too , go and see Kevin )

Best Saddle Bronc -  yes we have a worthy recipient ;  Warrick George !

   Section 8 , front wheel stopped at small rock and Warrick went flying over the

    handle bars.  ( hope your sore knee hasn't got any worse Warrick )

Best " Give It A Go"  -  Well this is awarded to Paul Wheatley after all his

     misfortune , he just kept going !   Good on ya Paul

Best Hard Luck Storey  -    remember our Saddle Bronc Storey , well the Five

     Warrick scored was the only "five" he had all day and further more it was

     effectively half of his total score all day. Hard luck Warrick.

Biggest Smile  -    Sundays biggest smiler was Mike Ward !!!   Isn't it great to

      have so many "smilers" in our club !

Best Looking Helmet  -   Connor Newton !   good  on ya Connor , you've

      managed to retain your title.

OK thats it for now , look forward to seeing you all at our next club trial.

Keep practiseing

Regards Chris


Hi All,


The Manawatu Orion trial is still on for this Sunday. It’s one of only two MNZ permitted events in the country that haven’t been cancelled. The other being the SI Trials Champs rounds in Kaikoura.


We will need to adhere to level 2 rules of keeping 2 metre distancing and we’ll have hand sanitiser available etc. Plus contact tracing as in names and numbers of all people attending including non riders.


If there’s any update to this before Sunday I’ll send another email. I suggest all those intending to ride check their emails on Saturday night just in case the rules suddenly get changed by higher authorities.



Kevin Pinfold



Good morning

please find attached the entry form and info flyer for the final rounds of the 2020 North Island Moto-Trial Championships.

To be held on the 19th and 20th of September in Wellington.

 regards Ixion MCC


The next MOMCC trial is only one week away. Details as follows

 Event: Club Champs Rnd 4

 When: August 16

 Where: The quarry at the Woodville end of the Manawatu Gorge. Head to Woodville (well almost to Woodville if you go over the Saddle Road) and take the old State Highway 3 towards the Manawatu Gorge and you will find the venue just before the road comes to a dead end.

 Sign on: From 9.30 am

 Riders briefing: 10.20 am

 Start time: 10.30 am

 All grades catered for

 We need two volunteers to set up sections on Saturday please. I have the section bags here.

 No creeks, no wet feet!

 And we won’t have sections for adventure bikes. Check this out


 Kevin Pinfold  MOMCC Trials


MOMCC Winter Cup trial report 19-07-2020

Well it lived up to its name – you couldn’t get much more of a wintery day to hold the Winter Cup on.

Overcast skies with a cold wind and the odd shower greeted the 15 riders who decided to brave the

elements (well actually it was pretty normal Woodville weather). It could have been worse the day

before had rained pretty much the whole time Kevin was there setting the sections. The man deserves a


The original plan was to have a couple of sections amongst the rocks on the other side of the stream, but

the rain had caused the stream to rise and it looked a bit dodgy to cross for the juniors so the last couple of

sections were hastily put in before the trial started.

Traction was always going to be the chief decider on a day like this, as it was the day before when Kev

nearly got his Toyota Coronavirus stuck on the track. Sections 1 and 2 were the slipperiest and took the

most points from all the grades. Section 1 looked bad, but there was a surprising amount of traction

underneath the mud so it was doable if you gave it enough welly. Section 2 was pretty much impossible for

most grades, though I see a few cleans for the clubbies and presidents so their line must have been a bit


Sections 3 and 4 back near the carpark were pretty straightforward in and around a small stream and

amongst the pine trees. Section 4 had the potential to cut up worse than it did but with only 15 riders

going through it held up well.

Section 5 was similar amongst pine trees on a hillside. Again there was traction available for most grades,

though there were still plenty of points to be lost if you didn’t concentrate and stay on line.

Section 6 dropped down into the main stream, and I had bad memories of this section from last year. Back

then it was another wet day and all I remember was struggling to get back up the hill because it was so

slippery. This time the section was set a bit easier for the intermediates (and all the other grades by the

looks) so smiley-face emojis all round.

Section 7 was up a little rocky side stream and it was a real challenge for all the grades. Most of us slogged

through with 3’s or 5’s but I watched Brent Nielson from Hawke’s Bay clean the intermediate line on the

last lap with a brilliant ride.

Section 8 was a hillclimb followed by a descent through a stream. It was cleanable in all the grades, but

there were still plenty of points lost which is characteristic of a good section.

Warrick pipped Kevin for the A-grade honours while Brent Neilson took out the Intermediate grade

followed by Chris Morrison who rode well all day. The clubbies was won by Ben Rasmussen from Mike

Ward. Vinnie Veltman is doing really well in clubman grade and will only continue to improve. It was good

to see Nick Longstaff back after a long absence and he showed that he has not lost any skills by

convincingly winning the Presidents grade. It was also good to welcome new rider Steve Perry on his

Montesa. Steve rode the social line but will soon be pushing up into clubman judging by the couple of

times I watched him ride.

Results are available at this link: http://moto-trial.co.nz/results/15804. Thanks to Hannah for processing the



Another month gone and the next MOMCC trial is this coming Sunday. Details as below.


Date – July 16


Event – Winter Cup and Club Champs Rnd 3


Venue – Galloway farm, Coppermine Road inland from Woodville. Coppermine Road is at the far end of Pinfold Road which is off State Highway 3 at the northern end of Woodville – about where the 100k sign is. If going over the Saddle Road to get there you don’t have to go into Woodville, but can turn left into Oxford Road which is the first on your left after getting over the hill. I’ll try and put a trials sign there. Oxford is on a sweeping right hand turn and is a bit of a dog leg to get onto Oxford. Oxford tee’s onto Pinfold where you turn left and follow it all the way to Coppermine Road. Look for trials signs. After entering the venue there is a creek to ford so hopefully the weather plays ball and we aren’t confronted by a flooded creek. That would put and end to play before it started.


Sign on – 9.30 am


Riders brief – 10.20


Start – 10.30 am.


MNZ licence required or if you don’t have one you can purchase a “One Event Licence” for $25. This involves a bit of paper work so you’ll need to be there at 9.30 and not 10.19 or you could find you won’t be riding.


All grades catered for including beginners.




Fill out your log book prior to sign in and try and have the correct entry fee Junior $10, Senior $15. It all saves time!


I’ve put my hand up to set the sections which I’ll do on Saturday and if anyone wishes to help give me a call/txt – 021 031 9897.


Hopefully see some of you there then.


Kevin Pinfold

MOMCC Trials


MOMCC Mototrial

Bruce & Bai Cup & Club Champs Rnd 2 21/6/2020

Well, after being shut out of trials for two months due to the ole Toyota Corona virus

we finally kicked off again and didn’t get a very nice day at all. Rain and wind greeted

us at the Carroll property up No 2 Line and we knew we were in for a miserable day.

Seventeen riders turned up including 4 from Hawkes Bay and a couple from Ixion.

Also had a few “newbie” riders including a new” Hannah. Hannah Newton, Connor’s 15

year old sister has got the trials bug and has a 125 Gas Gas just like younger bro.

Although younger bro broke his 125 and is back on the 50 until it gets unbroken.

Punishment for breaking the 125! Welcome Hannah, and we hope you progress up the

ranks just like our “old” Hannah (the Rushworth one – who was a no show on Sunday)

and show the guys how it’s done.

Also welcome to Ash Lucas and his trusty old Beta Zero. Don’t see many of those


Merv George, with the help of Peter Van Dingenen, (who’s been conspicuous by his

absence for a few years welcome back again Peter) done a pretty reasonable job of

setting out 8 sections on Saturday. It’s never an easy venue to find sections to suit

all grades and not one of my favorite venues either. Although the weather conditions

did effect the sections it didnt wreck them.

Sections 1 & 2 were in the lower paddock on the slippery boulders which I never like,

even when they are dry. I was very nervous of going OTB (over the bars) on a couple

of the bigger ones as my left shoulder still isn’t right after my OTB crash on my

mountain bike in February. But all was good and I even managed to clean both on the

last lap.

My favorite sections were 3, 4, & 5 in the top paddock, although 5 was always going to

be a struggle to do for less than 3 in those slippery creek rocks. Blimmin Warrick got

it for 2 twice. I was close to a 2 on the last lap.

Sections 6, 7 & 8 caused me a few problems and cost me any chance of getting one

over warrick who was having some very good rides. All my five 5’s were lost on these

three and all my own fault. Missed a peg on 7 which would have been a dead cert clean

as it was the first lap before the section became very very slippery. And last lap on 6

I’d done the hard stuff all clean and then my right foot wedged between my bike and

a rock (yea I was between a rock and a hard place) and I overbalanced over the front

of the bike and was kinda stuck in a precarious position from which I couldn’t

extricate myself without a wee hand from Warrick. Dumb luck stuff.

So result was my inconsistency on those 3 sections saw me 24 points behind Warrick

when I know I should have been much closer. They were the slipperiest sections,

especially 7 & 8 on the hillside and I usually go ok in those conditions.

So how did the other grades go? Results show the HB boys had a good handle on the

intermediate sections with respectable scores but all other riders across the grades

had scores that a cricketer would be pretty happy with. So perhaps a tad hard but

that’s cricket as they say. Well the weather conditions certainly helped with the

cricket scores as the sections were marked out in dryer conditions with no rain. So

we’ll blame the weather once again. Funny how we hardly ever set a trial out when it’s

raining to have it fine on the day..............

Next MOMCC trial is the Winter Cup/Club Champs Rnd 3 on July 19 at our

Coppermine Road venue over Woodville way.

Results - http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15803


Ye’p our trial is still happening this coming Sunday as below.


When:     Sunday June 21

                9.45 sign on

                        10.30 am start to approx 3pm


Where:   Carroll's Farm, No 2 Line (No 396), off the Pohangina Valley East Rd.     GPS -40.193941, 175.842204

Directions: Approx 18 minutes from Ashhurst. Head through Ashhurst towards Pohangina and take the Pohangina Valley East Road. (look for club trials signage from here). Turn right into No 2 Line. Trial is near the end of the road on the right


All grades catered for including beginners


Merv is taking care of section setting and will be going out Saturday. If anyone is in a position to give him a hand I’m sure he’d appreciate it. Give him a call/txt on 021 081 69930 if you can assist.


The entries are out for the next NI Champs rnds in the Hawkes Bay July 4/5.



If you have any problems with entering contact Peter Robson at trialshb@gmail.com


Now for a little Toni Bou action. He’s coming on good by the looks and I think he’ll turn out a good rider eventually…………


And now if you have a spare 18 minutes here’s another vid clip worth a look. Who hasn’t heard of Sammy Miller? Probably most of you under 40 yr old riders. Sammy’s an 86 year old Irishman (living in the England since the 60’s) who is the grandfather of modern trials and the man who took trials from riding heavy pommy four stroke clunkers to light Spanish two strokes and Jap/Spanish four strokes. Something like 1400 wins in his career. Very interesting character and someone whom I met in 1980 when I was a young fella on my OE trials venture in the UK. He’d have been 47ish at the time and I thought he was old then. But nowhere near as old as I am now ha ha! Crickey I must look ancient to you youngin’s. Ha but I can still beat most of you on a good day – or a bad day.


Oop’s, the target on my back just got larger…………….


Kevin Pinfold



We can officially have trials again so mark June 21 on your calendar for the next Manawatu Orion trial. Event notice attached.

If for any reason you can’t open the attachment here’s the detail.

 When:     Sunday June 21               9.45 sign on

                        10.30 am start to approx 3pm

 Where:   Carroll's Farm, No 2 Line (No 396), off the Pohangina Valley East Rd.     GPS -40.193941, 175.842204

Directions: Approx 18 minutes from Ashhurst. Head through Ashhurst towards Pohangina and take the Pohangina Valley East Road. (look for club trials signage from here). Turn right into No 2 Line. Trial is near the end of the road on the right

 All grades catered for including beginners

 As we missed the April and May events due to the ole covid thingy we have some catching up to do. The April trial would have been the Bruce & Bai cup trial and May would have been Rnd 2 of the club champs. So making a captain’s call here let’s make this coming event a combined Bruce & Bai and Rnd 2.

 And for those that can’t wait until the 21st, well the Ixion crew are having a trials “play day” this coming Sunday, June 14. Venue is “The Top Pub” along Valley Road, Paraparaumu. Be a 10 am kick off I think. Easy to find but if you want more detail flick me an email.

 But wait, there’s more. The Hawkes Bay  club are running Rounds 2 & 3 of the North Island Champs on July 4&5. Entries should be out shortly. I understand both days will be at the same venue which is the goody on Dartmoor Road. Big grippy limestone rocks etc on a dry north facing hillside. No creeks, no wet feet, gotta be good.

 Many of you will have MNZ Competition licences expiring very soon so don’t forget to re-new them. See below.


 Also your MOMCC memberships need renewing. The good news is the club has said this will be free membership for the next year. You can renew at the trial if I get new membership cards and forms in time.

About all for now.  Cheers Kevin Pinfold


Hi everyone., I hope everyone is locked down and playing it safe. I reckon Jacinda’s turned the rain on now to keep us all inside. Good for the farmers though. Wee bit of green just appearing on the hills over from me so all good. Finally the farmers might be seen as the good guys again as they save us from doom and gloom, because tourism isn’t now is it. I reckon once we’ve been let out of the holding paddock, the next year or so will be a good time to have a wee NZ hol as you’ll be able to go to all the good places and not be tripping over bloody tourists. That’s if we can afford to ha ha………..

 At least we’ll be saving a bit by not tripping around to trials for a wee while. I’m envious of you trials guys and girls that live on farms and lifestyle blocks – not fair. No practicing eh to give us others a chance when it all kicks off again. I still have a drive way and back lawn and I’ve taken to keeping my bike in the bed room too. Carpet’s taking a bit of a hiding though and the wall paper and door frames are getting a bit knocked around, and I haven’t perfected parking on my bike stand yet, which is only a beer crate. Once I’ve perfected that I’ll put one beer crate on top of another and work on that. I got a few ideas of this clown. https://youtu.be/2ki4VgsRG8M

He’s obviously been in self isolation for a few weeks longer than me as he seems to have it perfected.

 Anyway we had our club trial Sunday week ago and Chris Morrison put his hand up to write a wee report which follows below. No idea when trials will kick off again but let’s hope it’s not too many months away. Yea stay safe as they say and catch you all soon.

Cheers  Kevin Pinfold >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

 Sunday March 15, 2020 was the first round of our club championship. The venue was Bolton’s property on Saddle Road, just across the river from Ashhurst.

This is a great property because 1 - there’s plenty of scope for sections and, 2 - the bush area's provide shade. We certainly were thankful of that on Sunday, as we would have roasted otherwise.  We may be lucky enough to get another ride there, depending on when the new Saddle road actually gets started.

Thanks very much to Kevin for setting most of the sections on Saturday, starting at 3 and finishing at dark. The last 3 sections were set before the start on Sunday.

 We had a good turn-out of riders, twelve all together. Peter Robson came all the way from Napier, good to have you with us Peter.

With the ground still being very dry, it allowed the 5 Bush sections to be set to take full advantage of the available scope. I really enjoyed these bush sections in the dry conditions. Kevin had us using all our skill negotiating the tight lines, tree roots, banks, bare dirt surface's, logs, steep slopes and dodging trees but the dry was giving us plenty of grip. Amazingly even being dry, the fallen leaves had made a layer of slipperiness.

 Many of our lines were "groomed", that is sweeping the leaves with our feet from our desired path, to enable predictable traction, even so, they were challenging sections. I just want to slip in here a credit to Mike Ward for a very caring offer he had made to me on section 3. He said that next time he would bring a broom just for me, to rid those pesky leaves out of my way. That’s so kind of you Mike, thank you.

 Section 6 was a steep grass hillside, with the last two sections by the creek. There wasn't a lot of water in the creek as other times, but the tricky bits were on the creek edge amongst the dumped concrete slabs and logs. Most of us seem to have ridden those sections well.

   We had a new rider with us, Josh Richmond-Deacon, winning our social grade.  Welcome Josh, hope you had an enjoyable day.

Congratulations to C grade winner, Mike Ward, only scoring 41.

Congratulations to our Presidents winner, Peter Robson, scoring a very low 29. Great ride Peter. And our Sportsman winner was our awesome Jane Bray.

   Also worth mentioning is the improving skill of Connor and Vinnie . Keep it up boys. (Vinnies after a big wheel 80 if anyone hears of one)

Poor old (I’d say young KP) Hannah wasn't having the best of days in the bush sections and then the blimin bike clapped out (Beta eh)! She was riding section 3, when the bike developed an electrical fault, causing a huge stink (smoke escaped from the voltage regulator KP) . Kevin had a look , but there was nothing he could do (you ever tried putting smoke back into something after it’s escaped? KP). Thankfully the bike fired up again, enabling her to ride up out of the bush onto the track. From there Hannah was able to coast back down to the car park with the motor off. Hannah tried to finish the trial sharing with Mums bike but it just wasn't the same and a DNF was the result of her day. (Offered her my bike but she reckoned it was too good for her KP)


Now for some important news. This month’s most auspicious awards!


Congratulations to the following recipients :-


Best presented bike -  Merv George .  Mervs Gas Gas was a picture to behold!  I've never seen a bike of Merv's so clean and shiny and the tyre's were even

"blacked "

Best Dressed -  Hannah Rushworth still holds this award with her stunning red Mots boots!

Best Saddle Bronc -   nothing really . Saw Kevin and Hannah " fall over", but nothing worthy of this title.

 Best Hard Luck Story -  Hannah!  Yes, poor old Hannah, just wasn't her day. (That’s twice you’ve called her old Chris. She’s only 17. You’ll be getting a clip round the ear from her if you aren’t careful KP)

 Best "give It a go"  -  Jane Bray . Jane keeps coming to every trial and keeps going all day, legend

 Biggest smile  -  Ben Rasmussen . Awesome Ben

Best Looking Helmet  -  Well I held this most prestigious award for two consecutive reports, so it is with dismay I loose this title but am consoled by the very worthy recipient, Connor Newton. Wow ! Its "show stopper" yellow , just beautiful!  (and a Mots helmet just like yours Chris – if anyone wants a Mots helmet I have plenty in stock. Just had to get that ad in KP)

 I am sure everyone enjoyed their day as I did. Keep practicing all you's.

 Results http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15800

 Regards Chris



MotoTrials: MARCH Meeting.

When: Sunday March 15th

10.30 am to approx 3pm

Where: Bolton’s property, Saddle Rd, Ashhurst

-40.283741, 175.771559

Directions: Travel to Ashhurst and get on to Saddle Road (which is the main road to

Woodville) go over the 1st bridge and on the right hand side approx 200 from bridge take

the metal track which will be sign posted. If coming from Woodville look for the gas line

cage about ¾'s of way down Saddle Rd on Ashhurst side take the 1st metal track on your

left pass gas cage.

Spectators welcome No Dogs please.

For more information

Phone 021 031 9897, Kevin Pinfold (email kptrials@xtra.co.nz )

06 323 2509, Merv George (email h.c@farmside.co.nz )

Web Site: http://www.manawatu-orion.com and click on Events - Moto Trials



Kevin Pinfold, the evergreen trials rider - And now a bit of nostalgia………..

 Check out the old photo’s that were posted on an English trial face book page last week by an old friend in the UK. Not that I do face book – yet. But Peter Boettcher came across them and emailed to me. I must have posted (as in an old fashioned envelope – you young ones can google that) the pics to my friend over there years ago. Yes they are of yours truly when he was a couple of hair cuts younger. First pic is of me on my 78 Bultaco 325 and was taken in 1980 at my cousins farm on Forest Hill Road. Used to spend hours practicing there. That was back when there were more hours in a day and days in a week than there are now. When there was no internet, cell phones, face book, twitter, google, u-tube and all that stuff that takes up 23 hours of the day in these modern times.

The second pic is me again riding a 349 Montesa that I bought new at the end of 1980 from memory. I rode the same model in the Scottish 6 Day Trial in 82, although not the bike in the pic. I have a good memory for events I’ve ridden but I have no idea where this was taken. We used to do quite a few demo’s at shows etc but the fact I’m wearing a number bib tells me it’s an actual event as in an arena trial. And I’m sure 99.9% sure it wasn’t taken in the UK because I don’t think I rode an arena trial there in 82 when I was there. Only in 1980 and I rode an earlier red 349 Mont in those. Plus the spectators look very Kiwi and not pom. No flat caps! Does anyone out there know where the photo was taken?

Sorry to bore you all with old photos of me. Maybe someone else has old photos of themselves or others we could use next time. Unlikely any will be older than mine ha ha, but that doesn’t matter.


Where was this? Kevin wants to know!                                                     Evergreen Kevin Pinfold at Forest Hill Road, NZ, 1980 on a 325 1978 Bultaco

And where are those bikes now.

Peter Van Dingenen bought the Bult off me and promptly turned it from one of the best in the country into something that didn’t work so well anymore. Chopped the frame and lifted the motor to give it about a metre of ground clearance and all of a sudden it was a pig to ride. Pete’s still got it to my knowledge. I got 4th in the NZ champs on that bike in 1980. When we only had two grades and lots of riders.

John Lawton bought the Montesa off me and rode it for a few years before selling it to fellow Ixion rider John Thompson, and as far as I know JT’s still got it and has done a bit of a resto job on it. I won the second day at the NZ Champs in Nelson in 81 on this bike but only finished 4th overall after three days. Result wasn’t helped by the fact I finished 11th and out of the points on day one (champs points only went to 10th then). I remember sulking real bad all Saturday night and jumping on the 349 on the Sunday morning and telling myself I was going to win today – and I did. Gee why can’t I focus like that every time I ride! Aussie Champ Steve Johnson won from Pauls Symons that year with some up and coming whipper snapper by the name of Andrew Clement 3rd. Warrick Merriman was 7th.

Cheers  Kevin Pinfold


MOMCC Mototrial

Pink & Manning Shield 16/2/2020

Well here we go again, first MOMCC trial for the year and we pick probably the

hottest day of the year in this neck of the woods so far. Palmy was hottest in the

country today at 31c and it sure felt 31 plus in the gully at Stu Davison’s, up No 3 line

in the Pohangina Valley.

We (I) changed the venue at the last minute due to getting all nervous about riding in

a pine forest in these dry conditions. But when we got to Stu’s it was nothing but

longish dry grass and looked like it would burn quite nicely if a match was struck. At

least there was a creek if the worse happened – and it didn’t. Guees we’d all go stand i

Guess we’d all go stand in the creek and watch it burn…………

Not sure Hannah would have been too impressed about the venue change as she’d

been to Hunterville early last week and started pegging sections. And then had to go

back and get the pegs. No wonder her day turned to custard and she didn’t finish the

trial. Beta’s front brake was binding which made turning difficult.

Eight riders fronted which wasn’t such a good turnout. We all got stuck in and threw

8 sections in and got started about 40 minutes late just after 11am.

Seven of the 8 sections involved the stream which was very low compared with most

times we ride this venue which meant we could utilize it better. And it wasn’t too

slippery either.

The sections were tricky but all cleanable, although I only managed eight cleans in

total for the day. My riding wasn’t as sharp as it could have been. I blame the 22 K’s

and 970 meters of climbing I did on my mountain bike the previous day. Warrick’s

riding was looking a little sharper although he had his share of not so good rides too.

And if I hadn’t stalled twice and missed a start peg…………….

We had no Intermediate, Sportsman or Social grade riders but had Merv was our sole

President rider so came first and last. We had four riding Clubman with our two

schools kids Vinnie Veltman and Connor Newton stepping up to Clubman and handling it

well. Good on you guys. And Connor has also stepped up from a Gas Gas 50 to a Gas

Gas 125. I wonder if Vinnie’s pestering his parents for a 125 now, as he’s still riding

his GG 50!

Warrick had lowest score on the day so will get his name on the Pink & Manning shield

for 2020.

Next month’s trial will be on March 15. Venue to be advised.

Results here



Hi all, Change of venue for this weekend trial, 16th February, 2020.

Finally nailed down the farmer up Pohangina and we can have our trial there. It’ll be less of a fire risk but even Stu brought up the subject before I did. At least there’s a creek there and I’ll take a couple of buckets that we can sit by the creek……………..

 Venue: Stu Davison’s at the end of No 3 Line, off Pohangina Valley East Rd.

 We will set the sections on Sunday morning from 8.30am – if Hannah can get there with the bags. Poor girl’s got to go to Hunterville and pull out 5 sections first.

 So more that turn up early to set a section the quicker we can start.

 Cheers  Kevin


Fire Risk Precaution Note

Hi all,  I sent the below email last night regarding our trial this Sunday. I’m quite concerned about the fire risk and I’m thinking we should try and change venue’s to one less risky.


As MNZ Steward for the event (Merv is COC) it’d be our necks on the chopping block if a fire did happen that was attributed to the event.


Hawkes Bay have canned their trial this Sunday due to fire risk.


Thinking Stewart Davison’s at the end of No 3 Line up the Pohangina Valley. Just haven’t been able to get hold of Stewart yet.


I’ll send out another email Friday night with an update with hopefully good news. But there is the possibility we’ll cancel the trial so be prepared for that.


I believe Hannah’s already been and set out some sections. Sorry Hannah if we do pull pin.




 Trials Riders notice

Hi All,

 The first club trial for the year has finally arrived. Details as follows……….

 Event – Pink & Manning Shield trial

 Date – Sunday Feb 16

 Venue – Rushworth Forest Park, Hunterville.

 Directions - Travelling North into Hunterville on SH1 turn left at the pub into Bruce Street (look for trial sign) which leads onto Onga Road. Travel 2.2km from intersection. The driveway entrance is on a blind right hand corner so take care. See http://tinyurl.com/jww52nr for aerial view. GPS -39.920511, 175.557576

The last two years we have driven up the steep gravel driveway that some vehicles struggle with, (Barry Bailey fived it last year!) and parked about half a k from the road. This year we’ll (probably) park just off the road in the second entrance to the property. It’s a bit tight but we should all squeeze in if we park sensibly. A trial sign will be put at the entrance.

 Due to it being as dry as an Arabs sandal out there at the moment we will need to be aware of fire risk…………

 Sign on - 9.45 am

 Start – 10.30 am

 All grades, something for everyone.

 Section setters – Hannah and Jane will try and get some sections set during the week and it would be good if some of us can get there early Sunday morning to finish off. Check your emails Friday/Saturday for an update. Hopefully Hannah will let me know by then how they got on and we’ll then know what’s left to do Sunday morning.


Other trials news.

Hannah, Chris Morrison and myself competed in Rnd’s 1&2 of the NI Champs last weekend in Taranaki. Hannah had two fourth placings in Intermediate, Chris had two thirds in Sportsman and I had a win and a second in Inter’s.

 Young Dillon Ball who easily won Expert on Saturday and was leading on Sunday before he crashed and burned big time off a big rock step. Smashed an elbow into the rocks and it was feared he’d broken it, but apparently there’s no broken bones so good news there. But I’d say he won’t be back on his bike for a day or two all the same.

 Commercial break – New Vertigo bikes in stock – 250’s, 200’s, and 50cc kids bikes in two sizes – 16 and 20 inch.

 Regards Kevin Pinfold


Don’t forget we have our first club trial for the year next Sunday Feb 16 up Hunterville way.

I’ll send more detail early next week. Hannah and I just off to first rnds of the Nort th Island Champs in Taranaki this weekend. Leaving soon and hope to get there in time for a wee practice before dark………….

 Cheers  Kevin Pinfold


  Information Sheet

NAME OF EVENT              2020 North Island Moto Trials Championship – Rounds 1 and 2
DATE OF EVENT                8 and 9 February 2020
CLUB NAME                       Taranaki
VENUES – Day 1 –            Clements’ Property

                                                497A Wiremu Road


                                                Lat -39.3954553 Long 173.9907630

                   Day 2 -             Herberts’ Property

                                                54 Korito Road

                                                New Plymouth

                                                Lat -39.10119290 Long 174.5213694

Sign posted from - Day 1 -
Either end of Wiremu Road                   
                                   Day 2
- Intersection of State Highway 3 and Kent Road

Event Starting Time: Day 1 – 10.00am
                                      Day 2 - 9.30am
Sign On Time: Day 1 – From 8.30am
                          Day 2 – From 8.30am

Riders Briefing: Day 1 – 9.45am
                             Day 2 – 9.15am

Cost of Entry: Senior $100

                         Junior $

                         Minder $50



What Time is the Event Expected to Conclude: 4.00pm
Prize Giving: 4.30pm onsite at Day 2 venue





Happy new year to you all. Time to start thinking about 2020 trials. Now that the dates for the big important events are nailed down we can finalise our club event dates.

 I have put this (interim) calendar together for MOMCC club trials using our preferred third Sunday of the month where possible. Venues to be confirmed.


February 16

March 15

April 19

May 17

June 21

July 19

August 16

Sept 13 (note – second Sunday due to Ixion NI rounds on third weekend)

October 18

November 8 – BSA Shield interclub with Ixion. Their turn to host.


I’ll email a more detailed calendar once we’ve confirmed dates and venues - which may be a few weeks away.


If anyone wants a trial to ride this coming Sunday, Ixion have their first for the year. Details in their newsletter that I’ll email separately.


And just tonight had an email from the MNZ Trials Commissioner to advise of a change of date for rounds 1&2 of the North Island Champs. See below.


Hi all,


I hope everyone had a great break over the holiday period and you are all now ready for the start of the 2020 season. Please be advised that rounds 1 and 2 of the North Island Champs to be held in Taranaki have had to be moved due to other commitments of key organising personnel. The event has been moved to the weekend before the advertised date so will now be run on the 8th and 9th of February 2020.

Entries for this event will be open shortly so stand by for further updates.


Kind regards,


Paul Jackson.


Also info on the JRL (which isn’t really a trial rather than a trials bike trail ride in the bush) coming up in February. See below.


Hi all,


I have been asked to forward the details of the JRL Adventure Trial on as this is the 20th Anniversary and promises to be a not to be missed event. This is a great opportunity to catch up with riders from all around the country in a stress free environment to celebrate the life and times of  James Lawton. For those who didn't get a chance to meet James, he was a big guy with a cheeky grin that knew how to ride a trials bike, and those who did, it will be a great time  to share trials stories and plan future trials adventures. If you have never been to the Maungakotukutuku area it is a place that needs to be ridden as there is probably no other area in the country with this kind of terrain. If you need any details give John Lawton a call on the number at the bottom of the email. See you there.


Kind regards,


Paul Jackson.


20th Anniversary JRL adventure trial

Camp out with us!


Here's the details:


Where: Maungakotukutuku Valley Rd, Paraparaumu. Camping available.

When: 21st Feb 4pm through to 4pm 23rd Feb

Cost: Adults both days with meals $50

Kids both days with meals $30

Adults 1 day of riding only (no Food) $20

Kids 1 day of riding only (no Food) $10

Food: BBQ breakfast and dinner Saturday, breakfast




A+ For the hardcore! must be an intermediate or

higher national event rider.


A. the second hard group, maybe not as long but

still very hard riding.


B1. suited for intermediate club level riders


B2. suited for intermediate club level riders


C1. Suited for clubman level riders

C2. Suited for novice to clubman riders


Enduro. for enduro bikes, must be a capable rider

It will be a hard slog. This class is TBC


Kids: we will have a loop by the camp site for

electrics and we will take the gas bikes for a

day trip to Orange Hutt. Parents must

accompany kids on electric bikes.


What to bring: backpack, 2L water, 2L extra fuel, snacks, tools, spark plug and spare levers etc.


Toilets provided

shower provided TBC


For any further details contact John Lawton 027 623 3011


And finally, below is a list of dates for the “big” events during the year.



Kevin Pinfold



2020 Trials Calendar

















Club responsible


Rounds 1&2


8, 9




JRL Trial 20th Anniversary


22, 23




Rounds 3&4


21, 22


Hamilton club event in-conjunction with the Auckland group


Rounds 1&2


18, 19


Pioneer event in-conjunction with the Southern group


Rounds 5&6


2, 3


Hamilton/Tauranga clubs combined  event


Kaikoura 3 Day


30,31, 1




Rounds 7&8


4, 5

Hawkes Bay

Hawkes Bay


Rounds 3&4


15, 16




Rounds 9&10


19, 20




Rounds 5, 6, 7





NZ Champs

NZ Champs








BSA Shield Trial Nov 10 2019

On Sunday 10th November MOMCC hosted the annual BSA shield trial (an inter club challenge

between Manawatu Orion and Ixion clubs). We had the shield and were out to keep it. There were a

few riders missing (possibly chickened out due to the weather forecast).

The day started out hot and humid making us sweat through the first lap of 10 sections. Then the

heavens opened up and drenched us for half an hour or so. This resulted in pulling sections 6 to 10

due to extremely greasy and unpleasant riding conditions.

We continued with 3 more laps of sections 1 to 5. Surprisingly the grass on section 5 still had plenty

of traction for most. Thanks to Kevin and Callum for setting up, the sections were really good.

Some tight point battles took place, with a wide range of scores over all grades catering for

everyone. Smiles all round as the day ended with a BBQ and extra smiles for Ixion as they claimed

the shield for 2019.

Warrick George

Results. http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15205

Team results. Section points Team points

Expert Grade

Stu Lawton IX 15 2

Warrick George MO 28 1

A Grade

Kevin Pinfold MO 14 4

Hannah Rushworth MO 40 3

Mark Sidebotham IX 51 2

John Lawton IX 58 1

Intermediate Grade

Ryan Brown IX 15 6

Richard McKenzie IX 18 5

Chris Morrison MO 32 4

Adrian Walcroft MO 33 3

Bob Wade IX 41 2

Callum Walcroft MO 61 1

President Grade

Mike Dench IX 36 2

Merv George MO 43 1

Clubman Grade

Drew Broadly IX 21 2

Paul Corry MO 46 1

Sportman Grade

Vinnie Veltman MO 34 2

Charlie Broadly IX DNF 0

BSA result

IXION 22 winners

MOMCC 20 losers


This coming Sunday we have the annual BSA Shield Interclub Trial against Ixion. It’s our turn to host it so no excuse for not coming along and being part of the team effort. We won it for the first time in god knows how many years last year, and on their turf too. They are still smarting over that worse than a Pommy rugby team. Some still sneak off to a quiet place for a weep now and again…………

Event details.  Date – November 10

 Venue – Bolton property on the Saddle Road near Ashhurst. Easy to find. For those driving from the west find your way to Ashhurst and follow the signs to Woodville/Hawkes Bay. After leaving the city of Ashhurst you’ll travel on the Saddle Road for about 1km where you’ll pass over a bridge that exits on a right hand bend. After the bridge the first gateway on your right is the venue entrance (approx 200 metres from the bridge). We will have a trial sign before the gate to give you a bit of warning. Be aware that this road can be very busy now as it’s the main road through to Woodville and the Hawkes Bay now the gorge is closed. Those coming from the east (Woodville side) have an almost 360 degree turn into the gateway. Be aware the gate may need to remain shut all day due to stock in the paddock. If that’s the case I’ll put a “keep gate shut” sign on it.

 All grades catered for including the electrics. We don’t have a “have a go day” permit so if you haven’t got a MNZ competition licence you will need to purchase a “one event licence” on the day - $25.

 Sign on – From 9.15 until 10.15 am

 Start of play – 10.30 am

 Note – no practicing before you have signed on, MNZ rules not mine.

 We’ll have a BBQ and few drinks after close of play weather permitting.

 The weather – looks like some rain Saturday and maybe a bit Sunday. But fingers crossed it’ll be good on the day.

 Terrain – mostly grass or dirt under tyre but expect a few tree roots and maybe one or two in the bit of creek.

See you there.  Kevin Pinfold  MOMCC


Manawatu-Orion Club trial report

Sunday 20 October was this months trial , held at the Mangitanoka Quarry.  This venue is a beauty ;  great scope for sections and spectators don't need to walk far between sections.

 A big thanks to all the club members arriving extra early to help set the eight sections befor the event started. The sections were all well set , giving

each class a challenge.  The weather wasn't too bad ; cloudy and a cool breeze for most of the day.  We were all finished quite early ; must have been about 2pm ,  not sure why but i guess there weren't alot of us and the sections rode well after the first lap.  It was great to have two visiting

riders from Wellington , John Lawton and Joe Rivers,  beefing up our numbers.

 All the sections had ( except 8 ) rocks of some nature to negotiate.  The rocks seemed to be shellrock , so weren't slippery and were all shapes

and size's.

 I found section 3 the most challenging. There was a damp area causing a grip problem to get up onto a slab.  There was also a boulder to get over while going down a slight slope , which I found tricky aswell.   Actually , looking at the results

i see all grades found section 3 challenging !!    Good work section 3 setter !

 Congratulations Warrick George ; A grade score of only 16 , compared to Kevins 55 . Awsome  riding.

 In the Intermediate grade, John and Hannah had a great rivalry going during the day ; keeping each other informed of how well they were riding !  However John just managed a 3 point advantage to win.  However , it does need to be said that Hannah wasn't at her best. She took a knock to her head at our last trial and is still recovering from that.  Hannah did try to speed up her recovery with abit of "muscle stimulation theorapy" by touching the electric fence by section 1. Unfortunatly , it didn't help her head, but it did wake her up !!

 Talking about Hannah :  WOW !   What a pair of new boots she has ; bright RED !!   Absolutely Stunning ,  talk about " Stand Out ", just beautiful .

 Ben Rasmussen won the C grade with a good score of 53.

 Adrian , who normally rides intermediate, rode Presidents because of a "niggling back muscle". He and Merv both rode well, but it was Adrians day , scoring 15 less than Merv.

 Jane Bray won the Sportsmans grade and Vinnie Veltman won the social grade.

 Moving on ;  this months auspicious awards go to the following recipients :-

  Best presented bike  -   Kevin Pinfold , nice and clean

  Best dressed             -   Hannah Rushworth ,  those boots are just beautiful

  Best saddle bronc      - None.   Didn't even see anybody fall off ! Yea but some of us did eh Adrian – big step off at the end of section 2. The one his own son set out. Bet Callum was on bike cleaning duties with a thick ear when they got home. KP

  Hard luck story           -   Adrian Walcroft  ,   due to his back niggles , just wasn't able perform to his full potential !

  Best give it a go         -  Vinnie Veltman  ,  good riding Vinnie , keep it up

  Biggest smile              -  John Lawton  ,  gaw John , your smile is just beautiful !

  Best looking helmet    -   its still me !


 Well hopefully Kevin and Hannah have had a successful weekend over at the Nationals in Hawkes Bay. Vinnie and Connor rode too. Yep, good 3 days. Pretty sure I heard Hannah say she’d do a wee report, or was it one of the boys……….. Here’s an idea, we all (the 4 MOMCC riders there) do a small report. Get to it girl and boys, email to me and I’ll tack them together and fire out to everyone. That’ll make a few envious they weren’t there enjoying the fun. KP

 Keep practicing every one,  Regards Chris Morrison  Results http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15204


The next Manawatu Orion trial is this coming Sunday. Details as follows.


Event – Club Mototrial


Date – Sunday October 20


Venue – Mangatainoka Quarry, Thompsons Road, Pahiatua. Will be signposted with club trials signage from the intersection of SH2 and Kohanui Road at Mangatainoka. Yep smack bang where the old Tui Brewery is. Follow Kohinui Rd for about 5 mins and you’ll hit Thompsons Rd, turn right and the gate into the venue is about 100 metres on your left. Allow approx 45 mins from Palmy.


Section set up – 8.30 am. We are going to set the sections on the morning so those that can make it early please do so and we’ll rip in and set the sections. It’s a small venue and easy to do this. Although that might depend on whether you stayed up late watching the rugby. And if Ireland beat the AB’s we’ll all be doom and gloom…………


Sign on – after the sections are set – 10 am hopefully


Start – 10.30 am if we have all sections set.


All grades catered for. Sections will be mainly limestone based and there’s no creeks to get wet in.


Trophies – it’s getting towards the end of the year again and our trophies need to come back for the next round of engraving before our end of year prize giving. Bring if you remember – and polished too. And I still haven’t repaired the broken one……….



Kevin Pinfold

021 031 9897


Vertigo, Vertical-Works 2020.

Perfecting The Revolution!

Vertigo Motors is delighted to present the latest evolution of the Vertical-Works model. This new model will be available in the traditional 125, 250 & 300cc versions, and new for 2020 the exciting 200cc & 280cc versions.

Our team of Vertigo engineers, guided by our brand ambassador & 12 times Trials World Champion Dougie Lampkin, who in turn has worked relentlessly during the 2019 season with our extremely talented team of World Championship riders, consisting of Jaime Bus-to, Jorge Casales & Berta Abellan have ensured that the latest 2020 version of this already extremely advanced 2 stroke, fuel injection machine is even more refined & reliable than ever before.

The 125cc is a model which has already earned its place in the elite stable of Vertigo mo-dels. Thanks to this model, in the hands of Pau Martinez becoming 2019 European 125cc Champion in its debut year.

The new 200cc model, combines the very best elements of both the 250cc & 125cc models. Resulting in a bike capable of taking on virtually any challenge. Whilst always providing the rider with total control of their machine. This new model is ideal for first time riders, or those who do not require the full power of a 250cc or higher capacity bike. Yet who still demand enough power to take on challenging sections & lines.

The 280cc similarly combines the best elements of the 250cc & 300cc models to provide intermediate & advanced riders with a very responsive & powerful bike capable of attacking extremely challenging sections & lines. This 280cc model is only available under request.

Each version of this 2020 model has been subject to the same meticulous technical development. Meaning this new model, takes the already most technically advanced and revolutionary trials bike on the market, to a whole new level & keeps the bike in an entire class of its own.

If you demand the ultimate in quality, ad-vanced technology & performance then this is the bike for you.

The distinctive & attractive new aesthetics of the bike are achieved thanks to the totally new look 2020 graphics with their matte finish, combined with the new olive green chassis colour scheme. Complimented by the many red anodised components such as the stun-ning new billet machined wheel hubs & triple clamps, red anodised cylinder head, engine & chassis fixings and front subframe. While the new for 2020 black finish of the wheel rims, skid plate and side stand add a touch of class to this very attractive new bike.

VERTICAL 2020 200cc & 280cc

These are the main new features of the 2020 Vertigo, Vertical-Works.

Reiger adjustable rear shock. Compression & extension. Provides super smooth & controlled suspension travel. As well as improved traction & stability in all conditions.

Tech racing forks, with adjustable rebound, end-stroke & spring pre-load. Provide maximum precision and responsive feedback to the rider.

New lightweight billet alloy wheel hubs-laser etched with the Vertigo logo & fini-shed in anodised red.

FIM/Race-Spec Galfer rear disk.

S3 Hardrock steel footrests.

Racing throttle body.

New Mapping customised to 2020 configuration. Allows the rider to switch be-tween a more aggressive map for dry & grippy conditions or a super smooth map for wet & slippery conditions.

New thermodynamic configuration.

New 2020 specification cylinder head - with red anodised finish.

Vertigo CNC brake & clutch lever adjusters - Allow instant fine tuning of your controls.

Renthal handlebar grips.

New Vertigo handlebar pad.

Throttle cable adjuster at the handlebar.

Magnetic lanyard kill switch-ready to race feature.

New design billet triple clamps-with red anodised finish.

Redesigned clutch: allowing for a more responsive & precise feeling.

New radiator design & new fan: improves air flow & cooling, whilst being more re-sistant to heavy impacts.

New silencer guard spacers: give the rider more precision & control when manoeu-vring the bike.

New 2020 Specification Re-Enforced Frame.

Dunlop GP Tyres.



Spanish Trial NZ Ltd can supply many of your trials needs.

We are the NZ importer for Vertigo trials bikes and offer a good spare parts back up

and technical support for this exciting brand.

Vertigo Vandal 50cc 16” kids bike - $3795 in stock

Vertigo Vandal 50cc 20kids bike - $4500

Taking orders now for 2020 bikes - 125, 200, 250, 280 & 300cc $12,895 to $12,995

We also support the following brands with spare parts and technical support.

Ossa the modern ones

Jota Gas

Gas Gas

Gas Gas parts covered include suspension linkage kits, fan modules, clutch packs,

voltage regulators, air filters, kickstart quadrant and idler gears, gear levers, brake

levers, master cyl kits, brake pads, sprockets, throttle cables, tubeless rim tapes,

water pump shafts and seals etc. If we haven’t got it we can probably get it – unless

it’s a very old model.

Plus many universal trials consumable parts throttles, brake pads, grips, bar end

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The best time to call me is between 6.30 pm and 9.00 pm

(I work during the day in a non motorcycle related job so can’t take calls during work hours. If

urgent leave a message or txt on my cell phone and I will call you asap)



Note: prices subject to change without notice


Moto Trial report, MOMCC Sunday 15/9/2019

Thanks to Chris for the use of his property and setting up another great trial. You made the most of “the Resource” and it had us all concentrating hard – see the results at http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15203

Nice that we had a fine event but that wind wears you out. A good range of sections

I think most riders enjoyed it but sorry to hear you were a bit off colour Hannah and a shame you didn’t hand a card in Mike. It’s always interesting to look at your own results. Sometimes it can be surprising and revealing. Often over the 4 laps the first is the worst with an improvement for each subsequent lap – but not always.

Great to have you along John – 5, 7, 6 and 5 – very consistent!

Well done Chris – the only rider with a complete clean round.

Some good riding in the clubman grade and I’m sure the scores will get closer as time goes by.

You young riders were an inspiration to watch – so keen and confident progressing nicely. The old saying “practice makes perfect” still applies J

Merv George



The next Manawatu Orion MCC mototrial is this Sunday. Details as follows.

 Event: Club Champs Rnd 5 (final)

 Date: Sept 15 

Venue: Chris Morrison’s property, State Highway 3, Wanganui. Travel through Wanganui and head north on SH3 and Chris is approx 2.5 km north of the 100 k limit after leaving Wanganui. He’s on the left side heading north and the entrance is on a left sweeping blind bend and easily missed so take care. Chris will put a trials sign out on the road some distance from the gateway for plenty of warning plus another at the gate. Chris also has a request for all riders to take note of as follows – Chris’ own words.

“When emailing notice of trials here , please ask ;  with the threat of Microplazma bovis , even though small now , please make sure any bikes been in farm contact be well washed”.

Sign on: From 9.30 am

 Start: 10.30 am

Sections for all grades except Expert will be marked. This is a small venue with limited scope for sections but Chris made some good ones last year and it was a good trial. I’m sure it will be again unless it decides to rain in which case it will be a wee bit slippery. It’s a no rock venue but expect banks, climbs and a few tree roots etc.

Other news.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The final rounds of the NI Champs are being held in TePuke and near TeAwamutu on Sept 28/29. Entries here.


And the NZ Champs are in the Hawkes Bay at Labour weekend Oct 26/27/28. Entry forms here. https://www.hbmcc.org/trials

The annual BSA Shield inter club with Ixion is set down for November 10. This is a week earlier than the original calendar sent out earlier in the year. MOMCC is organising it this year and at this stage it’ll be at our Saddle Road venue, but to be confirmed.


Spanish Trial NZ Ltd can supply many of your trials needs.

We are the NZ importer for Vertigo trials bikes and offer a good spare parts back up

and technical support for this exciting brand.


Vertigo Vandal 50cc 16” kids bike - $3795 in stock

Vertigo Vandal 50cc 20kids bike - POA

Taking orders now for 2020 bikes - 125, 250, & 300cc POA

We also support the following brands with spare parts and technical support.

Ossa the modern ones

Jota Gas

Gas Gas

Gas Gas parts covered include suspension linkage kits, fan modules, clutch packs,

voltage regulators, air filters, kickstart quadrant and idler gears, gear levers, brake

levers, master cyl kits, brake pads, sprockets, throttle cables, tubeless rim tapes,

water pump shafts and seals etc.

Plus many universal trials consumable parts throttles, brake pads, grips, bar end

plugs, foot pegs, lanyards, rim stickers, Dellorto 26mm carb.

We also import and stock MOTS trials clothing and helmets.

Fibre glass helmets - $265

Riding pants from $150

Riding shirts from $50

Gloves $50

Jackets from $120

Boots only one pair left at present, #46 in white $365

All enquires to

Kevin Pinfold

Email: kptrials@xtra.co.nz

Phone: 021 031 9897

The best time to call me is between 6.30 pm and 9.00 pm

(I work during the day in a non motorcycle related job so can’t take calls during work hours. If

urgent leave a message or txt on my cell phone and I will call you asap)




MOMCC Mototrial

Club Champs Rnd 4 August 2019

I started this report late last Monday evening but started falling asleep. Only just woken up

five days later and realised I need to finish it. In fact Ive started again as I wasnt happy

with my original, so here goes.

About a dozen riders rocked up for the trial last Sunday at the old, but still operational,

limestone quarry at the entrance to the now defunct Manawatu Gorge. I reckon within a year

or so wed get a good trial in the old gorge as more slips and rocks come down. But the fun

police would soon kill that Im sure. Whats the problem, we wear helmets dont we……………

Merv and Warrick had been out on Saturday and set out 8 challenging but not overly hard

sections. They finished just as the big rain came in apparently, which had cleared by Sunday

morning thank goodness. Been pretty lucky with our trials as its been a long time since we

rode in the pouring rain. Had plenty of wet Saturdays that stopped in time. Now Ive said

that whats the bet our next one rains on us all day!

Being the quarry venue the sections weren’t affected too much by the rain. Even though the

sun was out it was still cool, and who noticed the snow up on Whariti on the way home. Not

sure that was there in the morning or fell during the day. Later I think. And even though

there was a cool breeze down in the car park there was literally no breeze away up at the top

of the quarry where you get commanding views of much of the Waiararpa. Mind you we did

get a brief shower come through during lap one and then the sun came out again.

Hannah, Warrick, Mark Sidey and myself were the four riders tackling the hardest sections

in A grade. And Hannah was riding a 250 Beta that Mike Ward loaned her for the day. Very

kind of you Mike. Hannah’s older 125 Beta got a rest for the day – well Mike did ride it

around just to watch the action. Will we see Hannah on this bike permanently in the near

future? My intelligence sources tell me we probably will. Gee she was a threat on a 125 so

thatll go up a level if the move is made. Ill need to up my game!

All sections bar one were climbs and descents of various difficulties with some being lose

limestone and clay with a bit of dampness from the rain thrown in a few. And there were a

few rock steps thrown in too although nothing too big. We had no Expert riders entered so no

need to bust out the really big rocks. Section one was the only section that didnt feature

rocks or lose limestone, this being a series of climbs and descents (for the higher grades

anyway) under a group of pine trees. Not too hard and one of only two sections I cleaned all


Twelve riders entered with the largest grade being A with four entered. Three rode

Intermediate, one President, one clubman, two Sportsman or should that be Sportsperson

since you cant call Jane Bray a man. I think young William Easton was entered in Social but

didnt complete the day. Well not in the sections anyway. He was still riding around with dad

at the end of the day though.

Two battles went on in the A Grade with Warrick George and myself matching each other

point for point just dropping the odd silly dab and Hannah Rushworth and Marko Sidebothamo

fighting it out at the other end. Plenty of dabs for them too but at a higher rate than

Warrick and I. Plus they had a few fives too. Hannah won the clean count by one but Mark

won the five count by two. But overall Hannah came out on top of their battle by one point on


Unfortunately I duffed a five on section four on the last lap. Id had a two and two cleans and

then my one and only five for the day on lap four when I took the wide line (that’d worked on

the first two laps before it’d cut up muddy) to attack the middle climb instead of turning

tighter to get the new left line offering more grip. I realised when I was half way through

the almost full lock left turn at the approach I should have gone tighter but thought na I’ll

be good, this Vertigo Dougie Lampkin Replica will nail this good, but it didn’t. Of course I

blamed the bike. But when I got home and plugged into the clever diagnostics it said it was

100% rider error. In fact every point I lost in the trial came up rider error!

So I had to concede that one to Warrick in the end by six points. But with Warrick finishing

on 10 and myself 16 we were still a long way ahead of the other two. Hannah was a bit

disappointed with her result but shouldnt beat herself up too much as it wasnt all her fault.

After a bit of analysing we came to the conclusion it was a training issue with the Beta she

was riding. Nothing to do with Mike who her lent her the bike, as he hasnt had it long, but by

the original owner, a chap named Derek from Christchurch. Hed obviously trained it for

south island conditions. But with an intensive training programme were sure it can be retrained

fairly quickly. Fast tracked probably within six to eight months!

So another trial concluded and I dont think too many went home too disappointed.

The next MOMCC event is September 15 at Chris Morrisons property just north of

Wanganui. A bit of a trek for us but Chris is a dedicated club member and travels all the way

down here for most of our trials so he gets a close one for a change. Unfortunately Chris has

missed the last two due to bouts of flu. Hopefully youre back to 100% health for September


Results - http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15202


Hi all,  The next Manawatu Orion trial is this coming Sunday. Details as follows.

 The entry form for NZ Trials Champs is available too, look on the MNZ website

Round 4 Manawatu-Orion MCC Club Champs

When:     Sunday August 18th

                        10.30 am to approx. 3pm. Sign on 9.45 am

Where:   Gorge Quarry, 4999 Napier Road, Woodville

Directions:         From Woodville travel towards the now closed Manawatu Gorge. Go just past Balance Bridge (Gorge Rd) on the left and entrance to quarry is on the right. We’ll have a sign out.

                             GPS -40.335592, 175.817928

Caution:    There is a railway line running through the venue – be careful!

 Spectators welcome – No Dogs please.

 For more information

    Phone 06 326 8666, Kevin Pinfold            (email KPTrials@xtra.co.nz )

            06 323 2509, Merv George    (email h.c@farmside.co.nz  )

Web Site: http://www.momcc.co.nz/index.php and click on Moto Trials


Hi all,  Results and attached report of the last MOMCC trial. Thank you Hannah.


 Next MOMCC trial will be the club champs rnd 4 on August 18 at the quarry at the Woodville end of the now dysfunctional and abandoned Manawatu Gorge. More details to follow closer to the event.

Ixion have a trial this weekend coming August 4. Details below.


Kevin Pinfold


Hi ,The next Ixion MCC club trial is this coming Sunday the 4th of August at Judd's on SH58.


 Sign on from 9:30am and please sign on before you start riding.

Please make sure you bring your current MNZ license and Club membership card.

 Location is Judd's property on SH58 (Hayward's Hill road).

This property is off a very busy road and although there is an 80 kph speed limit you need to exercise extreme caution entering and exiting the property.

Once through the gate the access road (driveway) is fairly steep and best when used one-way so care is needed.

Please keep your speed down and look after the car park area and driveway, particularly when riding to avoid chewing up the driveway surface.

 There will be 12 sections spread from the car park area up the usual valley, all have been set for wet winter conditions.

All sections have social, clubman, intermediate and a-grade lines with many taking advantage of the rocky creek and all should be suitable for the twin-shocks as well.

If you haven't been to this property before, it has quite a nice trail ride from the car park up a valley along a farm track with sections along the way.

 The sections further up the valley may be difficult for younger riders on electrics to get to, however there will be sections put in around the car-park area suited to this rider group.

 See you there Regards Neil


Hi all,  The next Manawatu Orion MCC is this coming Sunday. Details as follows.

 Date: July 21

Event: Winter Cup Trial

 Venue: Galloway’s farm, Coppermine Road, inland from Woodville. If coming from this side of the hill head over the Saddle Road and keep going straight at the intersection of Woodlands Road and Oxford Road. That is to say head along Oxford Road until the tee intersection with Pinfold Rd. Left into Pinfold Rd and follow your nose all the way until the tee with Coppermine Rd and left there. We’ll have signs out from Pinfold Rd.

 All grades catered for.

Sign on from 9.45 am

 Start time 10.30 am

 I’m intending to go over on Saturday to mark sections and if anyone wants to tag along and help they are most welcome, just contact me before hand. I’ve got the flu at present and hopefully I’ll be recovered by then.

 Note: We are a good kilometre up the river valley on the farm with a creek crossing to get there. Hopefully it’ll be ok and everyone can get across ok – we don’t usually have any problems.

 Other trials news

 Hannah, Chris and I rode the Taranaki NI rounds on June 29/30. And for a change for Taranaki at this time of year we had two fine days and reasonably dry conditions. Well dry on day one but some slippery muddy stuff day two.

 I had two seconds in Inters, Hannah a 7th and 4th and Chris two 3rds in Sportman. Hannah was disappointed with her result on day one but improved on day two.

 And on July 7 Hannah and I went to an Ixion club trial in the Mungies. Not a hard event but I was well off my game and Hannah had a blinder which saw her thrash me 15 points to 26. And on the two hardest sections I dropped 18 to Hannah’s 5. Good day for Hannah, bad day for me……….


 This is really interesting > we have New Zealand's Dylan Ball competing the Trial 125 class along with Connor Hogan from Australia.

But shock horror - there's E-bikes running there too, an indicator for the future?


TrialGP goes Dutch!

Following a 40-year absence, top-flight Trial action returns to Holland this coming weekend with TrialGP Netherlands – round three of the 2019 FIM Trial World Championship – at a purpose-built facility at Zelhem in the east of the country.


Jaime Busto (Vertigo) needs to pick up the pace this weekend Pic (c) Pep Segales

The event will feature the premier TrialGP class along with the Trial2 and Trial125 categories and for the first time this season the TrialE competitors on electric motorcycles will be in action at the highly-regarded venue that’s staged acclaimed rounds of the FIM European Championship in 2012 and 2017.


Leading the TrialGP title race on a maximum 60 points is defending champion Toni Bou (Repsol Honda) who remains unbeaten following the opening two rounds in Italy and Japan. The Spanish superstar is the most dominant rider in the history of the sport and on his current form he surely must start favourite.


So who can stop him? While Bou is certainly the man to beat there is a queue of talented riders ready and willing to depose him headed by two-time World Champion Adam Raga (TRRS).


Already 11 points adrift of the leader, the Catalan rider knows he must strike soon if he is to deny Bou a record-breaking 13th consecutive title. Last season was the first time since 2002 that he failed to win a World round and after two second-placed finishes in Japan earlier this month the 37-year-old is determined to go one better this weekend.


Veteran Japanese rider Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Honda) was World Champion all the way back in 2004 and the evergreen fan-favourite was in great form at his home round with two third-placed finishes. Fujigas will fancy his chances on the venue’s huge boulders specially imported from Germany, Denmark and Belgium but perhaps we need to look to Jeroni Fajardo (Gas Gas) – last year’s runner-up – to stage an upset.


The Spaniard was second at the series opener at TrialGP Italy but failed to find his form in Japan and needs to bounce back this weekend if he’s going to be challenging Bou for the title at the season-closing TrialGP Spain on September 21-22.


Britain’s James Dabill (Beta) has never won a TrialGP round but is always a podium threat and Jaime Busto (Vertigo) also cannot be ruled out, although a slow start to the season sees him currently sitting in sixth in the points table.


Defending Trial2 champion Matteo Grattarola (Honda) has won two out of the opening three days of competition but slipped to third on day two in Japan. Despite this the Italian leads last year’s runner-up Toby Martyn (Beta) by 10 points with Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa) a further two points adrift.


It was Alexandre Ferrer (Sherco) who came out on top after the second day’s competition at the Twin Ring Motegi circuit and the Frenchman is looking to carry this momentum into TrialGP Netherlands.


Matching Bou win-for-win in the closely-contested Trial125 class, France’s Kieran Touly (Scorpa) is hoping to maintain his unbeaten record this season but he will need to be on top form to fight off the challenge of riders including Carlo Alberto Rabino (Beta), Pau Martinez (Vertigo), Alex Canales (Gas Gas) and Arthur Rovery (Sherco) who are all waiting to capitalise on the smallest slip from the championship leader.


With 2018 champion Loris Gubian (Gas Gas) opting not to defend his TrialE Cup crown, the Spanish manufacturer has drafted in Albert Cabestany in an attempt to make it a hat-trick of titles. The Spaniard – FIM X-Trial World Champion in 2002 – was a TrialGP podium contender up until his retirement last season but his form on a battery-powered machine is unknown.


What we do know is that Japan’s Kenichi Kuroyama (Yamaha) is hugely talented and after losing out last year on a tie-break to Gubian is motivated to take the title this time around.


The action from TrialGP Netherlands kicks off on Saturday with two timed Qualification sessions before Sunday’s points-paying event. Stayed tuned for regular updates at www.trialgp.com or by downloading the free TrialGP Live app and across our social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – just search for TrialGP.

FIM TrialGP Communications | media@trialgp.com

ABOUT THE FIM (www.fim-live.com)

The FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) founded in 1904, is the governing body for motorcycle sport and the global advocate for motorcycling. The FIM is an independent association formed by 111 National Federations throughout the world. It is recognised as the sole competent authority in motorcycle sport by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Among its 50 FIM World Championships the main events are MotoGP, Superbike, Endurance, Motocross, Supercross, Trial, Enduro, Cross-Country Rallies and Speedway. Furthermore, the FIM is also active and involved in the following areas: public affairs, road safety, touring and protection of the environment. The FIM was the first international sports federation to impose an Environmental Code in 1994.


FIM Trial World Championships & Prizes

TrialGP of Belgium – Entry List – Round 4 – Comblain au Pont (BEL), 29-30 June




















Gas Gas
























































Gas Gas
































































































Gas Gas
















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Jarand Matias










































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Gas Gas








Gas Gas
















Gas Gas
















Electric Motion








Gas Gas








Gas Gas



Hi all,


Chris Morrison’s trial report from last Sunday.


Take it away Chris


Sunday June 16 was our third round of or club championship held at Carols property at the end of No. 2 Line.

There were  not many riders, in fact only twelve.  However there was no lack of enthusiasm!  Kevin was unable to ride,having injured his ribs after a fall at the

Kaikoura 3 Day event. He did come clothed and with Bike, but after a brief ride he decided it was too sore. Kevin spent the day walking around the sections, giving riders advice on how to ride them. Good on ya Kevin. Hope you'll be right for the Taranaki National Round next week.

Things were a bit wet down there! We did all park up at the woolshed because it was too risky to park down the bottom and maybe unable to drive back up the hill.


Yes it was pretty greasy.  Thankfully there was no more rain ( to speak of ) , as I had brought good weather down from Wanganui!  Adrian and Callum had set the sections out on Saturday. They had done a great job, challenging yet cleanable, even with wet conditions.

Unfortuneatly I only saw Warrick  and Hannah ride at section 1, lap 1.  Looking at the results it would seem the wet conditions didn't bother Warrick at all. However poor Hannah had a terrible day.Talking with Hannah at lunch time she was obviously feeling a bit "deflated" already with her first round effort and by the end of the day was happy to be going home.


The biggest grade was Clubman, having 4 competitors.  Ben Rasmussen scored the best, a good score of only 55. This group rode the day together and I'm sure were very appreciative of Kevin’s tips.

Dougie Herbert and his son Abe came all the way down from New Plymouth. Dougie was unable to compete due to an injury but was still able to follow Abe around on his KTM Freeride and help Abe with the sections. Abe just won the social grade by 4 points from Vinnie Veltman.  That was a great effort you boys. I saw a couple of falls, but you got up and carried on, good on ya, keep it up. Thanks for coming down Dougie.

Section 8 is worth a mention. It took a lot of 5's from most of us regardless which grade we were in. It was a steep grass hill and with being wet, traction was a big problem. There was a lot of skidding and a bit of high revving going on. It certainly had Adrian pondering about what other routes he could take to clean it.


Kevin could not see what his problem was with getting traction so Kevin then climbed on Adrians bike and and rode the section clean!  Adrian and I looked at each other, grinned and laughed and agreed, "thats the way you do it ".

This months auspicious awards go to the following recipients;-

Best presented bike -    Adrian Walcroft; nice and shiney

Best dressed            -    Paul Coory.  Nice boots and nice pant and shirt combination

                                        Mots I believe!

Best saddle bronc     -    None . Didn't see anything worthy of the title

Biggest smile             -    Merv George. Good on ya Merv.

Best give it a go         -    Abe Herbert. Keep up the good riding Abe.

Hard luck story          -   Has to be Kevin Pinfold . Unable to contest this

                                        championship ride due to his injury.  Hard luck Kevin.

 Best looking helmet   -   Chris Morrison!     See Kevin; you could have one too!


Keep practicing everyone,

Regards Chris Morrison.


Results - http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15200


Next MOMCC trial – Winter Cup at Galloway’s farm, Coppermine Road over Woodville way.



Hi all, Latest MOMCC trials news

Hard to believe we are almost at the halfway point to next year and the shortest day is Friday 21st – or there abouts............

 But before then we have the next Manawatu Orion MCC mototrial which is this Sunday June 16 – details as follows.

 Event: Club Champs Rnd 3

Venue – Near the end of No 2 Line off the Pohangina Valley East Road. Will be signposted from the usual intersection on the Ashhurst to Pohangina Road. Shouldn’t take more than 20 mins from Ashhurst to the venue unless your nana is driving you. Depending on weather conditions we may have to park by the woolshed just off the road. If the weather is ok we should be able to drive on past the woolshed and follow the farm track down to the usual parking spot, which is less than half a km. Not so good getting back up the track for front wheel drive vehicles towing a trailer even if it’s dry. Either area can be a bit tight for parking - but only if we get a big turnout.


Sign on: 9.45 am – if you need a One Event Licence try not to be last there!


Riders brief: 10.15 am


Start: 10.30 am


All grades catered for including new riders.


Entry fees: senior $15, Junior $10. OEL $25 if required.


Weather: As usual unpredictable...........


Club memberships are due (although many of you have re-newed already) and I have new club cards and re-newel forms. I have also attached forms to this email. To save time on the day please print off if you can, fill out and bring along with the correct amount of cash (or a cheque) on the day. The form does have a name and address to send the completed form to and you can pay direct to the club bank account if you wish. Just you won’t get your club membership card instantly if you mail off the form. If you do bring the completed form but pay into the club account I’ll need some proof you have paid as I don’t have access to the club account. Although I can check via the club treasurer.


And finally those without MNZ competition licenses can send off their application and get a license that’ll last a whole year. And they haven’t put the fee’s up either - so I’ve been told so that makes a change.


For those getting a licence for the first time or if you have had a licence in the past but haven’t had one for years use this form



If you are renewing a current club licence use this form



If you are renewing a championship licence use this form



Other news


I was going to give a wee report on the Kaikoura 3 day trial that Hannah, Connor, Mike, Jo and I went down too over Queens Birthday. But running short on time tonight now. Perhaps Hannah will put a wee report together. Day one we almost succumbed to hypothermia and frost bite. Yes it was that bad eh Hannah?


The next two rounds of the NI Champs are in Taranaki at the end of the month – June 29/30. Entry form on the MNZ website here






World Championship Trial in Italy Results here – open PDF’s at end of report.

New Zealander Dylan Ball was 12th out of 14. He never does so well here in NZ when it’s slippery.


 Trials central is a good pommy trials site.



Sunday 26th 2019 Moto Trial Report

Besley Farm – a new venue at the top end of the Pohangina Valley.

When you first look at this property you wouldn’t think there was much potential there but Kevin and Callum did a great job of setting the 8 sections.

The hillsides had many “knobs” – everyone is now familiar with what these are. Often the sections were quite open giving riders choices as to what line to take. We started off in the dry but there was a little drizzle later on, reducing traction a little but not too bad. The drizzle was a good reason to hurry along before further rain and perhaps less traction but we were luck not having to find raincoats.


We had 3 sections in the river. It was “interesting” with rolly, slippery rocks and they needed more than the usual amount of attention.

We missed you today Hannah but wow, you were quick with the results. Check them out at http://mototrials.co.nz/results/15199

A good range of scores – well done to the section setters. Concentration was needed all the time otherwise a 5 cold easily occur –not unusual to see a 5 among otherwise a cleanish section.

I had a few stupid stalls and suffered with cramp – a problem with some other riders as well. Increased fluids and a few good rests helped. No point in riding a section if cramp prevents you from controlling your bike – it wont end well.

Connor and Vinnie doing some impressive riding. Have fun to all those off to Kaikoura next weekend.

 Merv George


Trials by Kevin Pinfold _ Hi all,

Callum and I went out this morning and set sections for our trial tomorrow, Sunday 26 May, 2019. Sections all looking good and the conditions are very good and will remain so if it doesn’t rain which it shouldn’t. Most sections on grass but a few in/around a creek.


It is a bit of a drive up there but less than 30 mins from Ashhurst and all sealed roads – if you don’t dawdle.


Hannah won’t be riding as she’s running a half marathon with big sister Hazel. Good luck with that you two. It’ll be harder than riding a trial guaranteed. Hope you recover in time for Kaikoura next week............


WTC kicks off in Italy this weekend and Dillon Ball is riding in the youth grade I think. So hope all goes well for him. Good luck Dillon.


And also for Vertigo’s new signing last week, world no 4 Jamie Busto. Yea he bailed on Gas Gas and he’s the one tipped to take over from Tony Bou in the future. Check him out on his new Vertigo R. Why bother with a front wheel...........


We have a new “R” coming just like Jaime’s  if anyone is looking for a very special bike. Thought I’d pop that wee ad in there.




It’s going to be on Sky Sport too – see below.





Hannah very quickly put her hand up to write a report on our last trial back in April but she wasn’t quite so quick writing it. But I can’t talk as I’ve been known to take longer. Thanks Hannah, your report is attached.


Results here http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15198


And as it was the Bruce & Bai Cup Trial the cup recipient is Kane Veltman. Cup is awarded to the rider with the lowest score on the day of any grade. Lucky the Kane joined the club on the day then wasn’t it. Congratulations Kane.


The Ixion club ran the 3rd and 4th rounds of the NI Champs last weekend and five Manawatu Orion members rode Saturday and three on Sunday. Hannah and myself in Intermediate, Adrian and Callum in Clubman (Sat only) and Chris Morrison in Sportsman (ride same sections as President).


My results were ok with a 2nd Sat and 1st Sunday but my riding was a bit off at times, especially the 2nd and 3rd laps Sunday. My new Vertgo was awesome though (yea I know I have to say that being the importer but it really was) and just fun to ride.


Hannah had a day to forget on Saturday but still wasn’t last, but she bounced back Sunday to claim third place so that should have made mum and dad happy. Mum and dad wern’t there Sunday to make her nervous.............


Adrian and Callum were mid pack of their grade and Chris was somewhere the same in his. Results below.






Next trial.


Date: May 26


Event: MOMCC Club Champs round 2


Venue: Besley farm, Pohangina Valley East Road. This is a new venue and further up the valley than any of our current venues so you should allow a good 20/25 minutes from Ashhurst. Will be signposted from the usual Pohangina Valley East turn off on the Ashhurst to Pohangina road and then again at the Y intersection at the Totara reserve just past the Highland Home. Venue’s almost as far as Takapari Road so if you pass this road on your right you have gone about 1km to far.

The venue isn’t top class and expect mostly grass covered hillside and a couple of rocky creek sections and let’s hope the weather plays ball


Sign on: 9.45 to 10.15


Rider brief: 10.20


Start: 10.30 -  let’s try and get started at 10.30 for a change so don’t be late.


Section setters: Callum and Kevin


See you there





The next Manawatu Orion MCC mototrial is next Sunday April 28 – details as follows.

 Venue – End of Awahou South Road off the Pohangina Valley East Road. Will be signposted from the usual intersection on the Ashhurst to Pohangina Road. Shouldn’t take more than 15 mins from Ashhurst to the venue unless your nana is driving you.

 Sign on: 9.45 am – if you need a One event Licence try not to be last there!

 Riders brief: 10.15 am

 Start: 10.30 am

COC and section setter – Merv George

 MNZ Steward – Adrian Walcroft

 All grades catered for, although if any Expert riders turn up they may find this venue a bit tame.

 Entry fees: senior $15, Junior $10. OEL $25 if required.

 Weather: unpredictable...........

 Club memberships are due and I have new club cards and re-newel forms. I have also attached forms to this email. To save time on the day please print off if you can, fill out and bring along with the correct amount of cash (or a cheque) on the day. The form does have a name and address to send the completed form to and you can pay direct to the club bank account if you wish. Just you won’t get your club membership card instantly if you mail off the form. If you do bring the completed form but pay into the club account I’ll need some proof you have paid as I don’t have access to the club account. Although I can check via the club treasurer.

 Other news: Adrian, Callum and myself looked at a new venue further up the Pohangina Valley than any of our other venues recently and it’s pretty average but useable. Not much more than grassy hills although a bit of a stream that should offer up a couple of sections. Have another couple of possible new venues to suss out up the valley too.

 Cheers Kevin


 Bush Riders MCC Pahiatua Coming Events 2019

APRIL 2019

Thursday 24th April Day in the Dirt/Fun day

Saturday 27th April NZ Junior MX Champs - Manawatu Orion

Sunday 28th April NZ Junior MX Champs - Manawatu Orion


Saturday 4th May NZ TT Champs - Huntly & Patetonga

Sunday 5th May NZ TT Champs - Huntly & Patetonga



Saturday 29th June National, North Island and Central Enduro

Callaghan’s Masterton

Sunday 30th June Trail Ride – Callaghan’s, Masterton



Club Champs Rnd 1 24/3/2019

Hi all

Sunday 24 March was our first club championship round, held at Boltons property, just across the

river from Ashhurst. There was a reasonable turnout of riders enjoying a very fine and hot day. We

enjoyed the company of our visiting riders, the Herbert family from

Taranaki and Phil Costello from Wellington.

Kevin and Callum had made a really great job of setting the eight Sections , which we did four laps

of. Five of those were in amongst native bush that provided perfect shelter from the burning and hot

rays of the Sun. With having no recent rain the bush sections were very dry and could be ridden

with much more confidence over the many tree roots and bare earth. There were a lot of good "up

and back down" the steep slope challenge's as well in those bush sections.

Section 5 had a gnarly log to get over right at the end of the section. This log has been used in the

past but it still proves a real challenge for most of us to clean. We couldn't just blast over it and out

the end pegs either as Kevin (Callum marked this one, ed) had shrewdly placed the end pegs just to

the right a little.

When we were first walking the sections many of us were thinking "flip, how are we going to do all

these tight challenge's". So we had to really think about where we had to go and memorise the lines.

After the first lap it would be fair to say we were all much more confident about riding the sections

and where we could do better.

Section 1 & 2 had a bit of creek, a couple of banks, demolished building concrete slabs and stones

to negotiate. Section 3 was a steep grass hillside that was nicely set out with a very steep start and

some tricky hillside turns. Thankfully, the dry ground gave us plenty of traction. So I say "keep up

the good work " Kevin and Callum.

Dougy Herbert did really well getting that big and heavy enduro bike (KTM Freelander, ed) of his

around . I noticed he was giving the clutch a workout on one of those bush sections!! 49 points

Dougy, good on ya.

Mervs newish Gas Gas isn't broken in yet and I saw it twice bolting down one on those steep

slopes in the bush and throwing him. I'm sure Merv you'll tame it soon enough with all your years

of experience!

I had an entertaining day riding with Phil Costello, there was never a quiet moment and there was

always something to laugh about. Something I didn't know though about Phil became obvious in

section 6. Phil is a bit of a "greenie". Yes, twice in a row Phil couldn't get past the very same tree

without stopping and giving it a hug!!

Congratulations to Warrick George for winning A grade by a handsome 15 points.

Congratulations to Abe Herbert for such good riding. Abe was behind his opponents

by only 7 points, but his skill is very good. Good on you Abe, keep it up.

This month’s awards go to the following : -

Cleanest Bike - Adrian Walcroft

Best dressed - Mike Ward, new Mots shirt, new Mots pants, new Mots helmet, new boots

Looking super cool Mike!

Best saddle bronc ride - Merv George

Biggest smile - Merv Geoge

Biggest bike - Dougie Herbert , KTM enduro

Give it a go - Dougie Herbert , KTM enduro

Oldest bike Kevin Pinfold, 2001 GG 321. (I just had to throw that in there KP)

Congratulations to those award winners, well done. To all you others, I say keep up your practice

because next time YOU could become an Award Winner.

Look forward to seeing all next month. Take care.

Regards Chris Morrison

Results here - http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15197

Gee Im really glad Chris didnt mention that Hannah beat me for the second time in

the last four trials we’ve ridden. And bet Daniel Herbert is glad there was no mention

of Hannah beating him too on his brand new Beta Factory Racing 250. At least I can

play the I was riding an 18 year old bike, got a bust shoulder, had set the sections in

the searing sun and then done a 32 km MTB ride the day beforecard. All that was

worth at least 20 points. So 39 minus 20 = 19 so in theory I won.

Daniel could only play the Ive got a sniffly nosecard. Only worth 1 point.

Na fair play Hannah is riding with a lot of confidence this year and boy when she gets

a sniff of a victory over the likes of Daniel and myself she knows how to step up the


Dont worry, my new weapons only a few weeks away and then shell know what

pressures all about…………

Ill just make mention too of our two young fellas on the Gas Gas 50s, Vinnie Veltman,

whos been on the scene now for a year or so, and Connor Ward who was riding just

his second trial, and took the win too. Its great to have the kids out there and a few

more would be good too. Mervs old 125 GG went to a lad who hopefully will come along

at some stage. And Dougy tells me young Abe is keen to get back down here from the

Naki and show our boys how its done.

Our last young rider that kicked off on a 50cc at about 8 years old was Hannah and

look where she is now and shes just turned 16. Oh and we have Callum Walcroft too,

whos a 7th former, now and hes come a long way since he started as a timid shy kid

when he was 10 or 11.

Next club trial is April 28, details to come soon.





Newsletter of the Pioneer MCC

Summer 2019

Thanks Sandra & Roy

Sandra and Roy Hallie have decided to take a break from the committee this year while they move house and spend some time caravaning. Sandra first joined the committee in 1978 and has been on it since then apart from a few years when she and Roy lived in Taranaki and when Katrina was young. Roy is also a longstanding committee member and a former president.

Thanks both, we appreciate your long and significant contribution to the club.

Club notices

* This year’s AGM is on 7 March at 7.30 pm at the Pioneer Leisure Centre. The supper will a good one because Al is bringing along some of his home baking. * The 2019 Club calendar is now on the Pioneer website.

* It’s time to renew your membership for 2019. This can be done online through the website.

MNZ Trials Commissioner

Paul Jackson is the new trials commissioner. Rat has been involved in trials for over 30 years, and has ridden overseas in Australia and Scotland so he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the role. Dylan joins the Beta team

In December the Beta Company announced that they have selected Dylan Ball as one of the two young riders that they will be supporting in the World Trial 125 class this year. Dylan and Nick will be competing in the world rounds in Italy, Japan and the Netherlands. They were also planning to go to the UK round but unfortunately this has been cancelled. There is a fundraising page for Dylan (see p.2).

Dylan is congratulated by John Lawton after signing to ride for Beta in 2019. John has provided Dylan with a 250 Factory to ride in NZ. 2

Sad news

The trials community was shocked to hear the news that Siobhan Robson, Carl’s wife passed away in January. Siobhan was also the Ixion Club’s treasurer.

In November Paul Lagan died after a long battle with cancer. Paul was a member of the Pioneer club in the late 1970s and edited the Megaphone for a year in 1978. In the early 1980s he lived in Australia and while there he imported Fantics. He won the veterans title at the Aussie nationals in 1982.

Ira Chambers also passed away in January. Ira attended and observed at many trials in the 1960s to 1980s period. Our condolences to Dave, Lyndsay and Craig.

Have a go days

Jules and Josh have run two "have a go" days recently, with seven children turning up to the one held on 3 Feb. Some of the adults who have accompanied the children have also been having a go. The Beta electric is getting good use, but we have decided not to purchase the smaller wheel Gas Gas.

Help Dylan to ride in Europe The Givealittle fund raising page for Dylan is: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/help-dylan-with-his-dream-to-become-world-125cc

Trials article

Megaphone is the newsletter of the Pioneer Motorcycle Club Inc. Editor: Peter Hosking, email: pmctrialnews@gmail.com

Club website: http://pioneertrials.co.nz and we’re on Facebook

The Dec/Jan 2019 issue of Dirt Rider Downunder had a very good article on trials by Jessie Meek of Motorsport Media Solutions. Jess wrote this after spectating at the Oceania and talking to Josh about trials. There are some interesting photos of the Oceania/nationals on Jess’ website https://www.jessiemeek.co.nz and she has also been promoting our events on her Facebook page. Thanks Jess!

Jess riding Georgina’s 125 at the Waimak have a go day on 3 Feb.

Jess is now working as a freelance copywriter, and is available to help businesses with email marketing, blogs and content.


Josh & Jeni have announced their engagement. 3

Prize giving

This year’s prize giving was held at Bishop Brothers Public House and attended by 27 members and family. Kahu needed a box to carry home his trophies after another very successful year.

2018 cup winners: Laurenson cup (Expert)

Glenn Smith

Intermediate cup

Ross Bristol

Clubman cup

Kahu Jones

Hallie cup (twin shock)

Paul Jackson

Whyte cup (women)

Stef Downes

Blandford cup (under 19)

Kahu Jones

France cup (under 21)

Kahu Jones

Peter Bennett cup (best first year rider)

Simon Hopkins

The Knitters Shield (most fives)

Ashley Duncan

BSA shield (best 125cc)

Kahu Jones

Big Tree challenge cup (sidechair)

Rob & Laura McKay

Bonnington cup

Ross Bristol

Kaikoura 3 day winners

Triumph no. 2 cup (expert)

Jules Huguenin

Wynne York cup (intermediate)

Ross Bristol

S.A.M. trophy (sidechair)

Paul Jackson & Emma McKay

Moir cup (clubman B)

Mark Hockey (Nelson MCC)

Falconer cup (best first year rider)

Emily Willard (Ixion MCC)

Kaikoura family cup

Simon & Kahu Jones



Number 229 – Feb 2019

I know, been a while, right? And so, in the spirit of full and frank disclosure and, by way of explanation, I want to be transparent and engage in some accountability, here’s why it’s taken me so long to get the newsletter out: I had a thing on.

Okay, good talk.

Let’s blast into this, no dilly-dallying….except for this little item probably worth mentioning…probably.

In a former life I used to be a sales manager and, occasionally, they’d fly us around the world (Auckland) to hear some dude waffle on about how to be really good instead of shithouse at selling.

One of things he said is that even after the agreement has been and gone and it was all very successful, even after all the dust has settled you can still extract some more goodwill from the sale by simply going back to the client some time later with a wrap up and a thank you.

Frankly, if falls squarely into the ‘feel-goodery’ realm of things but, apparently, reminds the client of your existence and leaves them feeling well-loved, open to another transaction on another occasion.

Well, suck me dry and call me Dusty, this came through the mail from you know who down south:

2018 FIM Oceania and New Zealand Trial Championship

Hi Phil

Thanks for participating in the recent 2018 FIM Oceania and New Zealand Trial Championship. I would just like to thank you for taking the time, effort and expense to attend and help make this the success that it was. Attached are the final comprehensive results for your information.

Once again, thanks for entering and I hope you had a great weekend.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Derek Scott

Understandably, I started tearing up, gush everywhere, eventually pulled myself together and concluded that those Pioneering types, damn, they got mad marketing/customer relations skills and know how to run an event before and after.

Just saying….

First up, let’s cover off the news officially, at least in this publication, that is huge, to say the leas, the ongoing exploits of Dylan Ball….


Great timing, of course, with millions of Brits buggering off from the EU, Dylan enters the equation under the banner, ‘Local boy makes good’.

Most will know the details by now that Dylan has cracked Factory team membership as a junior and, can you believe it, it even made the MNZ website:

Congratulations Dylan Ball!

Dylan will be part of the Beta factory team "Betamotor" for 2019, competing in FIM Trial 125 World Cup across Europe and Japan.

This is a huge opportunity for 14 year old Dylan who will be basing himself in Spain in May. Unfortunately he won’t be able to do all the rounds due to school and costs, but he hopes to make the final round in the UK in September. Dylan was awarded "Best Up and Coming Off-Road Rider" at the 2018 NZ Motorcycle Awards. He says "I hope this inspires other young riders from this side of the world, that with hard work you can succeed."

Great stuff Dylan - we look forward to following your progress!

Some further choice details: Dylan will be looking to do 4 of the 5 world junior rounds and has upgraded from his 125 (which, frankly, never seemed to be disadvantageous to him,

largely due to the million of revs he managd to crank out of it) to a 250 so there’ll be no stopping him now.

Nick’s (aka dad) has set up a Givealittle page if you want to help with the understandable and unavoidable costs of making it all happen:

Help Dylan to ride in Europe, The Givealittle fund raising page for Dylan is:

Help Dylan get to Europe

Johnboy Walton looking pretty happy with the development, and why shouldn’t he? Great for the Beta brand and, apart from the last couple of years, Dylan’s progression from someone I think I might even have beaten once or twice - probably when he was still a foetus - to a young man well on the road to being a world beater, has been on a Beta machine.


MNZ Trials Commissioner news

Paul Jackson is the new trials commissioner.

Rat has been involved in trials for over 30 years, and has ridden overseas in Australia and Scotland so he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the role.

Also, one time at a SI trials, I saw John Lawton give him a cold beer at the end of the day and he seemed mighty appreciative so, with that on your CV, he was always going to be shoo-in.

Have to say, though, couldn’t see much resemblance to that much-maligned mammal that scurries about under the house so not sure where the nickname came from, seemed like a pretty regular looking biped to me….


Okay, we’re racing along so let’s take a breather with a little light distraction from, who else, but Marky-Mark Sidevalve who was good enough to send this little ripper in with accompanying text:

‘Yo. Attached, one picture of an ancient shitter polished up by some old curmudgeon’.

You’ve got to admire the brevity of that summary but it’s probably important to point out that any resemblance to any particular person or persons, alive or dead, is completely coincidental…..well, that’s how I read it.

But the banter continued when I asked about that whalloping great spring over the front wheel, just the sort of question to pose to an engineer:

They're called girder forks and nothing to do with Britten (John Brtten - Ed) because it's all hinged off the usual steering head that the telescopics are hinged off.

The dampers on this particular icon of Brutish design are by friction. That is to say stiction. Yucky,….’

And I’ve redacted the last part because Ixion’s already reeling from a number of newsletter provoked defamation lawsuits, largely due to the maverick utterances of the editor who appears absolutely oblivious to the wholesale offence he or she causes on a semi-regular basis. Frankly, people, we’re on our knees but, waddya gonna do, you can’t sack these people, they’re not even employed…or employable…..


Okay, moving right along, let’s applaud those two heroes from our last meeting who, by all accounts, went over and beyond the call of duty to carve out a very challenging Mototrial from the rugged and hostile terrain up at Moonshine i.e., Neil and Sidey.

Huge amount of effort and we are applauding their sacrifice and the great outcome with both hands….both.

Sidey picks up the action for us…..

Setting this one was just going to be a challenge due to all the good bulldozer work done by KapiMana club. But not all the area is a motocross track, so Neil and I turned up the Saturday 26 Jan and just started looking. It was hot so we wanted to get it done quickly.

The stream seemed too flat and there's hardly any big boulders, but if you look a bit further you'll find that the banks can be interesting, if a little overgrown. We only had loppers with us, so waded in and did what we could with them and bare hands. I thought the stream was all played out but

Marky-Mark showing us how to negotiate the water feature….dude was on fire on the day, coming in 2nd behind Caleb, clearly making good use of his marine skillset.

Neil walked a bit further and found the wonderful side creek that became section 10. Never underestimate the power of persistance! Thanks Neil … But of course it needed a heap of clearing too so we did a heap more clearing. So much for getting it done quickly!

That log was a complete and utter bastard with no parents, none…..doesn’t seem to bothering Carl, though, so I’m just going to take it personally.

Shit oh dear, look at the angle! Wait till he rocks up in Europe, Britain will probably want to come back into the EU just to see him, and who could blame them.

Looking a bit further shows that there's been logging of eucalyptus up around the top of the track, giving us the log sections 6 and 7 and a gate into the Akatarawa forest was open, revealing some great sections in the trees. Chainsaw needed though, which we didn't have. Heaps to do with bare hands moving logs around though, so more time was spent …

I went back with said chainy the following Wednesday. A big thick chain and huge padlock had appeared on the gate to the great sections in the trees. I just assumed Neil had shut the gate behind him and that the key would be on the KapiMana keyring, so went and did a heap of work building a killer section. It was hot again. Saturday 2 Feb, early start made a bit late because Sidey's radiator sprang a leak. Quick diversion to Super Cheap in Porirua, ten bucks worth of goo in a can and the van lives to fight another day without having to be worked on or parts bought. Ah, the miracles of science! Anyway, turns out the chain was put on by the council and we didn't have a key. Bummer! Two more sections had to be found in a hurry, which is why sections 1 and 2 were on the bank opposite the carpark, not in the nice shady trees! 3 hours clearing later and we'd only set 2 sections. Hmm, gonna be (another) long day. And of course, it was hot …

Matt going big - it was all I could do to get up that bank, he’s using it as a kicker….brutal.

The indestructible Dick Phillipps, bulletproof.

Y'all have Neil to thank for the weedwhacker work. He did that, and much easier it was for everyone not having to walk and ride sections full of long grass. Cheers mate! Then a KapiMana guy turned up and showed us the key they have for the gate … turns out the Council aren't keen on keeping us out after all.

Me, winning….yeah, nah.

Sunday came, and strangely enough … it was hot! Turnout only 19, bit disappointing. But the sections were fantastic. I asked Neil and he actually said very fantastic, so I guess it's true. Good thing it didn't rain 'cos 4 of them were in the creek and it comes up real fast when there's rain. February is probably the best month to go here. Two sections full of logs, one winding around some trees on a big steep bank, one in the bit of bush just

behind the MX finish line, and of course the labour intensive 1 and 2 full of stumps, tyres and 209 litre drums. Did I mention it was hot?

Well, we managed to take ¾ of a point a section from Dylan so I guess it was reasonable training for his world rounds coming up this year. Mostly just that big stump in section 1 mind you. I thought some of the other stuff might have caught him but mostly he just sailed over like it was nothing. Matty too actually. Strangely I think our best rider is also the one improving the most so who knows how far he can go! 1.4 points per section for the winner of red and blue grades so that was a bit hard, 0.87 for Prezzies so just right for them. Seems the yellow and socials might have suffered a bit though; sorry guys but you just can't please all of 'em all of the time.

‘If I can just clean out the air filter while I’m here…’. Funny thing about some obstacles, easier they look……

As you know it was hot, but the creek is full of deep bits so a number of us knocked off to sit in the creek and splash around. Nice to cool off and not to go home all sweaty. So there you have it: the MX track rain and wind jinx appears to be broken, seems you can set a ripper trial there after all.

Hasn’t Emily come a long way…..sister can ride! Here she is telling a log to f#@& off….her words, not mine.

The next generation….the little one, not the big one.

We saw a lot of this on the day, grown men wandering aimlessly, bereft of all hope, bike hurled to the ground, the onset of the eternal question, ‘Why am I here?’…

The indefatigable KT, never tyring….as it were.

It’s not good for your self-esteem but is still quite a wondrous thing to see: those super-casual Adlams boys. They rock up sporadically, never practise, then clean up……talent to burn. Frankly, I’m seeing a mini-series, working title, ‘The Adlam Family’, the whacky exploits of a couple of boys with too much skill and a fist-shaking dad yelling, ‘You’re doing the dishes tonight!’….lol.

(And on one final note, right at the start of the day, Riccardo Latimo rolled in waving something or other that had tickled his fancy and, once we got to see it, we could see why - whole new level of gutsy……………

……fair to say the little critter has a good point. Thanks for the write-up, Marky, jolly good read - Ed)


I worked for some people for eight years, pass them in the street now, don’t bother stopping for a chat and neither do they. Fact is, we weren’t there for the love of it, just the bikkies, so there was no connection.

Mototrials, however, ain’t like that. We’re about as different as can be - do different things, different values, different jobs - but our passion for the two wheels and no feet transcends it all, brings us together, provides a rapport of sorts, a shared thing of value in our lives and we’re both lucky to have it and richer (figuratively) for it.

Anyway, better get on with it, tearing up. Is it any wonder, then, that when someone shows some keenness for the sport and wants to learn, they get a large show of hands and plenty of help.

Which brings us to Emily……. Brendan Wadsworth boldly told her he’d show her the ropes awhile back and damned if he didn’t actually get around to it, never mind that he lives down south somewhere, but probably still in New Zealand, dunno.

So I thought it might be useful if Emily penned a bit of the gold onto paper in the spirit of sharing and she agreed, Here’s what she came up with….

I have been so lucky with the support I've received in the Trials community since I started riding 3 years ago. It's a small community in Motorsport terms (even smaller in the amount of women riders) and I think that helps foster wanting to bring newbies on board. The more of us that share the passion the better! I truly appreciate every little bit of advice and even though I can't always string it all together each time, it's all cached in the memory bank and building on my knowledge and skills that I'm improving on all the time.

So recently, I've been getting in a few more rides between trials. A recent "Church" ride on Sunday in the Maungatuks really tested my skills. Bob, Kevin, Declan, Rich M and Brian were all super encouraging. I managed some pretty tricky stuff (for me) but it was great to see and recognise my progress from a year ago. Things I never could have thought of tackling like Team Track which was very steep in places where you shouldn't/couldn't just stop, to the Western Front that I enjoyed much more this time because I managed the difficult parts so much better. So.. I've really been trying to get rides like this in between club trial events. They build a confidence in using your bike in different situations, you become a different kind of rider, a more confident rider, as opposed to riding club trials only.

The other weekend Brendon from Marlborough Trials Centre in Blenheim said he was heading up to Wellington and had promised some riders at last years Nationals some training time. Bring it on! While having a look at my bike and assessing a few maintenance items and helping fix them, I also got a few great hours of dedicated training and tips from Brendon and Gareth Wadsworth and Steve Wade which was gold.

I had a couple of big takeaways from the day. The first was that the basics are still the key to conquering almost everything else. To be honest, it's the same with Squash which I also play and quite possibly many other sports. In trials it's balance, weighting your body in the right way at the right time, using your body and weight as an extension of the bike to use it like a spring. Not to mention throttle and clutch control - at the right time. That's a lot of stuff to control in each manoeuvre so it's not surprising that it takes time to get right! Very quick and easy to get wrong, like pulling on your front brake too hard and your front wheel sliding instead of guiding you around a corner - I'm still working on that one.

The other takeaway was the lesson Steve gave me in how moving your weight back on an uphill makes the front wheel just slide over things. His demonstration was me, on my bike, pointing uphill, stationary. When I moved my body back, even by only 20-25cm, he could lift my front wheel with just two fingers. When I moved my weight forward, he couldn't lift it.

That really showed me how light the front can get and what an advantage that is to getting yourself over some tricky obstacles on an uphill.

One of the first tests was coasting over a patch of tree roots, on a reasonably flat gradient. The idea was that you got power on before hitting the roots and getting good momentum and a bit more throttle to power you across them and lift the front a bit - rather than trying to use power as you're on them, and potentially have the back wheel slip. I have a habit of leaning forward on obstacles which can un-weight the back and I lose traction when I need it. So I focused on trying to keep my weight back, lightening the front and driving the back wheel before you hit anything slippery. You need enough momentum and height in the front that the bike just coasts over the tricky ground - boom! Ok, so I still didn't quite 'boom' this but I get it - so more practice required.

Next was taking on a tight-ish, uphill off-camber turn (270 degree angle) over tree roots and around an obstacle. I have to admit, I find this a real challenge.

Tackling this still comes down to basics which apparently you can learn on the flat but need to practice and progress slowly to steeper terrain. Practice your figure of eights, starting on the flat but progressing to steeper gradients. Tighten them as you progress, moving your weight/hanging your bum out on the outside corners, bending the knees, splaying the legs and getting your weight in the right place so that you're body is still straight up-right/perpendicular but you're leaning the bike into the corner. You can get a great degree of lean on the bike, thereby helping you get around the corner. If you look at the physics of what you're doing it seems completely logical and I know this as I'm approaching something but it still takes skill and strength in the body to make it happen and get it right. Get practicing! All practice builds your strength and muscle memory :)

Another lesson I really took on board from the team was that when looking at a section, there might look like an easier route by avoiding a tree root or rock, but, keeping in mind that your front tyre can run over things quite smoothly without even thinking about it, especially if you move your weight back, think about taking a slightly rougher line, riding over roots to give you a wider turning circle. At first I was looking at these as obstacles and trying to avoid them. Then when given advice to go over them, I was still giving it too much power and coming into the next obstacle, a tight turn, with too much oompf. The key was remembering how the bike handles these smaller obstacles. Don't over power it, take it slow and steady but with enough momentum to just get you over so that you're still in control and you'll be in a great position to pull through a tight turn afterwards or approach the next obstacle. Breaking down a section into parts and working out what is needed at each of these really helps. Trials is a thinking game and a strategy really helps.

Some other great tips:

- On slippery up-hills, keep the power steady but fairly low so the back wheel doesn't just spin. Move your weight to the back, bend the knees and let the tyre grip.

- If the above doesn't work, try the opposite - give it heaps (hey, it works in some situations)

- power on the flat and coast on the rise. e.g a bank. You want all your power and momentum in the bike before you hit the bank

- practice balancing on your bike - often! Wheel lock both sides.

- practice your figure of 8's - make them tighter as you get better

Things I'm still getting wrong:

- pulling on my front brake too hard on a downhill turn, especially on loose ground, the front wheel digs in and you're going nowhere but sideways

- not moving my weight correctly - some steep sharp corners downhill then shifting weight for turning uphill are bloody hard

- Not enough power/throttle on the flat before I hit a bank/obstacle, I still try driving through it which doesn't always work

- pulling in the clutch as I attack an obstacle because I'm scared of getting it wrong - this is really dumb and I realise I do it. My new tactic is to take my hand off the clutch altogether and that really helps.

Still so much to learn, but loving it! Get in there, get more practice and the time invested will pay off!

Thanks to all my Tutors! :)

(Good stuff, Ems, really comprehensive and bloody good of everyone to help you out with this stuff – Ed)


I had the best laid plans to attend this event but circumstances conspired against me. Here’s a much appreciated report from Julian Rivers…..

The Classic Motorcycle Trial at the 2019 Masters Games was great fun! In previous years it had been run as a 2 day event with natural sections on the first day and man made sections the following day. This year the organisers from the Mid West Classic Trials group decided to run it as a one day event, with natural terrain sections in the morning and man made sections in the afternoon. For those of us who travelled up from Wellington for the day, it made for an early start and a very long day. A couple of riders came up from Christchurch, but they had the sense to come up early and stay overnight in Whanganui. The venue was at Queens Park, right in the centre of Whanganui.

The Natural terrain sections were spread around the sides of the park, while the man made obstacles were set up on the flat area at the top. This was a great set up for spectators and we had a good number of people watching the old guys (and girl) on old bikes during the day. The weather was cool and overcast, with even a couple of spits of rain in the morning.

We had 21 riders on the day, with 3 Experts, 3 Beginners, and the rest Intermediate. A couple of riders decided to swap between Beginner and Intermediate lines at lunchtime.

With the high numbers in Intermediate, the organisers split the class into 2 age groups (under 55 and 55 and over). Bikes had to be pre 1995 and ranged from a BSA engined Yamaha TY175 to a 1993 Yamaha TYZ (the only water cooled bike). Japanese bikes were generally the order of the day, with a dominance of Honda (7) and Yamaha (6). We also had a Kawasaki KT250 and a Suzuki RL250. The Italians were represented by 4 Fantics, and from the Spanish there was 1 Montesa and 1 Bultaco (although I did see an Ossa MAR waiting on a ute as a backup machine).

The natural sections in the morning were fairly easy, with 4 Intermediate riders finishing on zero points - including BOTH Christchurch visitors. A couple of silly ‘ones’ incurred on easy

slopes (albeit covered in gum nuts) put the writer well down the order. Tie breakers were resolved by adding together the rider and motorcycle ages, with the highest points winning - sometimes it pays to ride an older bike….

The afternoon sections were quite a bit harder and took some points, although the top Expert rider finished on only 5 points. Sections consisted of a pallet-clad car, trailers, tyres, old drums, seesaws, armco railing, zig zag planks, and a wheelie

Results from the Masters Games

(You’ll see some redaction going in one of the columns - FYI, they run a Nicest Guy Award too and everyone came first equal but humility prevented publication of their phones numbers….it’s the endless phone calls of congratulations, the media inquiries, it’s just brutal)

And on the back of that, we segue way nicely into details from Richard re: this year’s Classic Series…

……but, whatever you want to call them the club plans to run them again in 2019.

We have scheduled five for this year – the second Sunday of March, May, July, September and November, subject to change if they conflict with championship events. Venues for this year will be a mix of the traditional Maungies with cameos from Richard McKenzie’s, Top Pub and maybe Otaki Scouts.

All levels of rider are welcome and there will be lines available for ‘most any kind of trials-oriented bike. The hardest lines will be roughly equivalent to a ‘soft’ yellow at normal club events so they will be suitable for experienced clubman riders looking for a challenge, while the rest of our blue and social riders should have a ball on the easier lines.

We will be catering for the growing number of "electric kids" at all events. While they may have some variations due to range and small wheels it will be great for them (and us) to ride together.

Events will be permitted as "have a go days" so MNZ licences, while desirable, will not be mandatory. Bikes need to be in reasonable mechanical condition – power is optional but brakes and lanyard kill switches are highly recommended.

First up this year will be on Sunday 10th March at the Maungies Carpark – sign on from 9, briefing at 10.

(They’ll even have you going over some abandoned car that someone’s converted from the night before and left in a section - make no mistake, these Classic boys are ruthless and resourceful in equal measure – Ed)


Couple of quick memos from Richard:

? It’s the end of the club year so all trophies need to be back to me by 10 March so I can get them engraved. Cleaned and polished would be great

? March 3 at Alexander’s is the last trial of the club year which means the Anniversary Cup is up for grabs – lowest score any (competitive) grade


(Wherein we salute the valiant and generous contributions of our hard working politburo, tirelessly doing all that stuff we don’t even want to know about - bloody good of them – Ed)

Ixion Motorcycle Club

Committee Meetin5/2/19

Present: K Tither, M Dench, C & N Sturmfels, C Presto, G Foon.

Apologies: R Latimer, C Robson.

General Business:

? Wellington National: K Tither to contact Dimnicks regards to using property for trials.

? K Tither to talk to Richard Latimer regards score sheets for Nationals.

? Chris Presto put forward having a ten trials card.

? Cheryl Sturmferls & Chris Presto put forward the need to update incorporated society details.

? Meeting closed 850pm

(Can’t run a club without a committee - Somalia’s been trying it for the last few years, doesn’t work, everyone becomes a pirate - so our ongoing thanks to these few, who do so much, for so many – Ed…again)


And there you have, sweet as a nut.

Right on the very last page you’ll see a Trials Calendar for the year that Kevin Pinfold put together. Super handy and so I think I’m right in saying what he can’t do with a spreadsheet probably ain’t worth doing - good on ya’, Kev.

Meantime, here’s out usual calendar of events.

BTW: Brent, if you’ve made it this far, could you get some of these dates up on Silverbuller? Or perhaps John Rushworth, since you appear to be invested in these URLs that keep lycanthropes at bay, feel free to whack these up………please.




3rd IXION Alexander’s back property


7th IXION Applegarths AGM – gated trial - kids welcome


11th 12th Ixion North Island National Rounds - venues tbc

1) As ever, head to http://www.silver-bullet.co.nz for the latest comprehensive event dates and locations

2) And your brand new ‘Where We Ride’ page is up and live on https://ixion.org.nz/where-we-ride/ telling you exactly where to go, what to do when you there, how to whistle Dixie, and how to get home again



Snail mail: 71 Colson St, Avalon, Lower Hutt 5011 Website: www.ixion.org.nz

President: Kevin Tither 04 904 1760 bernietither@gmail.com

Club Captain: Neil Sturmfels 0276328202 neck@xtra.co.nz

Secretary: Gerry Foon 388 8263 karenlabone@gmail.com

Treasurer: Cheryll Sturnfels 0272296701 neck@xtra.co.nz

Convenor: Chris Presto 04 904 8691 chrispresto60@gmail.com

Committee: Mike Dench 971 8385 denchmtha@gmail.com

Brent Douglas brenty888@gmail.com

Carl Robson csrobson13@gmail.com

Results: Richard Latimer 565 0086 richard.latimer@xtra.co.nz

Website: Brent Douglas brenty888@gmail.com

Newsletter: Phil Costello 027 4475503 philcostello@outlook.com

Cycle Torque is presented for the entertainment of the members and nothing herein is warranted to be factual or the opinion of the club or even of the person whose opinion it was at the time. Cycle Torque is generally published the week before the club’s regular event, the wonderful Ixion Club Trial; which is generally held on the first Sunday of the month, rain hail or shine. Sections are set to cater from everyone from raw beginner to NZ championship "A" grade; something for everyone. Be there at 9am for a 10:00 start at the latest. Finish time is 3pm or when everyone is finished, whichever is sooner. There’s time for quick lunch after the first round if you don’t mess about too much. Cost: $15 per rider, $5 for students. Please bring $5 notes and be aware due to insurance requirements that there is NO RIDING AT ALL BEFORE YOU SIGN UP.

DOGS are strictly forbidden at Trials because we ride due to the kindness of the farmers who own the land. Dogs make farmers unkind. The last 10 riders to sign in each get to bring in the pegs for one section. So turn up early if you want to leave early! See the President about this, the rules are not applied strictly. Brand new people can ride without an MNZ license for two trials; after that it is necessary to join MNZ (Motorcycling NZ), our national body. It's a cool hundred bucks a year, or $130 for a champs licence, which is only necessary for Junior, President and Expert classes at Island or National level. In addition to the Club Trial, Ixion generally holds a two-day North Island Championship Trial each year, which is considered (by all Ixion members) to be the premier event in the World Trials Calendar. There are sometimes Twilight Trials during the summer starting at 3pm, often followed by a BBQ.The friendly Committee Meeting is held on the Tuesday after the Club Trial at the Lighthouse in Pauahatanui at 7:30 pm. Ring Kevin to make sure, before turning up. Club fees are $40 per year and $20 for fulltime students or social members, $60 for families. These very reasonable fees are unchanged since the AGM, so pay up and as always …

Keep calm and keep your feet up!

2019 Events Calendar - kindly supplied by Kev ‘I’m Not Injury Prone’ Pinfold


Hi all, Hannah has come through with her report on last Sunday’s Pink & Manning Shield trial held at Hannah’s Hunterville Hideaway. Thanks Hannah, a good one as usual from you.

 Oh and by the way Hannah you done such a good job (with mum’s help of course) that we took a vote, in your absence, and you are now setting out all the club trials this year. And that includes doing all reports too not to mention the results that you have been doing so well all along anyway.

 So that should keep you off the streets and out of trouble................

 Results http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15196

 Great to see the new people riding last Sunday too. Don’t think we have had so many newbies at the same time including two kids and women. So welcome Lucy, Mike, Connor, Paul and Carter. Hope to see you all back again.

 If you intend to compete on a regular basis I recommend you pursue getting a Motorcycling NZ competition licence. It’s cheaper in the long run than buying a “one event licence” at $25 a time. Bit of a rigamarole to get a licence for the first time but unfortunately there isn’t any way around it. Our club is affiliated to MNZ as are most clubs and that’s what we have to run with. I emailed the below info on getting a licence and joining our club before last weekends trial but I’ve sent it again as I know there are a couple of new email address’ on my list now.

 The Application form and details can be found on the MNZ website here. If any queries or problems email/talk to me and I should be able to help. The theory “test” mostly relates to MX or road race which is typical. I’m sure trials doesn’t exist for some within the organisation...........


 Note: Two one event licences will get you a $30 discount off the licence fee, so remember to keep the OEL’s if you have purchased any.

 You will also need to join an affiliated motorcycle club. The Manawatu Orion Club annual fee is $25 for senior, $20 Junior or $35 family. The application form can be downloaded here.


 Or see me at any trial and I have forms and club cards and can sign you up on the spot. Just have the correct amount of cash please.

 The club year runs from April 1 to March 31. Being so close to the end of this year (March 31) anyone joining now will get membership through to March 31 2020.

 The MNZ licence year ends June 30 but they have just announced that as of July 1 this year a licence will be for a year from when you purchased it. So if you got a licence on August 20 for instance it would be until Aug 19 the following year.

 Unfortunately anyone getting a licence now it will only be valid until June 30 this year. The cost of a “Club licence” is $80 or a full licence for Mototrials is $185. You only need a full licence if you intend to ride in a “Championship class” at a national championship event. So my advice to any of you new riders is to only get the $80 club licence. You can upgrade to a full licence later if you intend competing in a champs class at a NI or NZ champs event.

 So if you can decipher all that you will actually be better off purchasing one event licences for the next 3 club events (March, April, May) as that will cost you $75 against $80 for a club licence that’ll expire on June 30. Plus when you do apply for a club licence after June 30 you can get a $30 discount if you present two OEL’s – so keep that white copy that you spent $25 on last weekend.

 Just too complicated................

 Other news.

 MNZ in their wisdom have had a wee back pedal on the new sprocket/disc cover up rule and instead of being “effective immediately” (we ignored it anyway) we now have until May 1 to comply. After that we won’t be ignoring it. Hopefully I will have some stick on sprocket covers available soon and I do have some full front disc covers (Ossa ones) that are $25 if anyone wants one. Should fit any bike.

 Coming events.

 Tomorrow the Ixion club have a trial.

 March Club trial // Alexanders back property (maungatooks rd)

 March 16/17. Rounds 1&2 of the NI Trials Champs in Waihi and near Pirongia in the Waikato. Entries close soon and if you haven’t seen an entry form and want one contact me and I’ll email it to you.

 March 24. MOMCC trial – round 1 of the club champs. Venue to be advised.

 And now a commercial break.

 Spanish Trial NZ have new stocks of trials helmets and clothing and Vertigo trials bikes. 1 x 250 and 16” 50cc kids bikes (same size as an Oset 16). Plus much more like brake pads etc. Even some Gas Gas parts. Nothing for Beta’s though.

Email me kptrials@xtra.co.nz  or call me on 0210319897

 And for anything Beta John Lawton’s your man at Kapiti Motorcycles – nztrials@xtra.co.nz or call 0276233011

 See you all soon

 Kevin Pinfold


Hi all from Kevin Pinfold - worth a read!

 This coming Sunday we have our first Manawatu Orion MCC trial for the year. Details as follows. Click on the link below which will take you to Silver Bullet.


 Hopefully that has all the detail you require. Basically find Hunterville on SH1 and turn left at the pub on the corner. We will have a trial sign up somewhere that should help too.

 Hannah has already been and set out 8 sections which is an awesome effort. But as usual when we have a trial there is rain forecast for Sunday. If so that could make for slippery conditions. I’m sure the forest fire at Nelson would have been out the next day if only they had organised a trial..............

 I know there will be a few new riders there and since I won’t be competing I will endeavour to assist you guys with some guidance/coaching during the day.

 If you don’t have a MNZ (Motorcycling NZ) competition licence you can pay an extra $25 over and above your entry fee and purchase a “one event licence”.

 Ideally you should apply for and get a MNZ comp licence from MNZ. It’s a bit of a rigamarole to go through if you are a first timer but once you have jumped through all the hoops it’s no drama to renew every year. The MNZ year runs from July 1 to June 31.

 The Application form and details can be found on the MNZ website here. If any queries or problems talk to me and I should be able to help. The stupid “test” mostly relates to MX or road race which is typical. I’m sure trials doesn’t exist for some within the organisation...........


 Note: Two one event licences will get you a $30 discount off the licence fee, so remember to keep the OEL’s if you have purchased any.

 You will also need to join an affiliated motorcycle club. The Manawatu Orion Club annual fee is $25 for senior, $20 Junior or $35 family. The application form can be downloaded here.


 Or see me at any trial and I have forms and club cards and can sign you up on the spot. Just have the correct amount of cash please.

The club year runs from April 1 to March 31. Being so close to the end of this year (March 31) anyone joining now will get membership through to March 31 2020.

 Note: MNZ have just last week sprung a new rule on trials competition effective immediately. This is a bike safety rule pertaining to rear sprockets and front discs and probably come about since a rider lost a thumb in an accident last October. Most newer bikes should be ok but most older bikes will need to be sorted.

 These are the new rules


 Please be advised of the following addition to Chapter 23 (Off-Road) of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport, pertaining to Moto Trials. This safety rule addition comes into effect immediately.

 23.3 Rear driven sprocket

23.3a A chain guard must be fitted in such a way to prevent trapping between the lower chain run and the final driven sprocket at the rear wheel.

23.3b Either:

i. The external side of the rear sprocket must be completely covered by a solid protective cover. No holes on the sprocket may remain visible. Or;

ii. A solid disc rear sprocket be used.


23.4 Front disc brake guard

23.4a Either:

i. The external side of the front disc brake must be completely covered by a protective cover. No holes on the disc may remain visible. Or;

ii. A solid disc from the hub to the outer diameter be used.

It’s absolutely stupid that this rule has been made effective immediately and a grace period of at least a month minimum not given. Those that need to make their bikes comply will need some time to source the appropriate covers etc. Not something that can happen overnight for most. Not a lot of upstairs for thinking goes on sometimes within some organisations.

 It’s not a silly rule and won’t cost much for those with bikes that don’t comply to implement , just silly the way it’s been sprung on us just as most clubs are getting their first trials of the year under way. And I’m sure not too many fingers and thumbs would be lost if we were given a month’s grace considering I know of only one in my 43 years of riding.

 So if your bike doesn’t comply don’t let this stop you from coming to the trial on Sunday............

 I do have three rear sprocket stick on vinyl covers available and a few full front plastic disc covers. And before Sunday I will look into sourcing more and should be able to advise you come Sunday of the best/least expensive way to get your bike up to scratch if it doesn’t comply.

 See all you keen ones Sunday. Regards Kevin Pinfold


Bush Riders Motorcycle Club Coming Events 2019 >>


Hi all,

Adrian finally put a report together on the trial held on Oct 14 and sent it to me a week ago and quick as a flash I forgot to send it on. 

Report attached and Results here  http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/14451

BSA Shield report.

Yes we finally wrestled the BSA Shield off the Ixion Club yesterday for the first time since 2013. We had a small team go down to Paraparaumu on and we pulled it off.

The trial was on the easy side as a result of the Ixion boys setting the sections on Saturday in the rain when things were very slippery. But it cleared by Sunday morning and with the wind that was blowing things dried out to the extent that no one was fighting for grip.

Hannah and I rode in the A Grade and we beat both our Ixion opposition (John L and Brent D). I suppose I should mention in passing that Hannah was actually first on 4 points and I was second on 6. No big deal, nothing to make a big song and dance about, it was going to happen one day. Yea well moving on...........

Na actually Hannah was dead chuffed and that was the first time she's ever beaten me so congratulations Hannah.(Sulk sulk why didn't it rain all day......). All Hannah's 4 points were lost on the first lap which meant she then went 3 laps clean. I went 2, 2, 1, 1 so couldn't even pull off a clean lap - I cracked under pressure. After the first lap Hannah's riding went up a gear and she just rode so smoothly it didn't look like she was going to make a mistake. Maybe she learnt something from that hammering on the final day at Christchurch two weeks ago..........

Ok enough accolades for the kid or she'll need to go up a helmet size.

In the B (Intermediate) grade Chris Morrison dropped 9 points for first and Adrian Walcroft 10 for second with the Ixion riders Neil Sturmfells and Jamie Mead a wee bit behind on 16 and 18.

Our new rider Nick Longstaff, riding just his third trial, was our only Clubman rider and dropped a measly 2 points for an easy win. Can't remember who he rode against - maybe Dave Kennedy. 

So that was A Grade, Inters and Clubman sewn up.

Merv George was our sole representative in the President Grade and having his first ride on his new (well newer model) Gas Gas 125. Up against the experienced Chris Presto he had a good ride but unfortunately not quite good enough as Chris pipped him.

And finally we had our young junior Vinnie Veltman on his Gas Gas 50 competing against Ixion's young Russell McKenzie. Petrol v electric. Unfortunately electric power won today but Vinnie had some good rides and it was good to include the youngsters.

Although we didn't win all grades we won enough to take the shield so thanks guys and girl, job well done.

Results  http://www.moto-trials.co.nz/results/15040

We had one other new (as in joined up yesterday) club member there. Mike Ward from Bulls had a very enjoyable day on his 125 Gas Gas. He bought the bike for his 11 year old son Connor but Connor's finding the full size 125 just a wee bit big at present so Mikes on the lookout for a smaller bike like a GG or Beta 80. So if anyone knows of anything let me know.

And while we're on buy sell or exchange Merv has his 05ish yellow GG 125 for sale. Ph Merv on 06 323 2509.

Kevin P



Hi team

 It’s the annual BSA Shield Challenge against the Ixion MCC team this Sunday down Paraparaumu way.

 The venue is on Valley Road at the back of Pram. Easy to find following my simple instructions – famous last words........

 Head south on SH 1 down the new Kapiti Expressway and exit at the Paraparaumu off ramp. Left at the traffic lights and follow your nose along Kapiti Road through a couple of sets of lights, across the old SH1 intersection, across the railway lines and right into Hinemoa Street. Then left into Ruapehu Drive and all the way up Ruapehu which leads onto Valley Road which quickly takes you out of town and along past the golf course. Cruise along Valley Road until you see the trial sign turning you into a long drive on your right. You have arrived.


 It usually takes me about 1hr 20 from Ashhurst.

 Kick off will be 10.30 so aim to be there at 9.45 and you should have plenty of time.

 Not a bad venue although if this rain keeps up all week it’ll be slippery.

Cheers Kevin Pinfold


2018 Oceania and NZ Trials Champs in Christchurch over Labour weekend - a really good read & well worth praise Kevin. Great to have a man so keen to help others & show them how to when he's competing with them!

Thought you might all like to know how the dynamic Manawatu Orion duo of Hannah Rushworth and Kevin Pinfold went at the 2018 Oceania and NZ Trials Champs in Christchurch over Labour weekend. Well pretty good if I say so myself. Hannah’s goal was to take the NZ Women title and hold her end up as the NZ women rider in the Oceania team and mine was to finish in the top three of the Intermediate Grade. Not an official NZ Champs grade but a support grade, but highly competitive all the same. This grade sported the largest field and with half a dozen riders who could win. A mixture of young and old talent.


It didn’t get off to the best of starts – well for me anyway. I came down with a stinker of a cold straight after our club trial the previous Sunday and felt dog all week, and then Thursday afternoon I ended up with a bad eye infection. Ugliest looking eye you’ve ever seen. Got some anti biotic drops from the chemist on the way home from work and threw them in my right eye every 4 hours. Finally got to bed about midnight after packing bikes and Vertigo spares and Mots clothing and you name it in the van, and needed to be on the road at 6 am to catch the ferry. Bad sleep as coughing up green gunge all night and was getting very worried about the state of my health. Staying home seemed like a good option, but how would Hannah get there............


Listened to the 5 am news only to hear that the road was closed south of Pukerua Bay due to a truck falling on its lid and biffing some toxic substance everywhere. All traffic diverted over the Paikakareiki hill road which is a narrow twisty road which. I thought na, that’s going to be a disaster so let’s pull finger and head off via the Waiararapa which is usually about half an hour longer to the ferry. Hannah had stayed the night so we got our a’s into g and were out of here like a dog shot up the backside just before 6am. Trip to the ferry was a bit slower than hoped for due to trucks and the slow Rimutaka’s, and traffic on the Hutt motorway. Anyway got the ferry with 30 mins to spare. At least we didn’t get to que – drove straight on.


My eye was a wee bit better but still not brilliant and I wasn’t coughing too much gunge but I thought I might seek some medical assistance in Blenheim. Was worried about getting a lung infection and needing anti b’s to sort it. Doctor didn’t think I needed anti b’s so all good. Gave me some anti b ointment for my eye and said under no circumstances should I use contact lenses while I have an eye infection – which I knew anyway. I wear contacts when I ride. That’s going to be fun then isn’t it as I’ve never ridden with glasses. Only need + 1.5’s but without I can’t see clearly enough to ride confidently – old age..............


Anyway we eventually arrived at Roy and Sandra Hallie’s in Rangiora about 7 pm a bit travel weary. Too tired to make the trip into Ch Ch for sign in – we’ll do that in the morning at the trial.


At least I got the best night’s sleep I’d had all week. Think Hannah slept ok. She was in the house and I was in the caravan which was a good thing as I could cough my lungs out all night and not keep everyone awake.


Only problem camping at Rangiora was the distance to each day’s event. Day one was about one hour away at Diamond Harbour. 10.30 am kick off for the trial with about 65 riders. Hannah and I rode Intermediate which had the largest number of riders – about 18. And Hannah as I’ve already mentioned was the women member of the NZ Oceania team and up against Sarah Chivers from Aussie. Sarah is 18 and Hannah 15. One other women was competing, Gabby Gundry from Tauranga and also in Inters. So not only did Hannah want to beat the Aussie girl she also wanted to beat the more experienced 24 year old Gabby. I think Hannah was a bit nervous as we had no idea how good Sarah was. She had competed for Australia at the womens TDN and when Hannah rode in Aussie last year she didn’t go up against Sarah who rode in “Open Women” while Hannah rode Junior Women.


We had 12 sections, three laps and mostly in and around a small slippery stream up a gully in bush so rocks, tree roots etc. Also two in dry rocks on a hillside. I had a bad first lap and couldn’t cope with wearing my Warehouse “special” glasses. Also felt a bit drained and felt my glass was half empty. And it was a hot day. Confidence was not there. I lost 19 points on that lap which had me in 9th= - not good. Hannah had a wobbly first lap for 26, two in front of Sarah but 9 behind Gabby.


So I made the call to ditch the glasses and whack some contacts in and take the risk. Also slurped down a heap of glucose dosed water and got back into it. My energy and confidence suddenly appeared and I ripped off a lap of 9 which gave me the best lap by 2. Hannah upped her game for a lap of 18 which had her 2nd of the three women, behind Gabby, going into the last lap but a country mile ahead of the ocker who’d had a shocker.


So out for the last lap and I was feeling a million bucks and ripped around for 5 points with only one other in single figures on 8. Hannah had her best lap with 16 lost whereas Gabby had a shocker of a lap of 38. So the results had me a clear winner on 33 with the young 14 year old Aussie Junior team member Tom Woodhouse second on 40. Hannah was in 12th and really happy to be ahead of the other girls.


Unfortunately Team Aus was ahead as both our Expert (Jules Huguenin) and Junior (Daniel Herbert) were beat by their rivals, Kevin Zarczynski and Tom Woodhouse. At least Hannah held her end up.


Day two was even further away at Little River. Another hot day and a brilliant venue with a creek of slippery rocks that just stay slippery all day – I call them soap rocks. Also a few tree roots and dirt climbs. I had a slow start as when I was preparing to ride the first section I had team Sherco in my ear looking for a flywheel key. Yes team Vertigo had one so that wasted 10 minutes looking for that. Cleaned the first two sections and then messed up the third when I headed up the clubman line but soon realised my error but it cost me two dabs to get through a pile of ugly rocks back to my line – dick head. Then on the way to the fifth section the bike started steering funny and hello a flat front tyre. Haven’t had one of those for maybe 15 years, but I did hit in fairly hard on a rock on the section I’d just ridden. So back to the van and flash a tube. I just kept calm about it as I knew we had plenty of time.


Only thing was I got behind the pack so didn’t get to see any other Intermediates that first lap to see how the sections were riding. I got going again and the next group of sections were quite gnarly ones on slippery rocks. But maybe riding on my own helped as I absolutely blitzed them. Cleaned everything in my path but did drop a couple of dabs on easier sections to finish the lap on 4. Absolutely destroyed the opposition with the next best being Matt Woodhouse (Tom’s dad) from Australia on 14. I’m sure that score must have demoralised the other riders. Still don’t know how I did it, just one of those laps you pull out of the bag once in a blue moon.


Hannah had a ripper lap too and lost 21 which had her 8th =. That included a good crash on section 6  – her only 5 of the day. That had her 14 and 15 points ahead of the other girls. Team MOMCC acing it.............


My second and third laps weren’t so good and I wasn’t too worried as I was pretty confident no one would topple me. In fact on the second lap I was best = with the young Aussie on 13 but only had the 6th best lap on the last. But I’d done all I need to take a comfortable win on 32 from the 14 year old Aussie on 41. Our young fella’s must have been gutted as not only was the oldest in the class winning but the youngest was sitting in second – and an Australian to boot. Good kid though.


Hannah had an even better second lap being 6th best. A very good ride indeed and one she should be proud of. Those sections weren’t easy and need to be ridden with pinpoint accuracy if you didn’t want to end up paddling out the end on three or worse still sitting on your backside in the water. She flagged a bit on the last lap as she got tired but still trounced the other girls and a good number of the boys too. She lost 60 points for 10th place. Sarah dropped 105 and Gabby 110.


Team NZ got two rider over the line today with Jules winning Expert and of course Hannah doing the business. And in a separate side competition on the day, the North V South trophy was on the line. I was our nominated Inter rider and we just snuck in to take the trophy.


So into the final day with Australia and NZ tied up for the Oceania. The venue was another cracker out towards Little River with another “soap rock” creek plus a few dry rocks on a hill. And a few bigger rocks to get over today too. And the hottest day too I think – mid 20’s. I was still feeling confident although a wee bit jaded as I’d been coughing all night and hadn’t slept well. Hannah was a bit tired but still up for it although I think she was putting pressure on herself by thinking just one last day and I really want to take all three over the other girls.


Mind you I had in the back of my mind that it was still mine to lose too, as young Aussie Tom was only 6 Championship points behind me and a bad ride could easily see me 6 or so places behind him and heading out the door in second.  45 years of riding does mean you are old but well experienced too............


I thought perhaps I should help our 16 year old junior Daniel  get over the line at least once against his Aussie opposition. I’ve helped Daniel the past couple of years off and on, and it’s only early this year he beat me for the first time and went on to finish 2nd in the NI series one place ahead of me. But he’d seemed content to do his own thing all weekend so far. In fact I guessed he’d probably come ask if he could ride with me Monday and sure enough before riders brief he sidled up to me and said in his quiet teenager grunt speak “Kevin can I ride with you today”. So I said in my grumpy old man speak “yes as long as you don’t beat me and get between me and Tom”.


I was looking forward to helping him get one up on the his Aussie opposition. Daniel’s a good kid and a blimmin good rider and I like riding with him, but he can get his bottom lip on the ground if he has a few bad rides. And at the end of the day he helps me as much as I help him as we seem to work well in the sections together. Often he just needs a bit of guidance on the first lap and often then just goes his own way for the rest of the trial.


But not today. He stuck to me like glue and I really enjoyed the competition that went on between us. Inters had to start on section four and when we got there it was like yea we’re in for a hard day if they’re all like this. Quite long with a few good size rocks at different angles and to finish off a drop back into the stream and a very tricky U turn over slippery rocks before exiting out on the grass. Of course Daniel always likes me to go first but I was happy to today as my goal was to help him beat Tom. After the first lap he was happy to go first sometimes. Anyway we both kicked off with a 3 as did all the other Inters on this section I think. No, in fact Hannah 5’d it as did Gabby. Aussie girl had a 3.


The rest of the sections bar a couple were a bit easier than section 4. Funny thing happened to Daniel on section 7 when riding it. A clump of dead Mingy bush got caught by his rear wheel and got wrapped around the wheel and sprocket. Just as he got the front wheel out of the section for clean it jammed so tight it killed the Beta 125  engine dead. If he hadn’t got way off line it wouldn’t have happened. Took a while to un-jam that carry on. Then on the very slippery rocky section 9 the unthinkable happened when Daniel’s foot slipped when taking a dab and he instantly sat on his bum with the bike on top of him. Ha ha Kev got a 2 and was happy with that. The sort of section that anything less than 3 is a bonus. There was only one clean by an Inter on this section all day and it wasn’t either of us – Kevin Gundry actually. We both got a 1 & 2 each on the other laps.


So I came in on 6 points and Danny boy on 10. Jason Day was also on 6 with the next best being Tom on 13. Bit close Daniel, pull finger lad. So he did and put in a lap of one but I kept close on 4 to maintain a one point lead. The Aussie kid done a 9 and Jason 8. A close day. But Hannah’s wheels fell off poor girl. She dropped 37 and was sitting last 5 points behind Aussie – not good Hannah. Mind you I wasn’t aware of what she was up too at this stage. I was too focused on what Daniel and I were doing.


I kept the pressure up on the last lap and went around for 6 but Daniel threw away a few soft dabs on the easier sections for a round of 7 which had me home on a total of 16 and Dan boy 18. He was annoyed with himself for losing the few silly ones but happy as he knew Tom couldn’t beat him as he was already on 22 after two laps – mission accomplished Aussie wise. But then Jason came in on 3 and burst Daniels bubble – got him by one point but I was ok as Jace was still one behind me – yea done it, three wins, sorry young fella’s, come back next year. Think they might go A grade next year. Been there done that got the scars.................


Hannah had a much improved second lap to drop 20 but fell away on the last for 29. Hannah was 4 points ahead of Sarah going into the final lap and came in first on the final lap. Hannah’s total was 86 so we waited for Sarah to come in hoping she’d be on a lap of 26 or more but no she blitzed around for 18, so her total was 79. And to rub salt in the wound Gabby dropped 80 for the day. Poor Hannah, dead last in Intermediate and last of the girls. I think she felt she’d let the Oceania team down. I felt I’d let her down by not helping her that last day, but then she’d blitzed that hard second day with no help – from me anyway. Yes it was tiring but it was for everyone, and I’m sure if she’d tagged along with Daniel and I we’d have got her over the line. We’ll never know. But on the upside she is 2018 NZ Women’s Champion so not all was lost. And she was the only member of the Oceania NZ team to get two wins over her rival, the others only got one each. So she can be proud of that.


Hannah did come away with a few bruises that last day. I was standing only a few feet away when she rode the hard section 4 for the last time. She’d got through the hard large rocks for a dab and when dropping back into the creek for the final bit she went down like a sack of spuds with her bike on top of her. In the process she tried to smash a rock with her left elbow. Rock 1, Hannah nil......... But she still came up with a smile – eventually, and a broken clutch lever. And she had another little tip off on section 5 and hurt the top her right foot. Well she thinks that’s where it happened as the foot was ok until she woke up Tuesday morning hurting and limping. I said you’ll be ok, they’ll likely put your foot in plaster and the six weeks will go pretty fast.


Which leads to the sad fact that Australia won the Oceania as Jules also came in behind Kevin Z that last day. Let’s hope the AB’s don’t get beat by Australia too this weekend.


So a very successful 3 days for the MOMCC duo - winners all round. I won in Wellington last year with a second and two wins but somehow this win seemed better. Probably because the young Taranaki boys Jason and Daniel had improved this year and had beaten me in the NI’s whereas last year I went in as NI winner. Plus I felt I haven’t been riding quite so well this year what with hernia’s and a lack of practice and all that. And with the stinking cold on top I just didn’t expect to be bringing home the shield again. But we’ll take it and who knows what next year will bring.


And not only that but Team Vertigo had two riders take home a first place. Myself of course in Intermediate but also Ray Skinner from Auckland riding President grade – winner all three days. And Vertigo riders Carl Robson picked up 3rd  place in A Grade as did Francis Sydenham in Clubman. Not bad considering we only had 5 riders there on the green machines.


Results here          http://pioneertrials.co.nz/


The Pioneer club done an awesome job and in my opinion it was one of the best NZ 3 day champs I’ve ever ridden. Sections were spot on, challenging but not too hard and not too long. Great job the Pioneer team. The Ixion boys done a brilliant job last year but I’d rate the Pioneer event a few points higher. The difference being the brilliant venues they have down there around Christchurch.


So that’s another NZ champs out of the way and the news on the street is next year will be in the Hawkes Bay, so hopefully we’ll get a bigger team from Manawatu Orion there. I’m sure the HB boys can put on a good event too as they have some ripper venues. Their NI rounds this year were good so they can do it.


And thanks Hannah for being an awesome travelling companion and helping fly the MOMCC banner. And sorry if my coughing drove you mad............


And if anyone’s looking for a shite cold I’ve still got it and its going free – in fact I’ll pay you to take it.


And don’t forget we have the BSA Shield Trial in just over a week on Nov 4 down Paraparaumu way. Details to follow.



Kevin Pinfold