Tim Gibbes Track Timing - transponder hire. We only hire to competitors who are attending events where we are timing.
If you want to buy your own, please follow the notes below.

In New Zealand they can be purchased from Historic Racing Club (HRC), Box 28 140, Remuera, Auckland. Phone 09 520 7841. They can be purchased on line from HRC >>

www.motorsportentry.com then navigate to transponders.

Transponders are available directly from the AMB website : www.mylaps.com >> On Line Shop. >Own your own TX260 DP, direct powered from vehicle battery & use 4 milli Amps while TX260 BP, rechargeable battery same as we are using transponders.


Photos of these are on the AMB Website or www.motorcyclesport.co.nz under the sub-title MyLaps.com.

Direct powered permanently fitted to vehicle transponder - uses only 4 milli Amps of battery bower!

Only Tranx 260 model transponders are suitable for our equipment. Lower priced models cannot be recognised at road race speeds.

Having purchased an "own your own" transponder, the competitor or team can then register this with "MyLaps.com" to obtain individual lap times & other information, plus mount a photo alongside the registration to improve sponsor exposure.

When the vehicle is fitted with the correct transponder & switched on to start, the transponder is live with all the driver & vehicle details programmed into our system. An additional advantage to those with their own personal registered transponder, as their name appears on MyLaps Live, rather than 7 digits of figures. When we run live at events, up to date lap times are LIVE too.

Need help contact me - Tim Gibbes,

Phone & Fax 06 353 0750.

Mobile 0274 422 662.

e-mail timgibbes@xtra.nz

Website : www.motorcyclesport.co.nz